My best friend’s father – pt.3

Hey everyone,

I Told you the next part would be here soon, Sophie is really getting to know her best friend’s father well.


Sophie had her hand at the doorbell when she heard a weird but strangely familiar sound coming from inside. With a blush she pulled her hand back and looked behind her. There was nobody in the street and the sound was faint, no-one but her would hear it. Softly she made her way to the window and knelt to peek inside. Here the noise was louder and she quickly found what she had expected. Evelyn’s father was seated on the couch with somebody across his lap. Sophie recognised her friend instantly, her dark hair, the clothes she had worn to school that same day, though those were pulled down, her bottom bared. Blushingly she stared as her best friend got spanked. Ever since she had been over the same man’s knee she had thought about it, every time she and Evelyn had been together. They had even talked about it, Eve reluctantly but slowly giving up more information. Seeing how red her friend’s bottom had already become she wondered what she had done wrong, but she already had the sickening feeling that she knew. It was probably something else, she told herself, not her fault. The last time she had seen her friend she had been next, this time outside she was safe, safe to realise she really liked looking at her friend like this. It made her blush, all this time she had been wondering whether she really had liked it, over his knee. Before her body could betray her further with strange erotic feelings however, her friend stood up, sent to her room by her father. Sophie quickly ran to the door before he could see her. She counted to ten and then rang.

Evelyn was sitting on the bed, Sophie could just see how she fidgeted and tried to find a confortable way to sit on her sore bottom, even though neither her, nor her father had told her anything. They only had a short half hour to do their homework together because Evelyn had dance-practice later, so she didn’t tell her what she’d seen, and instead just worked quickly.
When her friend left through the front door, carrying her backpack with her dancing-outfit Sophie wondered for the first time what she wore during practice. Probably shorts, she thought, definitely not something that could reveal the redness of her bottom. Still, those shorts were tight, it would not be a comfortable practice-lesson. She stayed behind a bit herself, turning around before Evelyn’s father could close the door. “Wait.” She said.

