The middle of the night – story

Hey everyone, I have another story to share.
This one is a bit darker than any have have written before, but I hope you will like it none the less.
I’m not sure I’ve captured the scene realistically enough, but the fantasy itself is far from realistic, so it doesn’t matter that much.

Enjoyand keep an eye out for My best friend’s father part three, coming soon.

The sound of feet and the creak of a door in the night woke her. Her husband was sleeping right beside her, so she silently climbed out of bed and sneaked her way to the bedroom door. Pushing it open as careful as she could, she peeked outside, there was the silhouette of a man at the bottom of the stairs. Barely able to hold back a squeal she quickly closed the door, a loud click echoing in the room as it shut. She ran to her bed and picked up the phone on her nightstand. Her hands fumbled to unlock it and she had barely managed the first number when the door swung open. “What do you think you’re doing?” A rough voice asked.
She dropped the phone, too late to call the police. “Nothing.” She said guiltely, as if she should be ashamed to try and report a robber to the authorities.
Her husband had finally woken, staring at the man wearing a ski-mask and holding a bat at their bedroom door. She wanted to sit down, hold him close, but dared not move. “Do you know what your woman tried to do?” The rough man asked her husband.
“No.” He said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. She knew he would normaly defend her if anyone referred to her like that, but not now, now was not the time for chivalry or acting the hero.
“She tried to call the police.” The rough voice said. “I think she should be punished.” He lifted the heavy bat and let it drop against the palm of his hand.
She paled as she took a step backwards, bumping against her nightstand. “No!” Her husband said. She eyed the bat nervously, perhaps it was time for her husband acting the hero after all.
“No?” The rough voice laughed. “Well, I guess you’re right, it’s not my place punishing your woman, you do it.”
“What? No! I’m not going to punish my wife…”
The man lifted his bat again. “Well, I was going to suggest just a mild spanking, but if I have to do it myself…” He swung the bat threatingly.
She wanted to yell at him, call him a perverted sexist, but she was too scared to move. “It’s ok.” She told her husband. “Just do it, better if it’s you, not him.”
Her husband had reached te same conclusion it seemed. “Ok ok, wait, I’ll do it.”

Despite his mask she could see the man smile. “Good, take her across your knee.” She blushed as her husband moved to the side of the bed. He was wearing only his boxers, it made her aware of herself, wearing only a sheer, short night-gown. She blushed as she placed herself across his lap, this was so wrong. “Good, now give her a good ten smacks on that nice round bottom.” The rough voice said. She wanted to protest, but there was nothing she could say or do. Her husband’s hand rubbed her behind and then smacked her softly. “No no, that doesn’t count.” The man said. “She must feel it.” She clenched her teeth to stop herself cursing at him. That smack had been soft, she told herself. Her husband smacked her again. She groaned as the sting spread across her right cheek, apparently he wanted to make sure the man was happy and would not make him start over again. “Good, now bare her bottom like it’s a real spanking and we can start.”
She could not stop herself this time. “What!?” She cried. But her husband seemed to have given up the chance to reason with this guy, he slowly lifted her short dress. Without any panties on, the masked stranger had a full view of her private areas. “One.” He said as her husband landed another sound smack across her bottom. He counted each of them, while she tried not to groan as the sting spread across her bottom. When it was done, she breathed a sigh of relief. It had not been as bad as she’d feared. The embarassment had been much worse than the actual spanking, luckily her husband had pulled down her dress, covering her again as soon as it was over. He held her aross his lap though, as if holding her close to protect her from this brute.

