Taxi-driver pt.1 – story

Hello everyone, time for another story.

Summer is almost over and I wanted to share this last summerday-inspired fantasy with you before it gets cold again.
This story actually contains two fantasies, one which wasn’t even spanking oriented, but by merging them I created a story fit for this blog.

As you can see, I named it part 1, so be sure that you will get the second part of  the story later.

When Mia returned to her small towel spread out on the beach, she cursed after taking a quick look at her watch. She was expected home in only ten minutes and it was at least a twenty minute walk. She used the small towel to dry off – she had spent way too much time in the water – and ran to the street.
When she reached the taxi-stop, there was only one car waiting, she quickly ran to the driver leaning against it’s side. “Can you take me home please?” She asked.
The driver quickly looked at her. “No.” He said.
“What? Why not?” She asked surprised.
“You’re wet, if I take you along the seats will get wet.” He said matter-of-factly.
“I dried off!” She replied, waving her towel.
“Your bikini is still wet.” He countered, pointing at the small green panties and matching bikini-top she was wearing. “You’ll have to put on some clothes first, I’m sorry those are the rules.”
Mia turned away from the taxi and mumbled a curse, she didn’t have any clothes with her, she had come on foot, not thinking she’d need any. With a blush she returned to the driver, she really had to get home fast. “Please, can’t you make an exception?” She begged. But he just shook his head. Quickly she looked around and then whispered, her face beet-red. “What if I take it off?”
The man bit back a laugh. “Your naked butt on my fine leather seats?” He asked.
“I’ll sit on the towel.”
“Well, ok, but you take it off before you get in.” He said with a grin.
Mia blushed. “What? I can’t undress in the middle of the street!”
“Give me your towel.” He opened the car door and held the towel in front of him, creating a small triangular area with the car and the door. Mia blushed and looked around as she hid herself behind him. There were a lot of people out on such a warm day, a few of them already taking interest in her situation. They won’t see, she told herself with a blush. The taxi-driver didn’t look away though. With a last quick look at her watch she pulled her bikini-panties down. “Your top too.” The driver suddenly said as she bent over to pick them up.
“What, why?” She asked blushingly, half naked in the street, she wanted to get in the car as soon as she could.
“You’ll get the back of the seats wet.” He replied, his eyes on her, waiting…
She blushed, the longer she argued, the longer before she could hide in the car. Quickly she undid the knot in the back and pulled her bikini-top off. Baring herself before the driver and anyone that might see past the towel. Quickly she jumped in the taxi, the driver threw the towel after her before closing the door. She spread it across the seat to sit on and then noticed the car’s window’s weren’t tinted. With a blush she covered her breasts, anyone that took a good look at who was inside the taxi would see her fully naked she realised. The driver got in and adjusted his back-view mirror. Aimed directly at her, she thought with a blush. “So, where are we going young lady?” He asked with a smile. She gave him the adress of her home. Only five minutes left, she thought, they should make it in time.

Mia waited in the back as the taxi stopped outside the appartment building. The driver had made her hand him her bikini, to make sure she didn’t put them on during the ride. He got out first, opening the door for her and holding open the towel she had quickly handed him before he returned her clothes. In the same triangular public dressing room she pulled on her bikini-top first, the car-door window made her feel more exposed on top, her bikini-bottom quickly followed, the driver’s eyes on her all the while. “That’ll be five euros.” The taxi driver said as he handed her the towel.
“Wait here.” Mia replied. “I have to get some money.”
The man raised his shoulders. “Sure.” He said and Mia ran inside.

“It’s two past six! I told you we were leaving at six and you’re not even dressed yet.” Her father called as she entered.
“Sorry!” She cried as she ran past him to her room. Quickly she pulled on a dress over her bikini before picking up her purse and putting on her shoes, no time for anything else. She grabbed a brush to do her hair on the way.
“Let’s go.” Her father said as she returned from her room. So she quickly followed him and her mother downstairs to the car. The taxi was still waiting she saw, but she couldn’t approach it now. Well, hadn’t she payed enough by posing in his rear-view mirror? She thought with a blush. She got into her dad’s car hoping the diver hadn’t seen her pass.

