Not what it seems: story

Helo everyone,

I have some unfortunate news, the hosting-site where I saved all my ‘naughty’ imagery, has closed down without my knowledge. This means that over 80% of the images that I still wanted to share with you is gone. I will have to build up my collection all over, so in the meanwhile you will have to do with less images on my blog than you’re used too.

But don’t worry, I still have plenty images to share and find new ones constantly. And I’m going to make up for it with more stories too.

I got the idea for today’s story while writing the three parts of ‘like her little sister’, but where a lot of you couldn’t relate to that fantasy, I’m convinced that this one will be more to your liking. Enjoy…

Erik sat in the back of the bus on his way to his girlfriend. It had been only three days since the last time he had seen her. Her could remember every detail of that evening. He had entered the small apartment she shared with her parents through the front door; he had a key. He heard her in the living room, a strange noise, like sobbing. Quickly he took off his jacket and made his way to the living room. There she was sitting on the sofa, knees pressed together, but her bare feet spread apart on the soft rug, her panties dangling somewhere in between. Her skirt was raised, her bottom – he realised it must be bared – resting on the cool leather. She had her face in her hands, crying softly. “What happened?” He asked her.
She looked up in surprise, she hadn’t noticed him arriving. A deep blush spread across her face and she opened her mouth. No words came out, she was too embarrassed to tell him. Instead she stood up, slowly she turned around. It was too late to hide it from him now. She lifted her skirt and showed him her red glowing bottom.
“How, who?” The situation came as a sort of a shock. Had someone spanked her? He felt a sudden pressure in his groin.
“Dad.” She managed to whisper as she sat back down carefully, her face was almost as red as her bottom.
He didn’t know how to respond. Her dad had spanked her? But she was twenty two, much too old for a spanking. Apparently her father thought differently. The image of his girlfriend over her daddy’s lap slowly formed before his eyes: bottom bared, feet kicking, moaning and squealing, her cheeks red and hot. He quickly grew too big for his pants and had to banish the image so that he could help her deal with this. “Why…” No, he didn’t need to know why, that would only embarrass her further, even though he would love to know. “Is there anything I can do?”
She looked up at him, her face was clean now that she had wiped away her tears with some tissues. “Thanks for not laughing at me.” She said, she looked so grateful.
‘Laughing?’ Erik thought, he felt it more arousing than ridiculous, but still he gently patted her arm. “I would never laugh at you for this.” He said. “How are you feeling now?”
She blushed a bit. “It hurts, I can barely sit.”
“Anything I can get you?”
“There’s some cool cream in the bathroom, it’s normally for irritated skin, but I think it would help now too.”
Erik nodded. This probably wasn’t the first time this has happened – his arousal did not diminish at that thought at all – she knew that this cream would sooth the pain. Should he offer to rub it on for her, or would he have to be content with just watching her do it herself?
She was still waiting for him in the sofa. She sat up, kneeling with her elbows on the back, watching him descend the stairs. He handed her the pot of cream. “Can you do it?” She asked. He was surprised that the button of his pants did not pop right that instant.
“Of course.” He said and made his way around the sofa. He sat next to her and she lifted her skirt for him again. He got a good look this time, not just her red bottom, her knees were spread and she revealed much of her more private parts. They’ve had sex before, in the bedroom, after the lights were out, never did he have the chance to inspect her so closely. He rubbed some of the cream on his fingers and spread it softly over her sore bottom. He had touched her there before, but not so softly, so intimately, not while he could see his fingers softly following her curves, not while her bottom was red and hot from a spanking. She moaned softly under his touch, did it hurt or was she enjoying it too? He was so gentle, so careful, it couldn’t possibly hurt. But he didn’t want to take advantage of her now, not after what had happened, what had caused her to be in this situation.
“Don’t stop.” She said, when he had completely rubbed the cream into her cheeks, her voice husky and hot. Her skin looked oily and glistened wet, she arched her back, offering her bottom to him. He continued his massage, now less gentle, firmly grasping her buttocks. She moaned again and he moved slowly between her thighs, his fingers flirting with the edge of her lips. She did not object and he let them slide between her lips, playing with her pleasure spot. She moaned loudly now, rocking back and forth against his hands, leaning heavily on the sofa. She let him guide her to an orgasm while she groaned so loudly he was sure the neighbours would hear.

