Alone at work: story

Hey everyone.
I have finished another story for you all, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

There was no movement to be seen past the blurred glass windows alongside Catherine’s office door. The hallway and waiting room were empty, just like her mailbox. It was one of these days she just sat behind her desk, twiddling her thumbs, waiting for the hours to pass. She had been the only one foolish enough to show up on a day like this. Her colleagues worked from home, avoiding the office at a day like this, their offices empty. The only other person in the silent building was her boss in his office at the end of the hall; not someone she could just visit for a chat.
Her computer-screen showed a blank internet window. She stared at it for a while, utterly bored and then opened a new window: incognito-mode. There was a website she knew would be able to distract her from the boredom of a wasted day. She looked through the windows toward the hallway – where she knew she would see no movement – and then logged in with her user name and password.
Up on the fifth floor, with her screen facing the window, no-one would be able to see the images on her screen, but nevertheless, she quickly navigated to the websites chat room, which looked a lot less ostentatious. Within minutes she received three requests for a private chatting session. Two she declined politely, because the third was her dear friend ‘Sir Cain’.
Catherine had known him for several months now and even knew his real name was Michael, though she always called him Sir. Michael knew her as Katja, she had always been careful about her privacy. On this website Catherine talked about her secret, erotic fantasy of spanking and Michael she talked with more than any other. Several times a week, when she was home alone, she went online looking for company. He would be there, sometimes for a friendly chat, sharing their fantasies; sometimes for a playful evening; and sometimes even for some well deserved chastisement.

“Hello katja, how are you today?”
“I’m well Sir, how are you?”
“Very well, especially now you’re here. What brings you online so early today?”
“I was bored, nothing at all to do.”
“Really, aren’t you at work then?”
“I am, but no-one else is. There’s almost no work to be done.”
“Ah, I see, I’m in a similar situation myself. Don’t want you thinking I spent all my time here.”
*chuckles* “Of course not Sir. I would never think such things of you.”
“Do I detect a cheeky undertone there young lady?”

Catherine was squirming in her seat. As soon as the conversation had started, her brain had switched to submissive mode and Michael’s authoritative tone always made her feel like jelly.
Still, she had never done this at work and she nervously kept a lookout for any intruders. But no sound broke the silence and she had all the time in the world to indulge in her conversation with Sir.

“I assume your boss doesn’t know you’re wasting your time on a site such as this?”
“Of course not. But it’s not really wasted time, if I have nothing else to do.”
“I’m sure he’d disagree, a good employee can always find some work to do.”

Catherine blushed, she knew Michael was just teasing her. He could make anything she did seem like something naughty. He loved finding reasons why she’d need a spanking. That’s one of the reasons she liked him so much.
Her boss was one of the things they’d talked about a lot. Being spanked at work was one of her biggest fantasies. Michael knew this and loved teasing her with it.

“What do you think he would do if he found out you were on an adult site, during workours on a work computer?”
“I’d probably get fired. But he won’t find out.”
“No, probably not. Though instead of firing you, he might just give you a good bare bottom spanking.”
*blushes* “I wish.”
“Oh, I wish I could see that blush on your face, young Katja.”

Katja had never posted any pictures of herself online. She carefully protected her identity from association with her secret fantasies. One of the reasons she liked Michael was because he never asked her for a picture. Not even when he was giving her other instructions, which she always carefully followed.

What a lucky coincidence that Katja had logged in from work at the same day that he had. Mike’s day had looked endlessly boring just a few moments before and now he was chatting with his favourite girl on the internet. To him, Katja was friendly, cute, shy and submissive. The perfect girl for him, even though she probably would never meet her in real life.
Like always however, Katja could still surprise him.

“My computer at work has a web cam. I can’t show you my blush, but I might show you something you’ve wanted to see for a very long time…”
“You’ve got my full attention, Katja.”
“Please, keep this to yourself, don’t share it with anyone.”

The link to an uploaded image popped up on the screen. Mike pressed the download button immediately. There it was, a perfect view on Katja’s bottom, from her lower back to her knees.
Mike felt his heart rate racing. This was his girl, sexy perfect. Her short black skirt was slightly raised, baring the bottom half of her bottom, covered in clean white panties that clung to her cheeks nicely. Her bottom was well rounded, smoothly curved above long slim legs. A perfect bottom for a naughty young girl.
He felt himself pressing inside his pants. Despite Katja not being bared at all, her skirt barely raised to show her bottom, this was one of the hottest pictures he had ever seen. Katja was not one of those girls that stole a picture from some online spanking-model, showing off her bare bottom as if it was her own. No, this photo, with its mostly covered bottom, in front of an office chair and window over-viewing the city was taken specially for him; by a shy girl who very much wanted to please him.

