The building site: story

Hey everyone,

I’ve finished the third story from my poll, the building site, while waiting for the results from the last poll in the ‘like her little sister’ story.
I wonder, after reading this story and the hotelroom story last week, who would change their minds and would have rather wanted three parts in one of these, rather than the ‘like her little sister’ story. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Jessica hit her alarm-clock just as it started to ring and she yawned. Rolling over she read the time: five in the morning. Much too early to get up on a saturday. Not that she had a choice, she rolled out of bed; stifling another yawn as she pulled on her slippers. She moved silently, everyone was still asleep. Her outfit for the day lay ready in the bathroom: A pair of plain blue skinny jeans and an old white t-shirt. She wouldn’t have considered the outfit attractive, but she had heard other remarks. Just like the jeans, the t-shirt clung tightly to her body, showing of her curves and despite being plain, they fit with the scenery where she would soon go. After a quick shower, she pulled them on over the sexy pair of panties and bra she had picked out the evening before. She wished she could just wear something nice to go out in on a saturday, but that didn’t fit her story. No time for breakfast, she had to hurry to the building site…

It was a short ride with her bike. The site was empty still, though she knew the foreman would be in the back. Just like her, he arrived an hour before anyone else. She picked up a yellow hard hat and tucked her brown curls inside before putting it on. She wondered how it looked on her, above her plain clothing, there were no mirrors at a place like this. She made her way around the empty building, to where the man was waiting for her. It was already the sixth time she was here this early, yet she still got nervous butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t want to do this, but what choice did she have? ‘Only once more after today.’ She reminded herself, as if that would help with what was going to happen.
“Jessica! Glad you could make it again, and so early again.” The foreman said. “I take it that means you still hold to our agreement?” It wasn’t really a question, just something he said every saturday. It made her think about the choice she had made. She could have come later, with the people that actually worked here. She would have had to help them, carry stones, bags of sand and other hard and sometimes dangerous work. She had done so once, her very first week. The foreman had complained afterwards, saying that she slowed them down more than helped. That she was a distraction to his workforce; his exact words had been ‘the men get distracted by a hot and sweaty young girl parading around’. So they had talked and come to a compromise. Her inability to keep up with the real workmen wouldn’t be an excuse for her to escape her punishment. But now she left before the main workforce arrived, spending her saturday free to do as she pleases, as long as she didn’t tell anyone.
Everyone knew about her punishment. It was mostly the fault of her friends she believed. They had dared her into it, into painting a message on the walls of this unfinished building. She had been caught of course. Now everyone thought she had to spent every saturday these two months working at the site. Instead, now she was here, an hour early, for her punishment…

The foreman had placed a chair behind the wall of the building. At first they had done this inside, but every sound made in the empty chambers echoed loudly. Now they were outside, behind the building. The sun was just coming up, but this place was not visible from the street. Most people would be sleeping anyway, this time of day. She approached him slowly as he sat down on the chair. “Pants down.” He said. “You know the drill.” Jessica blushed – she did so every time – and unbuttoned her jeans. She pulled them down, pulling her panties along as she pushed them to her ankles. Bared from the waist down she now stood in front of him. The man did not hide his enjoyment, taking a good look at her nakedness before taking her arm and pulling her across his lap.
Jessica shivered as he placed his calloused hand on her smooth behind. His fingers were icy, colder even than the air. She was cooling down quickly without her pants. ‘Not for long though.’ She thought. His hand stroked her softly, taking advantage of his power over her, making her blush, before starting that which would warm her up quickly. His hand smacked her bottom, hard. Jessica whimpered, but didn’t cry out. The next smack came quickly, she had to stifle a groan. She was sure she would be heard on the street if she squealed and even though there probably wasn’t anyone there to hear, she tried to hold on as long as she could before she made any sound.
The foreman’s hand landed rapidly, again and again, smacking each of her cheeks in turn, hard an without mercy. He didn’t talk, just like she bit her teeth together to keep from crying out. She couldn’t help grunting and moaning softly as her bottom started to sting and burn after every smack. She tried to keep still too, things went better if she didn’t struggle. The workman was a lot stronger than she was, and trying to struggle free was only embarrassing. Still, she pulled a little against his arm as the other let the smacks raining down.
Tears formed in the corners of Jessica’s eyes, burning, but for now not escaping. Every saturday she had to go through this, because of one little mistake, one stupid dare made by her friends. She knew now how stupid that had been. It was no use begging the foreman to stop spanking her, to tell him she learned her lesson, to promise him she would never do it again. He probably knew she had learned already. But that didn’t mean her punishment should be stopped short early. Just as she refused to cry out, she refused to let those tears out of her eyes. So she grunted and moaned while he set her bottom on fire. Worse was to come, she knew.