He grinned, she had rewarded him after that too. Not caring that the whole situation was initiated by a spanking from her father, he could remember how hot her lips and her tongue felt, down there. But as his imagination was starting to make the bus ride almost unbearable they reached their destination. He was outside her apartment now and took a last look at the text message he had sent her: “Can you come over please? I need you.” He wondered what it could be. They hadn’t spoken again about what had happened, he sensed she had been too embarrassed for that. In the elevator up to her apartment he tried to shake the memories of three days ago, trying to get rid of that awkward bulge in his pants.
He did not expect his efforts to be in vain, but when he entered her living room he saw something even more arousing than their previous situation. There she stood, in the corner of the room with her face to the wall. She kept her hands on her head, her bottom was bared with her skirt and panties folded over the back of a chair, it was red and glowing, just like last time. She looked at him over her shoulder. She blushed again, but this time she was not crying. He ran to her. “Did he spank you again?” He asked, stating the obvious.
“Yes.” She whispered.
Erik felt the blood gathering in his loins. His sexy girlfriend, spanked by her father and now standing in the corner like a naughty little girl. “Do you want me to get the cream?” He asked, jumping to conclusions.
She moaned at his suggestion. “Yes, please.”
Erik ran to the bathroom, this is why she texted me, he realised. Not to comfort her, no, the desire in her voice was obvious. Did she get turned on by her spankings? Should that bother him? It was her father spanking her after all. He decided it didn’t matter, if it aroused him, why couldn’t she secretly like it too? He grabbed the cream and ran back. Perhaps one day, he could spank her too.
She was still in the corner when he returned. “Don’t you want to get in a more comfortable position so I can sooth your poor bottom?” He asked.
She blushed, he realised she liked to be teased, just a little. “Daddy said I can’t leave the corner for at least another half an hour.” She replied.
Her dad wasn’t here now, but apparently she wanted to stay there anyway. Did the idea of corner time, more punishment meant for little girls, excite her? He realised how exciting it would be for him as he stood behind her. She arched her back slightly, offering her bottom, but for the rest did not move away from her assigned spot in the corner. She wasn’t allowed to move, he realised, she would have to stand there and let him touch her without being able to resist. That’s why she liked that position. He groaned softly at the discovery.
He took a handful of cream from the pot, more than last time, and smeared it across her red bottom. She moaned softly, he wasn’t as gentle as last time, rubbing it in bit by bit, no he spread the generous amount of cream with deep massaging strokes. She didn’t resist, so it mustn’t hurt, or not enough for her not to enjoy it. Her butt was slippery and she pressed it into his hands. He squeezed a little harder, making her moan louder, but did not go near the area between her legs yet, not until she squealed softly as he squeezed her sore red bottom. Finally he had gotten a response that satisfied him, it surprised him how much he enjoyed knowing that it hurt a little. As a reward he let his hands slip between her thighs, seeking to pleasure her.
“Not your hands.” She said. “I want all of you.” Pushing herself onto her toes, her bottom high up in the air and her upper body pressed against the wall. Erik groaned and quickly undid the buttons of his pants. Releasing himself and easily sliding into her, she was wet and ready for him. After only a few short and hard thrusts, his hips slapping against her shiny red hot bottom she started shaking under his hands, moaning loudly as she reached her orgasm, just as he found his release inside her…