Several hours later they returned home from the family dinner. It had been her uncle who had told her that her wet bikini showed through her dress, top and bottom were now packed away in her purse. When the car stopped she noticed a taxi parked near her appartment. That can’t be the same one, she told herself as they passed it on their way inside. “Can I go out?” She asked her father once he was settled in his sofa.
“Yes, but don’t make it too late.”
Mia picked up her purse and quickly left again, approaching the parked taxi. She immediately recognised the driver, it was the same one! “Hey.” She said with a blush as he got out of his car.
“Well, you sure took your sweet time.” He said with an angry tone to his voice.
“I’m sorry, I had to go somewhere, I was already a bit late.” She replied.
“I know, I saw you leave. Why didn’t you just bring me the money before you got in the car?”
She blushed. “I didn’t want my dad to know I had to take a taxi as not to be late.”
“So you made me wait, or decided not to pay so daddy wouldn’t find out… What was he going to do? Spank you?” Mia blushed deeply and the driver laughed at her reaction. “Really? How old are you?”
Mia crossed her arms, her blush though undermining the angry look on her face. “I’m twenty and it’s none of your business.”
The driver laughed. “Sure, well you still owe me fourty euros.”
Mia gasped. “Fourty? You said five before.”
“Well I kept the meter running of course.”
“I don’t have fourty.” She replied softly, looking through her purse.
The driver smiled. “Perhaps you should go and ask daddy for more.”
Mia blushed. “No, please, can’t I pay it later or something?”
“So you can dissapear on me again? No, I have a better idea. You pay me the five for the ride and I will forget the rest and instead spank you myself for making me wait.”
“What? No…”
“Well it’s that or asking your daddy for his money and telling him all that’s happened.” He said with a grin.
Normally it wouldn’t have been such a hard choice, at least with her father she’d be safe, how could she trust a stranger to spank her? But her dad wouldn’t just spank her if he found out, not only had she been late, she had tried to get away without paying and it would cost them a bunch of money too, and she couldn’t even think of his reaction should the driver tell him how they drove here. She wouldn’t be able to sit for a week, sent to bed every night for the rest of their holiday with a freshly spanked bottom. The color probably wouldn’t fade even, her sexy bikinis would become a source of embarrasment that did nothing to hide her red spanked bottom. If the driver spanked her however, it would be over after one, the color would probably fade before the next morning. Besides, how much more embarrassing could it get, after a naked taxi-ride in his rear-view mirror? “Ok.” She said. “But just a spanking, then it’s over.”
“Deal.” The driver replied. “Get in, I’ll take us somewhere private.”
Mia paled a little. “No, I don’t want to go anywhere.” She wasn’t going to trust him anymore than she had to, there were enough news reports of girls being kidnapped, she didn’t want to be one of them.
“Fine.” The driver said. “Just in the back of the car then?” Mia blushed and nodded. When she got in the car with the driver right behind her she looked through the windows. Anyone passing would see she remembered, and hear… I’ll just have to try not to squeal, she told herself. It was still better than letting him take her somewhere. There was little room to manouver in the back of the car, but she quickly found herself across his lap with him sitting in the middle of the seat. When she looked up she could see cars passing on the street, her behind faced the sidewalk she realised with a blush, too late to turn around now. “No panties?” He asked as he raised her dress, baring her bottom again for himself and any passer-by.
“I didn’t have time to change.” She replied. “And my bikini was wet.”
“I remember.” He said. “You must’ve been most interesting client in my career.” He mused whilst rubbing her bottom with his hand. Mia wondered why they must always stroke it before they hit it, her father was just the same… His hand landed suddenly across her bottom with a loud smack, echoing in the small room. “Ouch!” She cried, quickly biting her lips as that sound echoed as well, reminding herself to keep quiet. The next smack was hard as well and she stiffled her squeal with a soft moan. This was definitely not going to be a breeze, he spanked just as hard as her dad and she thought he must’ve done this before. He spanked her quickly and hard, not giving her time to recover and made her squeal much more often than she wanted. She wanted to look behind her, to see if anyone had heard them, but she couldn’t. Maybe it was better if she didn’t know anyway, she thought. He didn’t slow down or relent until her bottom was sore and throbbing and when he did, it was not because he was ready. When his hand was rubbing her behind again, spreading the sting and taking advantage of the position he had her in, she looked over her shoulder. “No-one is watching.” He said. “Though you got some strange looks from an old couple and I think a young man took a picture with his phone.” Mia blushed deeply and tried to get off his lap. “Oh no, we’re not done. I offered to take you somewhere private and you declined. It’s your own fault if some guy is now using your red behind as a background.” Mia blushed even more as he pushed her back down. Then she felt someting cool against her hot bottom. She turned again and saw him handling her hairbrush. “So nice of you to bring your own spanking implement.” He said as he aimed the flat wooden back at her sore behind. Mia widened her eyes, she had left her purse open when looking for money and of course he just had to see that laying inside. “Thirty-five euros, that’s thirty-five smacks, don’t you agree?”
Mia blushed, but she was in no position to argue or even disagree. “Yes, sir.” She said, thinking she maybe should’ve gone to her father anyway, he never used any implements on her poor behind.
With a loud thwack the hairbrush landed across her behind, a squeal escaping her lips. And again as the second one landed, no way to be quiet now, she thought. By the time they reached twenty, she was bawling, kicking her legs and tears streaming down her cheeks. “Please, stop.” She begged. “Please. I can’t take anymore.”
“But we’re only halfway.” The driver replied, rubbing he hairbrush threatingly across her red and bruised behind.
“Can’t we do the rest later?” She asked. “Please.”
“And then you’ll just dissapear again, right?”
“No, I promise, please. You know where I live, you could tell my dad if I don’t come back.”
The taxi driver rubbed her behind as he thought about her proposal. “Ok.” He finally said. “I’ll give you my card, when you need a ride home tomorrow you give me a call and we’ll continue.”
“Yes thank you.” Mia replied, so relieved that it was over that she didn’t care she was agreeing to seeing him again. She tried to get up but he still held her down.
“Wait a second.” He said. “Unless you want some people to know which face belongs with that red behind.”
Mia blushed, there were people watching! And while she waited for them to leave the taxi driver took full advantage to rub and massage her sore behind. When he finally did let her up she saw a small group of people walk away from the car. “Maybe when you take me home tomorrow you can make a detour?” She asked with a blush. She would have to trust him, she did not want to be spanked in plain sight again, what if someone recognised her?
“Of course, I’ll take us somewhere private.”

To be continued…

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