When he finally let her up, her bottom was bright red and aflame. He didn’t stop her from rubbing it, he seemed to enjoy watching her trying to comfort her stinging cheeks. “You’re getting stronger every week.” He said. He sounded proud, though Jessica didn’t understand how anyone could be proud that the person they were punishing could take it well. The look on her face must’ve shown her confusion, as he explained: “The first time I spanked you, I only spanked half as much as today, and you were crying halfway through.” Jessica blushed at the memory. Perhaps she could take more than she could before. She also remembered that the tears back then hadn’t protected her from the second part of the punishment that was about to follow. “That’s enough rubbing for now.” The foreman said. “Back over my lap.” Jessica slowly lowered herself again, very slowly. Her heart bounced in her throat, this time she would cry, she knew.
The trowel had been lying outside for the whole night and now felt cold against her bottom. The metal cooling her down actually felt quite nice, but not for long. The foreman smacked her bottom with it and Jessica grunted, keeping her teeth together. But as he hit her again, she squealed, not able to stop herself. Again and again he smacked her bottom with the cold metal trowel, making her kick and squeal. If she thought her bottom had been on fire before, she had been wrong. Jessica kicked and squealed, it was hard to form thoughts, but tears were flowing down her cheeks. She would never do something that could earn her such a punishment again, never. She no longer cared where she was, how embarrassingly naked she was, who might hear her. All she cared about was the pain in her bottom and when her punishment would be over.

When it finally was over, she stood up, sobbing, her hands carefully tracing the edges of her bottom. She didn’t want to rub it, not yet, it was too hot. The foreman looked at her still, waiting for her to pull her pants back on. Every week she told herself she should buy a pair of jeans that didn’t fit her so thightly, she never did. The staring eyes of the foreman started making her feel uncomfortable, slowly the embarrassment of being naked in front of him won over the pain in her bottom and she pulled her pants back on. They fit much too snugly, painfully en-wrapping her bottom. The foreman stood up as well. For a moment Jessica thought he wanted to give her a hug. He didn’t, why did that make her sad? “Until next week.” He said instead. “Such a shame that will be the last time.”
Jessica blushed. “Well I will be glad that it’s over.” She said.
The foreman smiled. “Really? I had hoped you might start to like it. Having a strong man looking out for you, making sure you behave like a good girl.”
Jessica raised an eyebrow. Why would anyone want something like that? Freely being spanked… He was crazy… She waved him goodbye and fetched her bike. Contemplating sitting on the hard saddle and then spending a whole day in the city with her bottom on fire. She wondered if this really was a better choice than working at the site all day. ‘Only once more.’ She told herself, ‘then it will be over. Forever…’

A week later Jessica road her bicycle to the building site. Potentially her last meeting with the foreman. She had considered him crazy, thinking she would freely be spanked. But wasn’t that was she was had been doing these past eight weeks? What would she say today, when her bottom was on fire and she was ready to leave? Would she say goodbye, or something else, did she really want to tell him that she maybe, just maybe, wanted to see him again?

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12 responses to “The building site: story

  • Marcie Keywood

    Great!Wish I could get spanked like that!Trowel and everything!You know Emma I also long to be a writer and you have given me insperation!

  • aNYgirL

    Love it! All the options from the poll had bunches of potential but this story is the one I was hoping would get more… And while I haven’t changed my mind I do rather like it when stories are more open ended, so you can imagine things continuing.

  • Don

    A great story ;o)

  • Aron

    I’ll put my opinion on all three storylines into this comment.

    This story was nice, though I would’ve probably liked a story about the making of the arrangement better, so about the first day she showed up at the building site, instead of the non-chronological narration.

    About the other stories, the age-regression one really isn’t for me, but that’s just personal preference.

    And then lastly the hotel story, that one I liked… alot. Made it just past halfway, if you catch my drift. That was one of your best stories ever, up there with the bus-ride story and the parking ticket one. I guess I just really like it when the lead character gets it from a stranger and for a reason.

    I believe I voted for the building site story, but in retrospect, I should’ve voted for the Hotelroom story, although it may not have mattered much, considering the end result.

    Anyway, I love that you’re back to regular posting, Emma.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Mr J

    I loved the story Emma. I would always have wanted three parts of The Hotel Room and this one rather than Like her Little Sister. But I realise democracy is the rule

    Thanks yet again.

    I hope your mentoring arrangement is going really well. It’s certainly producing some good writing – and much more regular too so I guess it is working well for you.

  • Kia

    Loved this story- it was my original pick. Age regression isn’t my taste, but the little sister story has been interesting and enjoyable.

    I was most pleasantly surprised by the hotel room story. I usually prefer sex and spanking separated in fiction, but this was lovely.

  • emma

    Thanks for all the pleasant replies. I had planned that part for the building site if it won in the poll Aron. 🙂 Now you will just have to imagine it yourself.

    I wonder if all the people that like the idea behind the little sister story are very shy, because they don’t seem to comment. Haha, anyway, I hope they will be happy with these three parts, because I don’t think I will be writing a lot like it.

    My mentoring situation is going good mr J, though my bottom is still a bit sore from saturday. *sad face*

  • Hermelinda

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    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?
    My weblog looks weird when browsing from my iphone 4. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able
    to fix this issue. If you have any recommendations, please share.

  • emma

    Hi, Hermelinda, I don’t realy know, I guess you have to find a good template.

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