More days passed after that. They didn’t talk about the spankings. Erik wondered if it was cruel of him to wish she got into trouble again. Maybe not, she might not enjoy the spanking, but she surely enjoyed him comforting her afterwards. Was there a way he would ever be able to witness one of her spankings? Probably not. Maybe he should make her describe one for him. Would she do that? Perhaps while soothing her bottom next time, he could deny her his touch until she told him about the spanking first. In the past he would’ve never dared such a thing, but now he knew she secretly liked to be teased and perhaps even embarrassed like that.
It seemed he would get his chance to try his plan that same evening. He got another text message from her and it sounded a lot like the last one. That was three times in one week. Did her father spank her that often? Or did she get in trouble on purpose, now that her boyfriend was there to comfort her. Secretly he hoped the second. He decided this time to take his bike. He wouldn’t be able to fantasise on the way there, but he would arrive a lot earlier.
He parked his bike at her apartment and made his way upstairs, fantasising about how he would find her waiting for him this time. He did not find her in the living room, but he heard a noise coming from her bedroom. He moved slowly to the door, listening, he quickly recognised the sound, smacks, followed by moans and groaning. She was being spanked right now! He imagined her in there, over her father’s lap, if only he could peek! He had arrived too early. But… that didn’t make any sense. Why would she text him before she got spanked? She definitely didn’t text him during her spanking. He didn’t remember seeing her dad’s car outside and all he heard was her own voice grunting and moaning. Carefully he took the door handle and gently pushed the door open, peeking inside. His girlfriend lay on the bed, alone, a pile of pillows lifting her bottom and a hairbrush in her own hand smacking her own bottom. Surprised he pushed the door completely open. “What are you doing?” He asked.
She jumped up, throwing the hairbrush away, hiding her bottom with her hands. Then she saw him and blushed. “Erik! I thought… how did you get here so early?”
“I took my bike. Where you spanking yourself?”
She blushed crimson. She couldn’t really deny it. “Yes.”
“I thought you liked it. You certainly didn’t complain before.” She said defensively.
“You said your dad had spanked you…”
She blushed again. “Of course not, I’m twenty two!”
He blinked. “So you spanked yourself, every time?”
She nodded.
“But the first time you weren’t sure I would … like it. You were even crying…”
She looked away from him. “I thought, if you thought my dad had spanked me, it would be less weird than telling you I liked spanking.” She admitted. “I wasn’t really crying.”
Erik didn’t know what to feel about that. “So you lied to me because you were too ashamed to tell me about one of your fantasies?”
She nodded. “Sorry…”
He smiled, she looked so … sexy, her bottom pink from her own spanking, her eyes filling her face pretending innocence. A cute, but sexy, naughty little girl. He suddenly realised the perfect solution had been available all this time. “I guess I should just finish this spanking then.” He said.
“No!” She cried. Sitting up suddenly and covering her bottom.
But Erik wasn’t going to back down now, ever since that first day he had fantasised about how it would be if he was the one spanking her and now he had a legitimate reason to. “Why not, are you afraid I will spank you harder than you could yourself?”
“Yes.” She mumbled, crawling away from him on the bed.
“Well, you should have thought of that before lying and misbehaving like this. Now it’s too late, now you’re going to experience what a real smacked bottom feels like.” He just hoped that she trusted him enough to give him control over her.
She didn’t run from him, she just shied away. It was all a play he realised, this was what she wanted all along. Perhaps she had even staged this so that he would walk in on her. Well he wasn’t about to disappoint her. He took her arm and pulled her towards him. With his legs over the edge of the bed he pulled her across his lap. Her bottom was bare and deliciously red. In fact, she was only wearing a small blouse and a pair of white socks. “You’re no longer allowed to spank yourself. From now on I will make sure your bottom gets enough attention from me. Understood?”
She moaned softly, “yes, I understand.”
