A misunderstanding: story

Not all spankings or stories need to be long drawn out things. This quick short story with a quick short panking will hopefully quickly set you afire as well. Hope you enjoy.
I have also added the first part of chapter 4 of a little black dress, follow the link in the header.

Sophie made her way to the principles office after her final class. In her hand she held a stack of papers with suggestions for the school newspaper she had to defend. Normally her friend was at these meetings, but she was sick so Sophie had volunteered to do it instead. She was quite nervous, she wasn’t very good at this sort of thing.
A few other girls were waiting outside the office and just as she arrived another left the office, flustered and face beet-red. Sophie imagined she had just received a scolding, that might seem odd for girls their age, but the principal had a reputation. It seemed the other girls awaited the same fate, none seemed eager to go in, so Sophie offered them some respite and went in first.

‘Stand over there.’ The principal sounded as strict as his reputation made him out to be, so Sophie quickly stepped in front of his desk, where he had pointed. She nervously held the papers in front of her. ‘You can hand me your note when we’re done, I like to get right down to business. Face the desk please.’ Sophie turned around, the authoritative tone made her feel queasy, she hoped he would sit behind his desk soon, it was weird turning her back to him. ‘Bend over girl, do I have spell out everything?’
Sophie looked over her shoulder, confused. ‘What?’
‘I don’t have time for games girl, bend over!’
He sounded angry and flustered as she was Sophie placed her hands on the desk before trying to argue, ‘ why do I have to…’ His hand was suddenly on her back and pushed her down until her chest was against the desk. ‘Hey wait!’ With a swift motion her skirt was raised and the principles hand landed with a smack on her white cotton panties. Sophie yelped as a flurry of smacks landed on her bottom before she could react. ‘I didn’t do anything she cried.’
But he smacked her bottom again and again, holding her down with his hand. ‘Be quiet, you can give me your excuses when we’re done.’
‘Sophie moaned softly as her bottom started to sting under the constant smacks. ‘But I really didn’t do anything!’
‘What part of be quiet don’t you understand young lady? Do you want your panties to come down as well?’ His hand smacked her bottom ignoring her pleas.
‘No, you misunderstand, I’m not…’
His hand yanked her panties down and Sophie squealed in embarrassment as her bottom was bared. ‘I warned you.’ He said.
The smacks hurt even more now that her bottom was bared. Sophie could hardly believe what was happening. ‘Wait, wait, wait.’ She cried.
But he didn’t, turning her bottom red. ‘Do you want me to get the ruler?’ He asked.
Sophie bit her tongue, realizing she would only make it worse trying to explain. She moaned and grunted at each smack on her poor innocent bottom. The hand on her back relented as she submitted to her punishment. When he finally stopped, it felt on fire.

‘Put your panties back on.’ The principal said as she turned around, her back facing the desk she had just been bent over. They had dropped down, hanging around her ankles now and Sophie quickly pulled them up, carefully arranging them over her sore bottom. ‘Well then, let’s see your note, I rarely get a girl proclaiming her innocence long enough that I get to bare her bottom, so I’m curious…’
Sophie blushed and handed over the file on the newspaper. ‘I just wanted to discuss the ideas for the newspaper Sir.’
The principal suddenly paled slightly. ‘Oh, you’re not the usual girl that comes for that…’
‘No sir, she is sick.’ Sophie rubbed her bottom and now had a defiant look on her face. He had spanked her! And for no good reason. She could not believe girls got spanked like this at her school, and even less that it had happened to her, while she hadn’t done anything wrong.
‘It seems there has been a bit of a misunderstanding.’ The principal said. ‘Despite your friend from the newspaper, anyone send to my office after school does deserve what I just gave you young lady. But perhaps I have acted a bit too rash this time.’
Sophie nodded, too rash indeed! But what could she say to make the situation less awkward? She was still too shy to become angry at him, especially after her spanking just now.

‘What;s your name?’ He asked.
‘And have you been studying well Sophie?’
‘Yes Sir.’
‘All good grades then?’
Sophie nodded. ‘Yes, well except for that one test last week, Sir.’
‘Good, well then, may we conclude that today’s spanking was for that particular test Sophie?’
Sophie blushed, girls didn’t get spanked for one bad test. Otherwise the hallway would be filled with girls waiting every day. But then again, it was a better reason than being spanked for nothing. It might make things less awkward between them. ‘That seems fair, Sir.’ She said.
‘Good, now then lets start with why you really came here today.’

When Sophie left the office the other girls were still waiting. ‘Oh no.’ She thought, ‘they will all think I went in there to get a spanking.’ And then. ‘Oh no, I did get a spanking, and so will they.’ Her face blushed crimson red and she quickly passed them without looking at them.

Two weeks later Sophie entered the principal’s office again. ‘Stand over the… Oh it’s you Sophie. Did you come for the newspaper, or did a teacher send you this time?’
‘I wasn’t sent Sir, I don’t have a note.’ She replied.
‘Oh, ok then why did you come?’
‘Well Sir, I got another bad score on a test…’
The principal smiled. ‘Really? Well then, you know where to stand…’

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5 responses to “A misunderstanding: story

  • Mr J

    Nice one Emma! What a silly misunderstanding – but it seems it turned out for the best for Sophie ……….. and the Principal too! 🙂

    Thank you very much.

  • ;

    I think she started to like it…but so would I. Great story Emma!

  • Ovidiu

    –The principal smiled. ‘Really?…:)

    talking about growing up.. who would argue that spanking doesn’t subtly help with the process ..;)

  • Jeejee

    I liked it and hope u update soon! 😉

  • cindy

    Now this is perfect. Sophie returned on her own free will–for another spanking. Who knows whether she really obtained another bad score on a test. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Sophie returned. I’m assuming she will do whatever it takes to have her panties lowered.

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