A birthday surprise

Hey everyone, a quick, but nice story I came up with not too long ago, and makes me wish my girl’s birthday wasn’t still half a year away…

Sofie awoke when her boyfriend Erik opened the curtains and let sunlight into the room. A quick look at her alarm clock told her it was already ten thirty. Still, she did not want to get up. “Let me sleep.” She mumbled.
“Out of bed, lazy.” He responded, pulling away her blankets. “I made breakfast.”
Sofie looked up at her man, he was fully dressed. With the blankets gone, she turned over – hiding her own nakedness – and refused to look at him. “It’s my birthday, I can sleep a bit longer if I want to.”
She felt the bed drop as Erik sat down next to her, his hand stroking her bottom – she could not hide everything. “Is that so? I was planning to do this later today, but perhaps I should give you your birthday spanking now, to help you get up.”
Sofie could almost imagine the smile on his face. Spanking was one of Erik’s favourite sexual fantasies, and after introducing her to it, she had spent many of her most exciting moments across his knee. Truth be told she had looked forward to her birthday spanking too, and if she got one now, she might get two today. Playfully wriggling her bottom away from his hand she said: “No, let me sleep please.”
His hand quickly grabbed her bottom again, holding it more firmly. “Last chance young lady!”
Sofie blushed, the first time he had called her that, it had sounded awkward and silly, but now it made her stomach clench and her inner thighs heat up. “I can’t hear you, I’m sleeping.” She said.

Erik grabbed her legs and pulled her aside until only her upper body was still on the bed. She didn’t struggle, but she knew that even if she would, he’d be too strong for her. With her next to him now, he lifted her legs and pulled her back on the bed, now laying across his legs. When she looked at him, he had that look in his face, the one she was never sure of whether he was really angry or just playing. Of course Erik had never spanked her out of real anger, but she had had dreams, perhaps someday she could tell him about those.
With a sudden smack his hand landed across her bottom. Sofie moaned and pushed it up, that sound was so sexy and the sting, spreading across her cheek made her want more. Erik’s hand quickly smacked her other cheek, spreading the sting even more, the sound echoed in the room. “Did you forget how a birthday spanking works?” He asked.
Sofie blushed, she had forgotten. “Two!” She quickly said.
“Oh no, if I have to remind you,they don’t count.” Erik replied and smacked her bottom again.
“That’s not fair!” Sofie said. But quickly finished her sentence with: “one”.

“Your bottom is getting nice and pink, my favourite colour.” Erik said just after Sofie moaned “ten”. She kept herself perfectly positioned over his lap. Her bottom was nice and hot, yearning for more. And when his hand came down again, she responded with a groaning “eleven”.
She could hardly wait until his hand would slip down between her legs, for the reward she always got when she took her spanking without too much of a struggle. They had just reached twenty, so only five more. “Twenty one,” she groaned as his hand added more sting to her soft red bottom.
And finally, when he reached twenty five, with her groaning across his lap, she spread her legs, begging him for her reward, showing him how wet she was.
Instead, he lifted her legs and put them next to him on the bed. “Awake now?” I’m hungry and want to eat my breakfast.”
Disappointed Sofie rubbed her bottom. What about her reward? She didn’t hurt, twenty five smacks wasn’t much, she’d had a lot more and a much redder bottom before. “No, I think I’m still a bit sleepy.” She replied. She wasn’t going to make things easy.
The look he gave her looked genuinely annoyed. Oh if only he wasn’t such a good actor. But the possibility of going over his lap for really annoying him made her want it even more. Even if it was only for a few well earned smacks, that’s what she had been dreaming about right before he woke her.

“Perhaps I didn’t get my point across, should I start over with the hairbrush?” He managed to sound sexy and menacing at the same time.
Sofie licked her lips and looked at the hairbrush on their night stand, wooden with a flat back, rather wide. He had used it on her bottom before, three or four smacks to finish a good spanking, it felt amazing. “Well if you want to get me out of bed, you’ll have to come up with something.” She said.
Erik quickly obliged and pulled her back over his lap. “Ok, you can start counting.” He said.
Sofie clenched her cheeks, suddenly realising she hadn’t thought this through. He wanted to start over, that meant another twenty five smacks, with the hairbrush! Not just the four she was used to. “No wait!” She said, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” Struggling slightly.
Her boyfriend’s strength, she had just admired in her mind, now proved itself as he held her firmly across his lap. “Too late young lady, I’m out of patience.” With a thud the hairbrush smacked her stinging bottom.
He waited, her bottom stung, particularly where the hairbrush had just landed. “One.” She said with a blush. He felt and sounded, just like in her dream, but much more real. Was he really angry with her, or was he only playing still? She wasn’t sure. The pain in her bottom was real however, as he landed the brush again and again, making her count them. She quickly felt more sore than she had been from the other spankings he had given her. Still she held her bottom up, how could she want to get away, yet at the same time not want it to be over?

By the time they reached ten her bottom felt on fire. “Please stop.” She begged him. He had never spanked her this hard before, she was sure now, that he wasn’t just playing. It felt wrong that her boyfriend would punish her, yet at the same time she wanted nothing more, except for maybe him not punishing her this hard.
“Are you a little naughty ten year old girl?” He asked.
Sofie blushed. “No!”
“Well then, I guess we have to continue just a bit more.” And with that the hairbrush landed on her already sore bottom.
When they reached twenty, it was hard to keep her bottom presented to him. The pain was more than just soreness and she was hot red. She even had tears in her eyes. One escaped as he landed another smack, she counted “twenty one”. Under her breath she mumbled: “I can live with being a little naughty twenty one year old girl.”
Erik smacked her again. “No lying about your age!” He said.
Sofie softly sobbed as she counted “twenty two”. She continued sobbing as she counted the last thre smacks that set her bottom on fire. Only calming down when Erik’s hands softly massaged her bottom.

When they finally got up, Erik wiped the tears from her cheeks. “How do you feel?” He asked.
“Sore.” Sofie replied, though that was an understatement, her bottom felt on fire. Yet is was not the only thing that was on fire. Her boyfriend had spanked her for misbehaving, and though he might have been a bit too strict for what she had done, it had been better than in her dreams. She could hardly believe it, but she wanted him to do it again… Just, not now.
Erik hugged her, naked and with a spanked bottom she suddenly felt super sexy in her boyfriend’s fulle dressed arms, despite her tears. “Did you know?” Erik asked. “You talk in your sleep.”
Sofie blushed. He knew, that’s why he… She felt angry that he would listen in on her dreams, yet at the same time happy, that he had actually acted upon them. “Let’s go back to bed.” She said, her tone implying what she wanted.
Erik looked her in the eyes. “Oh no, nothing of that. We’re having breakfast now. What you want is for when you get a good girl spanking, not a bad girl one. Put on a dress and lets go.”
Sofie blushed. She hated it when he teased her, he was going to make her wait before giving her what she wanted. Yet with her bottom on fire she did not want to argue again. Obediently she pulled on her dress but nothing else. Still she wondered why he was in such a hurry. Normally Erik never liked breakfast. Had he prepared something special?
Their bedroom was right next to the living room in their one-bedroom apartment, the kitchen on the other side. As she followed him through the door, she noticed a dozen people, all her friends waiting for. They yelled: “Surprise!”

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