He smiled, he had been right. He smacked his hand across her bottom just like he had imagined. She softly moaned again. So he smacked her harder, she barely reacted, so he smacked harder again. She grunted and shifted slightly on his lap. Perfect! He hit her again with the same amount of force and she moaned, again shifting to get a more comfortable position to receive the hard smacks. ‘Well, you asked for it…’ Erik thought and he started spanking her, well aimed smacks, one after another, landing across her bottom in rapid succession. She squealed, squirming softly, but he held her tight. “Not so hard.” She moaned, but he wasn’t going to let her off easy. He smacked harder when she started to struggle and her moans were now accompanied by constant yelping and squealing. Her bottom turned bright red and her hips shifted back and forth against the bulge in his pants. He feared that she was going to make him come like this so he repositioned her. Her upper body now resting on the bed with her legs dangling down the side. Her hips straddled his one leg, her most intimate part pressed against his knee. He relented a bit, spanking her more slowly now that she was no longer struggling, but still making sure they had an impact. Each smack send her grinding against her knee, making her groan. He adjusted the tempo of his smacks so that she was riding his knee, he wondered if he could make her come by just spanking her. Each smack made her moans louder now, she lifted her bottom high for every one of them. “Please touch me.” She said.
He smiled. “No, naughty girls don’t get touched, you’ll have to come up with another way.” He pressed her down against his thigh to show her what he meant. She got the hint immediately and clenched her legs around his thigh, rubbing herself against him with each smack of his hand. Her bottom was bright red now and it did not take long before a single hard smack set her shivering and grunting as she came while he was spanking her. He gave her a few more smacks as she lay there, shivering, then told her to get up. “I hope you learned a lesson, young lady.” He said. “To make sure you don’t forget, you better spend some time in the corner.”
She had stood up when he told her, ready to jump back onto him in the bed. But when he mentioned the corner she blushed. It was not what she expected, but from her eyes he knew that she loved that he was going to play it all the way. He sat back watching her, just for a little while. His naughty girlfriend, with a bottom bright red thanks to him, her hands on her head, waiting for him to tell her when she could move. He decided to test her. “Stay there, I will be right back.” He left the room, just a quick trip to the bathroom to fetch the cream they had used previously and then returned. She stood where he had left her. He approached her silently, laying a hand on her sore bottom, she moaned even at that soft touch. “Did you learn anything?” He asked her.
She looked at him over her shoulder. “Yes… I’m not allowed to spank my own bottom.”
“Very good.” He smiled.
“And my boyfriend is secretly a spanking pervert.”
He smacked her bottom, she squealed. “Careful now, this spanking pervert knows where you threw that hairbrush…” She moaned at the threat, interesting, perhaps next time he could try how she would react to a spanking from more than just his hand. When had he gotten so interested in this, he wondered. He started softly rubbing her bottom. “Do you want me to put on some cream?” He asked, he hadn’t opened it yet, he had a question he wanted to ask first.
“Yes.” She said.
“Ok, but first I want you to answer me truthfully. When you spanked yourself, who did you imagine doing it, me or your father?” Either would arouse him in very different ways, so the answer didn’t really matter, he was just curious.
She froze under his touch, becoming obviously embarrassed. “You, of course.” She said, just slightly hesitating.
He breathed next to her ear. “Are you sure, when you told me you pretended it was daddy, maybe you fantasised it was daddy too.”
She blushed and looked at the wall. “Daddy.” She said, it was an answer to his question, he really didn’t know why it turned him on so much that she imagined her dad spanking her.
But he wanted to tease her just a bit more. “Did you call me daddy just now?” He asked.
“No!” She blushed.
“Why not?”
She moaned softly. “Do you want me to?”
He smiled, oh yes, why was it so arousing to him if she would call him that? “Do you want some cream on your bottom now?”
“Yes, daddy.”
He grunted and squeezed her butt, she yelped. He took her arm and pulled her back to the bed, pushing her over the pile of pillows she had used before. He opened the pot of cream and rubbed it over her glowing red bottom. With one hand he unzipped his pants and freed himself. She welcomed him inside her while he was still rubbing and squeezing the cream over her tortured cheeks.
“Thank you daddy.” She moaned and the words made him explode, coming inside her suddenly, gripping her bottom tightly. Almost collapsing on top of her.

Afterwards they were lying next to each other. “I never thought I’d be anyone’s daddy”. He said. “Not like this.”
She smiled. “But now you are, my daddy.” And she rolled herself in his arms. He already felt himself grow hard again against her bottom, his little girl…

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