“Have you really never spanked your wife?” The man asked.
“No.” Her husband replied. She blushed, of course he had not, why didn’t he just rob them and leave?
“Have you never been angry with her?” He asked.
“Of course.” Her husband replied. “But we just talk about it, I don’t need to spank her, we’re equals.”
“And you never wanted to just pull her across your knee and turn her bottom red? What is there to talk about if she just did something wrong.”
She wanted to get up, the way they were talking like she wasn’t even there made her furious. But her husband held her firmly in place. “There is always something to talk about.” He said. Had he avoided the first question? She suddenly wondered. No, this man was just playing with them.
“I have a proposal for you.” The rough voice said. “I can’t just leave the two of you like this, a bit of spanking in your relationship could really help. So if you give her a good spanking right now, I will leave you alone and take nothing with me.”
“No!” She cried, thinking he must be crazy.
The rough voice laughed. “See, she’s scared you’ll actually do it because she knows she deserves it.”
“Honey, he said he won’t steal anything.” Her husband suddenly said.
“No, no, no.” She couldn’t believe he was actually thinking about it.
“Well, that’s what happens when you don’t regularly give your woman what she needs.” The man said. “She’d give away all your possessions just to save herself a little embarrassment.”
‘Don’t listen to him.’ She wanted to say, but she could feel her husbands grip tighten on her. “No, please.” She said, but he grabbed her nightgown, raising the hem exposing her bare bottom again. She tried to struggle loose, but he held her firmly and smacked her bum. “No, you can’t do this.” She said.
But the rough voice replied. “I’d call that a challenge.” He said and her husband hand landed across her bottom again even harder. She groaned and the sound seemed to have encouraged him, as the smacks suddenly landed one after the other, hard and fast. She squealed and moaned, trying to pull free, but she couldn’t. Quickly her bottom felt on fire and the embarrassment of the spanking and the stranger in her bedroom was accompagnied by the soreness of her behind. This stinging, burning sensation is what she had expected the first time she thought for a moment, but her husband left her few moments to think. His hand smacked her again and again as she kicked her legs and squealed.
“Now that’s a nice red bottom.” The rough voice said as her husband finally stopped. He had not lowered her dress is time, showing of her embarrassment to the stranger. But what embarrased her most was that she could feel his erection through his boxers press against her. “How does that feel sweety?” The rough voice asked.
Blushingly she tried to cover her bottom. “Just leave us alone, you pervert.” She managed. There were tears in the corners of her eyes, embarrassed she rubbed them away.
“Oh my.” The rough voice replied. “I think she is asking for more.” She heard his footsteps suddenly closing in on them, with a squeal she clenched her cheeks, afraid that he would hit her. Instead she heard him take something from her nightstand before returning to the door. “Ten smacks with that should teach her to watch her tongue.” He said. She could feel the cool wood of the hairbrush he had handed her husband stroke her hot bottom. She widened her eyes as the cool touch was lifted from her bottom, surely her husband would not… With a loud thwack the brush landed across her cheeks, making her squeal. Much harder than his hands the hairbrush really set her bottom on fire as it landed nine more times. Through her sobs and shrieks she could here what she thought was the man laughing, but while kicking her feet and trying to avoid the sting of the brush she could not look to be sure.
When the tenth stroke had finally landed she lay gasping for breath until suddenly she felt a strange hand on her sore throbbing behind. “Such a nice ass.” The rough voice said, suddenly much closer to her. I almost regret not spanking you myself. She blushed deeply, but the hand quickly dissapeared again. “Well I hope you learned a lesson, have a good rest of the night.” The door opened and she heard his footsteps recede.
“Has he gone?” She asked her husband.
In answer he let her get up and ran to the bedroom door, when he opened it she could just hear the front door falling shut. “He’s gone.” He said. “We should call the police.”
She blushed. “And tell them what, that he forced you to spank me? No way!”
Her husband smiled a shy smile. “Are you sure?”
She nodded.
“Are you ok?” He asked as he hugged her tightly.
“Yes.” She said, blushingly rubbing her sore behind. “And you’re never going to do that again!” She said fiercely.
“Of course not.” He replied, pulling her with him back to bed in a tight embrace.
With her husband against her back, she could remember his erection when spanking her, it was gone now. She knew she shouldn’t be angry at him for it, it was just a natural reaction to a semi erotic situaton, her bare behind under his palm, her body wriggling and struggling against his lap… What seemed less normal was her own reaction, that hot wet feeling between her legs of being betrayed by her own body. The robber was gone, she reminded herself, pushing her sore behind against her husbands boxers, she blushed to realise she missed his erection. “Maybe once… Or twice…” She murmured too soft to be heard.
“Hm? What?” Her husband asked.
“Nothing.” She said, rubbing herself against him, there was that erection again.
“You liked it, didn’t you?” Her husband suddenly said, pressing himself against her.
“No.” She blushed deeply.
“Are you lieing?”
“No! … maybe?”
His hand reached for her bottom. “Do you know what happens to naughty girls who lie to their husbands?”
She squirmed as he lifted her dress again…

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