The confession stand

Hey everyone,

Today I’m sharing a short blog-post by my friend Emily. The coming weeks she will create a couple of posts on my blog as a testing ground before creating one for herself. I hope you will all support her, feel free to comment with any criticism, positive or negative. She will need it to figure out how her idea can work.


Hello, I’m Emily.

I know you’re all used to the amazing posts Emma makes, so I will try to entertain you as good as she can. Emma has told me you are all into spanking, so I better do my best so that I don’t end up over anyone’s knee…

I’ll start by explaining my idea first. I’m calling it ‘the confession stand’. As you might have guessed – based on my friendship with Emma, knowing the existence of her blog and my willingness to post on it – I too love the occasional spanking. But what I loved even more was the first time I told anyone about it: the relief of finally telling someone, the excitement of talking about a naughty fantasy, the fear of their reaction. Even after that first time I feel an echo of those emotions every time I tell someone. There is after all always more to confess, with spanking alone there are so many different kinds and fantasies.

And it isn’t spanking alone, there are many taboos and forbidden fantasies I wish to admit. My first experience with spanking wasn’t because the idea of spanking turned me on. It was because it seemed taboo, wrong even, to like being spanked. Somehow erotic fantasies that are wrong to some turn me on greatly, just because they are wrong. At first I thought that meant there was something wrong with me too. But by confessing my fantasies I’ve met people who enjoy them, just like me.

So ‘the confession stand’ would serve two purposes. It will allow me to heigthen those earlier mentioned emotions by confessing on a larger scale and at the same time be a place where others can discover they are not alone, that at least one other shares their fantasy.

So how would it work? Randomly posting confessions wouldn’t be very interesting. Instead I would depend a lot on communication with readers: blog comments, facebook, twitter. I would collect the most requested subjects and then start with a basic confession. Then readers will be able to dig deeper: example, so you like spanking, do you like discipline or erotic, or who do you want to be spanked by, etc. But I will also collect confessions of others on the subject and post them with their corresponding personal stories for others to experience.

That’s basically it. Posts would be accompanied by stories, true events or fantasies, and interesting pictures. Please let me know what you think, ideas that you would like to add etc. Next week I will post an example of a confession fitting Emma’s blog.

Have a nice day.

6 responses to “The confession stand

  • Mr J

    Hi Emily

    That sounds a very good idea and I’m looking forward to seeing and reading your ‘confessions’. I’m a guy who loves to spank girls’ bottoms – for both discipline and senual eroticism too. But I must say that, leaving aside very harsh discipline, I think the differentiation between discipline and erotic spanking is a very grey area. For me all spankings, even disciplinary spankings, have a greater or lesser erotic content because spanking discipline can be very erotic too. That’s certainly the case for me as the spanker …. and from my experience it is the case for the girl who I am spanking too.

  • Emily

    Thank you Mr J

    I will be preparing an example confession soon, about spanking of course, I think that will interest Emma’s readers most.

  • R

    Well – all of that is true for us guys too. So I’m in! Good to meet you Emily And I look forward to learning more about you and what turns you on

  • Philosophymaster

    Emily, has the promised blog ever appeared?

  • emma

    Hey Philosophymaster. No, I fear my friend never got round to it. She unerestimated the work it would take

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