“That is the prettiest bottom I have ever seen Katja. Thank you very much for sharing it with me.”
*smiles* “You’re welcome Sir.”
“But it does make me think that you’re trying to distract me.”
“Distract you from what, Sir?”
“From the fact that you’re a naughty girl spending your time here, rather than working.”
*blushes* “I wasn’t trying to distract you Sir.”
“Don’t worry Katja, I believe you. But now, we’ll have to deal with your behaviour.”
*blushes* “But Sir, I’m at work.”
“I thought you said there was nobody there. Or where you taking pictures of your bottom where people could see?”
“No Sir, of course not.”
“Very well then Katja. Before we start, I want you to take off those white panties you are wearing. They might be very innocent, but contrast so much with your black skirt that they’re highly inappropriate; making them very visible at any accidental glimpse. Fold them and lay them on your desk.”
“Yes Sir.”

Mike gave Katja time to follow his instructions. There was no real way he could know she was following them. But Katja had never given him reason to doubt her and her reactions always seemed genuine. He imagined her now, alone in her office, bared under her short skirt, with her panties on her desk. A highly arousing image.

“Done sir.”
“Good girl. You can stand up now, raise your bottom, so the birds outside your window can admire your bare bottom.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Did you make sure there were no window cleaners at work?”
*blushes* “I did now sir.”

Mike could imagine his young girl looking over her shoulder at his comment. Sure there would be nobody to see her, and yet still ashamed of the possibility. Things were getting warm in his office.

Catherine breathed through parted lips, she stood in front of her desk, with her skirt around her waist, her bottom bared. She stared impatiently at her computer screen next to her folded panties, waiting for her next instruction. She still occasionally glanced at her door, but the swelling of her lips and the wetness already gathering between them distracted her much. Michael’s reaction proved that he knew the way he affected her.

“Touch yourself Katja, lightly, I just want to know if you are wet.”
*blushes* “Yes Sir. I’m wet.”
“Naughty girl. You’re lucky it’s me who’s chastising you, and not your boss who would be able to see how turned on you get from being naughty.”
“I’m not turned on from being naughty Sir.”
“No? What is turning you on then little girl?”
“You, Sir.”

Katja smiled. She knew her reaction would have pleased Michael. Playing with words was an important part in their play. She hoped now that he would allow her to touch herself a bit more.

“I’m glad to hear that katja, perhaps when we’re donw with your punishment, we can do something about that.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Do you have anything in your office you can use to swat your bottom with little girl?”
“No Sir.”
“Hmm, that’s a shame, well in that case you’ll just have to use your hand, I want five hard smacks to start with…”

Catherine hesitated just a bit. She hadn’t heard anyone arrive, the offices should still be empty and her boss’ was too far to hear. Blushing she ached her back a little, bending over her desk, facing the monitor that represented Sir. She smacked her bottom five times, as hard as she could, whimpering at each stroke. She did not have to hit that hard, but if she didn’t it was only herself that she was cheating.

Mike leaned back in his chair, imagining the young woman on the other side of the chatroom bending over her desk, spanking that lovely bottom. He had her picture open in full screen, finally able to look at the bottom that was suffering under his instructions. Something about the picture bothered him, something familiar. But he could not quite place what.

“I’m done, Sir.”
“Good girl. How does that feel?”
“It stings, Sir.”
“Quite embarrassed spanking yourself at the office?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Are you ready for more?”
“Couldn’t we continue this when I’m home tonight Sir? The office has quite an echo, someone might hear.”

For a moment Mike was disappointed, he had hoped for more fun this afternoon. But he always respected how far she was willing to go. Still, he couldn’t just let her off the hook. She’d expect a trade-off. Still looking at her picture, he had just the thing in mind.

“Ok katja. But you will have to give me something to entertain me the rest of the day in return. I want another picture. But this time without the panties.”

Quite some time passed. Mike wondered how she’d react to his request. He’d never asked for pictures and the other one had been offered freely. Yet he felt their relationship had now reached that level where he could ask such things. And then there it was, the short link to another uploaded image.
He clicked it greedily, urging his computer to load it faster. There she was, with her back to the screen, her skirt was now raised to her lower back, her bottom completely bare. It had soft pink streaks, proof of the few smacks she had administered herself, on his behalf.
The picture was so intoxicating that Mike almost forgot to look for that familiarity he had seen in the other one. He stared past the lovely naked bottom, at the view seen through her window. And when he turned around, he saw the same view through his.
Could it be? He wondered. Was the view really the same, or was she perhaps on one of the other floors? If only he could see more of her than just her back and her bottom, lovely though they were. Hadn’t he seen someone that morning in a short black skirt, just like that one, pulled up around her waist? Yes, he thought, the new girl, Catherine. Even their names were similar and Catherine was the only one of his employees that had turned up today. It all fit. He stood up from his desk, quickly hiding the windows on his screen. He had to find out.
Catherine’s office was just down the hall. If it was really her, what should he do? Katja had told him – well Michael – she would like being spanked by her boss. Did she really mean that? He arrived at her door and knocked. When he looked through the blurred glass next to the door he saw her silouet behind her desk, jumping up and down. What was she doing? Oh, putting her panties back on of course! When he heard the “come in” he entered and immediately recognized the chair, the view and the black skirt from the picture.

