My best friend’s father – pt.2

Hello everyone, making up for lost time, second post of the day.
I just finished part two of my best friend’s father, you’ve all waited very long for this, so I hope you enjoy.

(ps: for those wondering, there will be a part three soon)

“I said: your turn.”
Sophie blushed, he couldn’t mean… “No, I’m sorry, I understand the rules now, I won’t bring any more alcohol to your house sir.”
“There will be plenty of time to apologise later young lady, you’re coming here now or I’m coming to get you and you won’t like that.” Evelyn’s father looked menacing.
Sophie hesitated, pressed with her back against the wall. “But I didn’t know, this isn’t fair.” There was no way she would let him spank her, she thought.
Sophie’s father stood up, ready to come and get her. “No? Are you saying Eve never told you it was a bad idea?” He looked over his shoulder to her friend, now standing in the corner with a red and bare bottom.
Sophie blushed, if she lied he would spank Eve again she realised, but if she told the truth, she would be spanked. She looked at Eve, she couldn’t betray her friend like that, could she? “No sir, wait.” She said as he took a step towards his daughter. “You’re right, Eve warned me, I’m sorry.” She took a couple of steps closer to him, as if to stop him, or perhaps offering herself up, she wasn’t sure.

He turned towards her again and grabbed her hand. When had she gotten so close? “Well then, I guess this is fair.” He said and with a squeal she landed across his lap as he dropped them both onto the bed. Her skirt had risen up during the fall and his hand quickly pushed it up the rest of the way. Sophie blushed deeply, her panties exposed in this humiliating position, wondering if Eve was watching her as she had. She felt his hand on her bottom, stroking and kneading with his full palm. She blushed even further, he was taking advantage, her friend definitely hadn’t undergone such inspection. “I’m glad it’s you wearing these panties and not my little girl.” He said as he admired her bottom. A black string, Sophie remembered, with a broad band of lace along the edge, covering perhaps a quarter of her behind, the rest, naked skin under his palm. She blushed, what did he mean? That it was okay for her to wear something sexy, that he could enjoy it because she wasn’t his daughter? The strokes of his hand, still taking advantage of her position were definitely of a sensual kind. She just wished he would get on with it, the whole situation was making her feel warm, a glow was spreading in her lower belly she didn’t want to think about. “But they still have to come off.” He suddenly said.
It was like waking from a dream, there couldn’t have been more than a few seconds between those two statements, but the thoughts in her mind and the hand on her behind had distracted her. “No, what? Wait!” She exclaimed as he hooked a finger behind the lace. “That’s surely not necessary.”
He pulled them down anyway, agonizingly slow. “While it’s true that they offer no real protection from my hand young lady, it really is necessary for them to come off.” He pulled them down further, past her knees, leaving nothing of modesty as her bottom was bared and her privates glimpsed through the gap between her thighs. “But without them it will make you feel even more embarrassed and vulnerable, which is as much part of your lessen as the actual spanking.”

Sophie was blushing deeply. The way he was lecturing her about what he was going to do, was only lengthening the time before he actually started, luckily his hand hadn’t restarted it’s sensual stroking. Suddenly it smacked across her behind, sending a quick stinging sensation through her entire left cheek. Mere moments later it landed again, offering the same feeling to her right. The smacks were hard, but he took his time, alternating cheeks the sting in one was melting away as it was renewed in the other. Sometimes she moaned, as she imagined Eve had sounded, the sting was just bearable though the embarrassment wasn’t. She tried not to think of how she must look like, was her bottom turning as red as Eve’s had? Was he enjoying looking at it? The glow had not gone she realised even while he spanked her, it was joined by a soft pressure. She blushed, thinking she was enjoying this, until she realised it wasn’t her, it was him. She turned scarlet realising he was hard underneath her, pressing against her. She pushed herself away from him, too embarrassed to realise that this meant pushing her bottom up in the air, exposing herself to him for more, almost looking as if asking for more.
Perhaps that’s what he thought, his slow steady smacks hadn’t impressed her, of perhaps he was trying to force her back down. His pace quickened, his hands rougher, spanking her hard. What he’d done before was just a warm up for this, a warning, but now she’d asked for it. His hand landed in quick succession, no longer giving time for the sting to melt away, instead making it build up, more and more. Sophie moaned and squealed as her bottom was now really turning as red as her friend’s. She let herself be pushed down again, her bottom on fire, but still he did not relent as she struggled across his lap. It was as if she had forgotten, the spanking a foreign and exotic mystery, but she remembered now that she was being punished. The embarrassment was back quickly, joined by humiliation and regret. She should’ve just listened to her friend, then this wouldn’t have happened, she wouldn’t be screaming and kicking her legs. When a tear rolled down her cheeks she quickly brushed it off. When would this stop? Surely Eve’s spanking hadn’t lasted this long? Though she could not remember exactly what had made him stop. It was hard to think with her bottom on fire, his hand smacking her still, her thoughts interrupted by her own squeals. Had she begged him? Promised him to be good? ‘Plenty of time to apologize later.’ She seemed to remember she had. “Please sir.” She begged, just before his hand added another dose to the sting.
And like that he slowed down. Back to the slow steady smacks of before. But her bottom now was sore and the smacks hurt a lot more. “Please what?” He asked.
Sophie blushed, she was not used to begging, but each smack helped her form her words in her head. “Please sir, will you stop? I’m sorry I broke your rules, it won’t happen again. I promise.”

And like that the spanking was over. “Finally.” He had said, as if he thought she had tried to hold back her apology and lengthen the spanking. She was standing in the corner now, next to her friend, her bottom as bare and red as hers. Her friend’s father was no longer there, he had left them, late for his appointment, sure that they would not leave the corner until he send them a text. Sophie blushed realising that he was right, she was not going to move a foot until they got that text.
“You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?” Her friend asked, standing stock still, just like she was.
“Tell them what?” Sophie asked.
“That my dad still spanks me…”
Sophie laughed despite everything. “How could I, without telling them I got it as well, trust me as long as you keep your mouth shut, I keep mine.”
Evelyn managed a smile. “Thanks, I won’t tell, don’t worry.” Sophie stared at the wall, waiting for that text. “I’m kinda glad you know, finally there’s someone I can talk with.”
Sophie turned to look at her. “You’re glad your dad spanked me?”
Evelyn blushed. “Oh no, I didn’t mean…” But then saw the teasing smile on Sophie’s face. And suddenly, despite there sore red bottoms and embarrassing position, they burst out in giggles.

The text came not much later, it stated not only they were released from there position, but were to head to bed. It was only nine thirty, much too early to sleep, but Evelyn did not hesitate to get ready for bed. They had no idea what time he would get home, Sophie realised, so not willing to get caught again she decided that being sent to bed early was not nearly as embarrassing as a spanking. When she crawled under the blanked on the mattress on the floor, she heard the soft voice of Evelyn sleeping. It surprised her how quickly she had fallen asleep. But then again, perhaps she was more used to such early bed times. The red bottom that made her lie on her stomach might have soothed her friend to sleep many times before. But without her friend to talk to, her thoughts were free to drift and thinking of the spanking she’d gotten, she realised that glowing feeling had never really left. Her hand that had been soothing her bottom slid down, finding the wet patch between her legs. Don’t think, don’t think. She told herself as she curled around her arm. But she kept seeing the face of the man who had spanked her, she could still feel his hand on her bottom, sometimes spanking, sometimes his sensual caresses.

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