Naughty nurse

Hello everyone

I have another fantasy to share with you all.
Lately I had been thinking about classic erotic fantasies and which of those had not yet appeared on my blog in a spanking setting. The first of these is the naughty nurse in her sexy skimpy outfit. I hope you will all enjoy this one.

Erik was slightly nervous when he pulled down his pants in the small dressing room. His doctor was late from a house-call, but his new assistant had suggested she started the examination while they waited. She was a nurse, so it shouldn’t matter how pretty she was – well, beautiful and hot if he was honest – but the area of his discomfort, just above his groin and radiating to his lower back, made him slightly uncomfortable anyway.
He looked at her again when he re-entered the examination room in his boxers and t-shirt. She had long brown curls fitted under a nurses cap and an outfit that you did not expect to see on a nurse. Unless you had never met one before and watched a lot of television anyway. The low cut blouse and short white skirt could’ve come right from a film set, just a few inches shorter and the film would be rated ‘adults only’.
She approached him quickly when he sat down on the examination table, smiling reassuringly. When she lifted his shirt and placed her warm hand on his belly, right at the edge of his boxers, he could look straight into her blouse. He stared at her breasts swelling to her breathing as her hand reached inside his boxers and he felt a sudden tension in his groin, right before she pulled back her hand. Quickly he looked back at her face and saw her blush. Even that was sexy, he thought as he tried to apologise.
“It’s ok.” She said. “It’s quite normal, I’m sorry I reacted that way.” She still blushed however. “Perhaps you should take off your shorts… I have to check for swelling.”
He realised he must be blushing himself, as he lowered his boxers, he was fully erect. But the girl professionally ignored the embarrassing situation and placed her hand carefully on his thigh, just as the door to the examination room opened.
“What are you doing?” The doctor asked as he saw them.
The girl pulled back quickly again, blushing even deeper. “I was just examining him.” She said.
“You know you can’t examine my patients without me present.” He replied. “Erik, could you wait for me in the dressing room please, I’ll be with you shortly.”
Erik made a hasty retreat to the dressing room, where he could still hear the doctor’s angry voice. He did not understand why his assistant shouldn’t be allowed to examine him, but it was obvious the doctor was angry. When the voices lowered he heard the sound of what he thought were hands clapping, until he heard it again. He moved to the door and opened it slightly to peek into the examination room. The nurse was bent over the table he had just sat on, her short white skirt raised up onto her back. Her bottom was nicely framed by translucent white panties. The doctor’s one hand rested on her back, holding her down, as the other spanked her behind, her pale skin turning pink beneath the see-through panties. Erik stared fascinated and aroused at the scene, the girl didn’t cry, except for the occasional groan or moan. Her bottom was a soft red by the time she was let go, her skirt pulled down to cover up her punishment. Erik had quickly retreated before being called back in the room. The doctor’s assistant observed as he continued the examination, nothing on her face betraying what had just happened, except a small blush that could just as well have been from the scolding…

She was alone at the desk the following day when Erik returned. Kidney stones was one of the options the doctor had suggested, so he had to bring a urine sample for examination. “I was just wondering.” He said when she took the small bottle from him. “Why the doctor doesn’t let you examine patients without him present.” The girl hadn’t said anything about it, as if nothing had happened.
She blushed again, that sexy red colour on her cheeks. “Oh, well, I’m not really a nurse, you see. Not yet anyway, I’m just an intern… I had hoped to impress him by doing a good examination and showing him I hadn’t been lazy while he was gone.”
She spoke so matter-of-factly, Erik couldn’t help himself but try throw her off balance again. “Well, then it must’ve been a disappointment when he did not praise you, but spanked you instead.”
He immediately got the blush he was hoping for. “Maybe…” she said.
Now that the word was out, it was hard for Mike to stop. “It should’ve been me, you know. Who spanked you. After all, it was my trust you betrayed.” She giggled nervously as he leaned over the desk, unable to respond to his proposition. “Don’t worry.” He said. “I’m only kidding of course. I wouldn’t make such presumptions.”
The giggling stopped and the girl looked up at him through her eyelashes. “Well now I am disappointed.” The look in her eyes was so naughty he wished he could put her across that desk right here and now.
“Really? Well, I wouldn’t want that. I guess we can come to some arrangement…”
In the end they agreed that she would be coming over to his place to practice her examination skills, a practice house-call you could call it. They would have time then, before she started, to set things straight.