“Catherine. How are you today?” He said, careful to use her right name. “Glad at least one person showed up at work today.”
Catherine blushed, for no apparent reason, but he knew why of course. “I’m fine sir, though I wish it wasn’t so quiet today.” She was obviously confused why her boss was disturbing her. Disturbing during her fun chat with Michael.
“Stand up Cat. I have something to discuss with you.” Mike said as he rounded the desk, appearing next to her.” She stood up instantly. She was probably still in a submissive mood, after their earlier conversation. “Being at work is not enough of course. You should also work, while you are here.”
Catherine blushed, unsure of how he could possibly know that she hadn’t been working. “I was at work sir.”
“Don’t lie to me! Lift up your skirt.” He tried out his most authoritative voice and to his surprise she immediately did as she was told, facing her desk, she pulled up her skirt, revealing her bottom. There were those white panties he had seen before. For a long time he had hoped to touch her there, when they only knew each other over the internet. Only just he had seen her picture, and now, she was here before him, within his grasp. He stood behind her and placed his hand on her bottom, quickly sliding between her legs and cupping her sex, feeling how wet she was through her panties.
With a surprised yelp she jumped up and turned around. She was trapped between him and her desk, blushing deeply. “What are you doing?” She asked.
“I was checking if you were lying young lady.” He used the terms Michael would use, wondering when she would realise the connection. “Do you find your work exciting, that you are so wet. Or was my first assumption,that you were wasting time on an adult site, correct?”

Catherine blushed, she had now idea how he had found out, no idea ho much he knew. But denying now would only lead to further trouble. “I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again.” She was leaning against the desk, weak in her knees after the unexpected touch and stern reprimand of her boss.
“A thing like this could yet you fired, young lady. But from the site you were visiting I learned there might be better ways to deal with a naughty girl like you.” Her boss said.
Catherine had trouble breathing, did he mean a spanking? How did he know, did he keep a track of the websites she visited? “Do you mean …?” She couldn’t say it.
“You know well enough what I mean young lady. So unless that chat with your friend – what was his name? Michael – was just bragging, I suggest you turn around and bend over your desk.”
She suddenly realised, when he said his name: Mike, Michael, of course, he had a slow day at the office too, because they worked at the same office. It was no longer her boss giving her a reprimand, it was Michael and he was going to spank her, finally! She no longer hesitated what to do. She trusted Michael … Mike, completely. So she turned around, bending over her desk dor her boss to spank her.

“I thought I told you to take these off?” Mike said, letting the pretence fall, he had seen the realisation in her eyes. Katja’s, no Catherine’s, willing bottom was bend over in front of him, her skirt so short he could see the white panties. With a flip of his hand he folded it over her back and then hooked his thumb behind them. With a smooth motion he pulled them down, all the way to her ankles and took them off. “I will be taking these with me, so this time you can’t sneak them back on.” Catherine didn’t talk, she only moaned or grunted when he said something or touched her. He smiled realising this meant she was completely ready for him and completely at his mercy. He lifted his hand and smacked her bottom hard. She yelped. “I told you, your boss wouldn’t like this. Now that he had found out you will go home with a very red bottom today.”
Catherine took every smack he could give her, moaning and yelping. She did not beg or plea, she wanted this just as much as he did, no matter how hot and red her bottom was becoming. When his smacks started to make her whimper and groan, he slowed down. This was only her first spanking and she had not misbehaved much. Catherine always preferred an erotic spanking during their plays. Oh she had accepted his instructions in discipline as well when necessary and he knew that one day he was going to spank till she cried should she deserve it. But not today. Today they had found each other, a reason for celebration. With his hand stroking her bottom, he asked her. “Well, are you going to work now young lady?”
“I don’t know Sir.” She answered.
Mike pinched her bottom threateningly. “You don’t know? I thought I had made the rules clear by now.”
Catherine grunted at his pinch and shifted aside when he lifted his hand again. “Oh no sir, I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted to say, I think my boss will keep me too occupied to work today.”
Mike softly placed his hand back on her bottom. “Well I guess if your boss is keeping you off your work, that’s not really your fault. Just make sure you do what he tells you, so you’re at least doing something right.”
“Of course Sir, I will always listen to you.”
“Good, then you can start by taking off the rest of your clothes and following me to my office … in that order.”

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