My best friend’s father – pt.1

Hey everyone, I have a new story ready and it’s one that will come in multiple parts, I hope you enjoy.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Sophie asked while searching for a bottle opener.
“Put it back, please.” Her friend responded. “My dad could find out. We’re supposed to be studying” Evelyn was already putting the bottle back into Sophie’s backpack.
Sophie grabbed hold of her arm and stopped her. “Don’t worry, he just left, it will be hours before he returns, you said so yourself.” She took the bottle from her friend and tried to pull the cork. “Just have some fun for once. You’re twenty, you don’t have to do everything your daddy tells you”
Like always Evelyn got persuaded by her friend and took some glasses from the kitchen cabinets. “Ok, but only one glass, he will know if we’re drunk.” She said.
“That’s more like it.” Sophie said with a smile as she poured them both a glass of wine.

“Eve! Have you seen my phone, I seem to have forgotten it.” Her dad’s voice echoed right after they had heard the front door open. Evelyn grabbed the bottle, but she knew it would be too late. With the kitchen lights on, her dad knew where to find her and it was only a few steps from the front door to the kitchen. Where he would discover them drinking. “Eve, have you… What are you drinking?”
Evelyn blushed, she noticed Sophie shy away now that they were caught. “Just some wine.” She said. “Sophie brought some, it’s not yours.”
As expected her father looked angry. “It doesn’t matter who’s it is, young lady. You know the rules, no alcohol if not for a special occasion. Go wait for me in your room, I guess I’ll be a bit lit for my appointment today.”

Sophie blushed as Evelyn ran to her room without further discussion. Her parents never scolded her like that any more and she suspected more words were to follow. “I don’t like you bringing alcohol into my house young lady. I think you better go home.” Evelyn’s father said to her.
“But I was supposed to stay here for the night.” She replied.
“Well you were also supposed to be studying.” Evelyn’s father replied. “Since you seem not to be doing that, you might just as well head off home.” He seemed quite adamant.
“But I can’t.” Sophie said. She didn’t want to argue with him as he seemed more angry after every word. “My parents aren’t home and I forgot my keys.” She explained.
Sophie’s father seemed to make a decision. “Very well then, if you’re staying here I might as well explain to you the rules as well, come along.”

Sophie followed him to Evelyn’s room. Her friend blushed deeply as she saw her. “Why is Sophhie here?” She asked her father.
“Apparently, she is staying the night.” Her father replied as he seated himself on her bed. “Come here.”
“No, please, not in front of her.” Evelyn replied, whilst still approaching him obediently.
Sophie watched with fascination, wondering what was going on. She blushed as much as her friend, imagining how embarrassing it must be to be scolded like a little girl in front of your best friend. Fascination turned into shock however as Evelyn’s dad did not scold her, but instead pulled her across his lap and smacked her bottom.

“This is your own fault young lady, I’ve told you often enough, no alcohol!” Sophie saw her friend’s skirt being raised. Her father didn’t waste any time and pulled down the sheer white panties as well, baring his daughter’s bottom. She wanted to look away as her friend got spanked. Her father’s hand raising and falling, the sound of the smacks hitting her bottom again and again, and her friend’s moaning after each of them. But she could not, she saw Evelyn’s bottom slowly turning redder and redder. Her friend kicked her feet after a specifically hard smack and occasionally squealed, but she never reached back and always held her bottom ready for a smack, knowing a struggle would only make matters worse. Over her dad’s knee, her upper body rested on the bed, her legs dangling from the side. Sophie realised she had retreated into the corner of the room, her hands covering her own bottom as she stared at the scene.
“That’s enough.” Evelyn’s father said after what seemed an eternity. “Stand over there.” He pointed at a corner of the room. Sophie caught a glimpse of her friend’s face. She was blushing, but a few tears had rolled down her cheeks as well, though she hadn’t heard her crying. Evelyn’s father was looking at her she realised, so she peeled her eyes away from her friend’s bare red bottom and looked at him. “Your turn.” He said.
Sophie blushed. What?! …

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6 responses to “My best friend’s father – pt.1

  • Paul Verburgt

    That’s cruel, you left us hanging suspense, it’s like reading an entire
    book, and finding the last page missing, I wonder what Mr Grey would say about that ??

  • Mr J

    Excellent start to this story Emma. I really like the context – and well written as always.

    I’m sure Sophie is going to regret insisting on staying the night. but maybe she’ll fins that a well spanked bottom is very good for her. I’m sure it will be very good for Evelyn’s Dad. Lucky man!

    Thanks very much indeed.

  • Kia

    I love where this is heading- looking forward to part 2!

  • emma

    I believe Paul, that mr Grey is into withholding pleasure, so I dont think he would mind,

  • bahamagirl1996

    That was great , can’t wait for part 2

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