The pain near his groin had dissipated and Erik believed it might have been a false alarm, that or the anticipation for the nurse’s arrival had overwhelmed it.
When she finally did arrive it was dark outside and she wore a long coat. At first he thought she might be naked underneath, but when she took it off she was wearing her nurse’s outfit underneath, the skirt so short it had been hidden. “Well look who’s shown up. I’ve been waiting for you young lady.” He said while inviting her in. She followed him to the living room, slightly nervous, slightly excited, he could tell from the way she moved. Erik decided not to waste any time, they must both have been impatiently waiting for this evening all day. “No need to beat around the bush, I think.” He said while guiding her to the sofa. “We both know why you’re here…” When he sat down on his sofa he took her hand and pulled her towards him. “I’m a bit more old fashioned than your boss I think, I believe spankings are best delivered across the knee.” She cooperated perfectly, letting him guide her across his lap. She wanted this as much as he did, he wondered if she was wet. He was already hard, having her across his lap in her sexy outfit, her bottom up in the air. When he lifted her skirt he saw she wore the same kind of translucent panties she had worn the other day. On purpose, or by happen-stance? He wondered. When he hooked his fingers behind them he said: “I also think spankings should be delivered bare bottom.” And pulled them slowly down. Still she did not protest, she raised her bottom, helping him to get the panties out the way. From the gap between her thighs he could see her most private area, wet and swollen. She was as turned on as he was. He planted a firm smack on her behind to gauge her reaction, but got none. He smacked her again harder and got a little moan. She could take a firm spanking he decided and planted a couple more good hard smacks, each delivering that soft little groan he loved hearing from a girls mouth. “Do you know why we’re doing this?” He asked her before continuing. He took advantage of her vulnerability by letting his hands slide across her bottom, exploring every inch of her buttocks, slipping her fingers between her legs. The rocking motion of her hips only encouraged him.
“Yes, sir.” She gasped.
He squeezed her bottom firmly. “Good, then I don’t have to explain it again.” Holding her firmly he started her spanking quick hard smacks, alternating cheeks, that quickly turned her bottom bright pink. She groaned and gasped and he was sure the spanking was a lot more intense than the slow measured smacks she had received at the doctor’s office. Still her moans had the sound of pleasure in them, so he continued until her bottom turned red and she struggled softly against his restraint. “I’ll be good sir” She managed between two smacks. “I won’t do it again.”
He stopped and let his fingers trace her red swollen flesh. She shivered at the touch of his warm hand on her hot behind. “We’re not done yet, young lady.” He said. “You know, I told you I’m old fashioned, but I really liked the view when you were bent over the examination table. Perhaps we could simulate that with my kitchen table.” He let her up and guided her to his kitchen. Despite her earlier pleas she bent over it willingly, letting him know she still wanted more as well. Her bottom was high up in the air and with her skirt out of the way her bare buttocks glowed bright red in the artificial kitchen light. Erik simulated the smacks the doctor had used, slow and steady firm smacks, now delivered on an already red behind each of then rewarded him with a little groan. “You know this is very familiar.” He said. “You’ve been in this position before, and I don’t think it thought you anything the first time.” He kept his slow rhythm going as he talked. “Perhaps I should try something more serious.” He took a step back, enjoying the view of her lovely behind against his kitchen table and to give her time to protest. Slowly he took of his wide leather belt. Carefully he placed the cool leather against her behind. No pleas, no arguments, just her red bottom held bravely up in the air. He took it as permission and swung his belt. She moaned loudly as it landed with a hard smack across her behind. At the second and fourth he got his first squeals, but only after the twelfth stroke, with red lines across her bottom did she beg him to stop. “Please sir, I’ll never do it again.” She said.
Still, he liked rounding up to five, so he landed three more strokes, each making her squeal in turn before he finally stopped. “Have you learned your lessen, young lady?” He asked.
“Yes sir.” She replied. She held the position, not sure yet if her punishment was over. “Can I get up please?”
“You can, in fact, I want you to stand in that corner and wait for me.”

It astounded him how willingly she obeyed his orders. It was hard for him to pull away his gaze from her freshly spanked behind on display in the corner of his kitchen. When he did, he left her alone for just a minute or two. In his bedroom he changed his clothes for just a dressing gown and his boxers. That would be a lot less awkward than the t-shirt boxer combination he had worn at the doctor’s visit. “I believe you came here to practice your examination skills.” He said when he returned, she was still waiting for him.
“Yes sir.” She replied.
“Let’s get started then. You can cover your bottom again… I take it you don’t want your panties back just yet?” They were still in the living room he remembered.
He could finally see her blush again when she lowered her skirt and replied: “No sir.” When he seated himself on the kitchen table, which was impersonating the examination table she finally approached him. “Could you lower your boxers please. So I can try again to look for swelling.”
This time Erik smiled when he pulled them down. He was still fully erect, but he could hardly be embarrassed about it after just spanking her. Again she tried to ignore it and placed her hands on his hip. “You know, this is quite uncomfortable for your patient.” He said. “And I’m sure it makes your job harder as well.” She looked up at him with a look which said she didn’t quite understand. “Perhaps you should … do something about it.”
With another of her sexy blushes she gave his erection her full attention. After a short hesitation she took it in her hands, rubbing him softly.
Erik groaned softly but put his hand on hers. “You still need a lot of practice as a nurse, don’t you.” She looked up at him angrily and Erik wondered if she wanted to tell him this was not part of her job. Still, with her bottom as red as it was she chose not to answer. “If you use your hands they will go numb and tired and you won’t be able to continue the examination.” He explained.
She raised her eyebrows, but Erik tried his strictest look and she giggled before bending over and taking him between her lips. Erik moaned softly while thinking: There is still some spirit left in her, this could be a long night, and her bottom wasn’t that red yet…

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