He turned to look at her, he was quite handsome she thought for a second, not much over fourty. She blushed because of the strange sudden thought. “Did you forget something?” He asked.
“No, yes, sort of. I had to give you this…” The strange, scary feeling of before came back as she rummaged through her backpack and handed him the test-results. “The teacher gave me Eve’s by accident.” She explained.
He looked at it and grunted. “Oh, ok, I think Evelyn got yours then, let me get it.” He turned and went inside, leaving the door open.
Sophie followed him back inside. The feeling worsened when he picked up the paper from the small table just besides the couch her friend had been punished on. ‘Not my fault, not my fault.’ She told herself as he handed it to her. Her score wasn’t even half that of Evelyn. “Ehm, I hope Eve didn’t get, she didn’t get in trouble because of my grades, did she?” She asked.
“Why?” Eve’s father asked her. “Do you think a girl could get in trouble for such grades?”
Sophie felt like she was walking into a trap. “No, I mean, Eve told me, sometimes, she might get spanked if she got bad grades.”
Evelyn’s father smiled. “So you talked about that? I’m glad you didn’t forget… Do you think a spanking would be deserved for such a test-result?”
Sophie blushed, definitely a trap. “No.” She said, but trouble lieing against this man made her add “maybe”.
“Maybe? It’s a simple yes or no question, or are you scared that I will spank you if you say yes?”
Sophie blushed. “Yes.”
“Yes you are scared, or yes you deserve a spanking?”
She blushed even deeper. “Both.”
“So you do think I should spank you.” He was smiling again.
“Why not.”
“It’s not fair, you’re not even my dad.”
“And do you think it’s fair Eve got spanked for your grades? That I will now have to find some way to apologize to her?”
“That’s not my fault, there was a mistake.”
“Oh, there were plenty mistakes.” He pointed at the test. “And they were all your fault.”
Sophie blushed, she knew this whole argument was just for show, he wanted to spank her and – she admitted to herself – she had decided to let him a long time ago, when she had seen her friend across his knee even.
“A good spanking will do you good. I don’t need your bad grades being an influence on my daughter.”
Sophie really blushed now. “Fine!” She said. “It’s not my fault I had no-one warming my butt as I grew up, making sure I was the perfect student…”
He had already taken her hand, guiding her to the couch. “Well I’m sure we can change that in the future.” He said.
Sophie blushed as he pulled her across his lap, that was not what she meant! “I must say again, I really like the kind of panties you wear young lady, nothing I’d let my own daughter buy of course.” He said after lifting her skirt and pulling her across his lap. He wrapped her fingers behind the white lace covering her behind and slowly pulled them down, Sophie blushed deeply. “Cute yet sexy at the same time.”
When his hand stroked her bared bottom, bringing back memories of last time she had been in this position, she suddenly felt very vulnerable. They were alone, Evelyn wasn’t here to see what he might do. Were his hands really exploring her bottom more freely? Exploring near her thighs, a finger grazing her butt-hole… Or did she imagine it because they were alone? The wandering hand suddenly disappeared and returned with a loud smack across her bottom, she groaned in surprise. Again he had almost made her forget that she was being punished. She blushed deeply, just as embarrassed by the way he made her feel as she was for being spanked like a little girl.
He spanked her quickly, one smack landing after the other without pause and her bottom quickly heated up. She moaned and squirmed as the sting quickly built up and her bottom slowly colored a bright pink. After a particularly hard smack which had made her squeal he stopped for a second. His hand rubbing her behind again. He was definitely taking advantage of having her alone she felt with a blush, his fingers exploring every inch of her behind. He smacked her again, just as hard and making her squeal again. Each smack was slow and measured now, harder than before, making her rock back and forth after each. She imagined she felt something hard beneath her, every time his hand thrusted her forward. Had she felt the same thing last time? A hard smack and her own squeal stopped that train of thought. He picked up speed again, without lowering the strength of his smacks. Her bottom really felt on fire now, with a squeal she held tight as his hand rained down, she couldn’t take more, when would it be over? “Please.” She begged him, half remembering that’s what he wanted from her, half because it’s the only thing she could say. “Please stop, I’ll try harder next time, I promise.”
His hand stopped, her red bottom felt sore and bruised. He rubbed her again, massaging her bruised cheeks, her thighs, she didn’t care if he took some liberties, not much anyway… “Stand up.” He said. “Get that naughty butt of yours in the corner.”
With a blush Sophie placed herself in the corner, her hands on her head. He had rolled up her skirt, leaving her bottom on display as she stood there, her panties lay on the floor near the couch. He left here there for a while, not doing anything she could hear, just enjoying the view she thought with a blush. At least ten minutes must have passed when he stood up and walked behind her. Her arms were heavy, her bottom a little less sore. “So are you going to study harder?” He asked.
“Yes sir.” She said.
“Because next time I won’t go so easy on you. If you had seen how red Eve’s bottom was when she came home with your results you would think twice about letting me take you over my knee.”
She blushed, she had seen Eve’s behind of course, was hers not as red? She couldn’t know, but she vowed that she would study harder anyway. “Next time?” She asked with a blush.
“Yes, from now on you’re going to show me your test results, so I can make sure you improve. And don’t think you can hide the bad ones, I know about each test you get.”
Sophie blushed, she hadn’t thought about that, but of course, because of Evelyn he would know. Still she didn’t have to let him spank her, not really. His hand squeezed her bottom lightly. “I promise I will try harder sir.” She said anyway. “And let you spank me when I don’t.”
“Good, I think you should pick up your panties and head home now, before my daughter gets back.” He replied.
Sophie blushed, Eve wouldn’t be back for another… She looked at the clock and gasped, she must’ve spent more than half an hour kicking and squealing across his knee!
Well, it wasn’t that hard to believe, she thought as she rubbed her sore bottom after pulling her panties back on. That really did feel as if it had been punished for a good length of time. On her way home she blushingly imagined herself sitting on her bed like Eve, fidgeting to find a comfortable position. Perhaps she should take her panties off for a softer seat. And then maybe…

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4 responses to “My best friend’s father – pt.3

  • Maria

    Oh! Wow! My best friend’s father – such a memory!
    He never DID anything, but the lecture he gave me once about what HE would do if HE were my father (I had skipped school, that’s all) is part of me forever!

  • Dave

    Hmm! I think the more she gets a spanking, the more he will take advantage of the situation, who wouldn’t?

  • emma

    Well Dave, I have at least two more parts lined up, so we’ll see 🙂

    Hey Maria, glad I could send you on a trip down memory lane haha, how much do you remember about the lecture? I have a bit of trouble writing about scoldings and such, I could use some real life examples. That is, if you wouldn’t mind sharing of course.

  • Mike

    Very very nice. I don’t believe I will tire of this any time soon! thanks

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