Like her sister: story pt2

Hey everyone,
last week you voted that Larissa stays in bed and keeps the diaper on in the story “like her little sister”.

Your choice proved quite a challenge, as this was the only option for which I had no scenario in my head yet.
But I managed to write the second part of the story. The hardest part was the conversation between Larissa and her father, I spent several days imagining how such a converstion could go, what could be said, what could be logical.

I can imagine not everyone likes this kind of story. For myself it’s also just a small off-shoot to my main spanking fantasy. Already I’ve written a lot more than I;d normally fantasise about. But that maked it that much more interesting. A journey into a new fantasy, we make together.

Enjoy the next part and don’t forget to vote for the final part in the end.

Larissa lay staring at the ceiling, the pacifier in her mouth felt strange, stranger than the diaper over her bottom even. If she lay still for long enough she could almost ignore it while her bottom only felt faintly sore. But the pacifier was constantly there, unconciously she played with it, nibling it, sucking it. The thing embarrassed her, her father had gone to the store and had bought it especially for her. Imagining how embarrassing it would look, she tried to ignore it. The diaper at least was hidden under her blankets. She slid her hands under those, feeling the edges of her diaper. It felt soft and smooth, she felt wrapped up and pampered, even with her bottom being sore. The odd combination of comfort, pain and embarrassment turned her on. How embarrassing would it be if she masterbated now, after being spanked and diapered by her mother? She blushed. She tried not to think of it, but the evening was long. It was still hours before the time she’d normally go to bed and all she could do was lay there, thinking, wide awake. What else could she think of? Her hands slipped down, again and again, reaching for her diaper. Eventually she pushed a hand inside. It would not be embarrassing, she told herself. It was a rebellious act; they could treat her like a little girl, but that wouldn’t stop her from reacting as an adult one. She sucked hard on her pacifier as her fingers grinded between her lips. Images of her mother’s fingers spreading cream over her thighs appeared before her, but she pushed them away, just as she ignored the pulsing soreness in her bottom that reminded her of her spanking. She tried to think of other things, sexual things; but with her legs pressed and rubbing against each other she was constantly aware of the diaper she was wearing. It reminded her of all of it, the spanking, the cream, the diaper; in the end she could think of nothing else. When she finally came she blushed heavily; but at the same time she felt comfortable and safe, her diaper was warm and slightly moist. She finally fell asleep, though it was still light outside.

Light from the hallway woke her early the next morning. A silhouette stood in the doorway and then silently apprached her bed. Suddenly her blankets were pulled aside, with a grunt she turned over. A hand touched her knee. “Turn over Larissa, let me check your diaper.”
Larissa blushed, she suddenly remembered everything that had happened. “No.” She mumbled. What time was it? She was still half asleep. Why did her father have to wake her this early?
The hand pulled on her leg, trying to pull her over. “I don’t have time for this Larissa, I have to go to work.”
“Then why don’t you just go? You know I don’t need this.” Larissa said, grumpy for being woken up so early.
Suddenly a smack landed on her bottom, the diaper luckily cushioning the blow. “It’s not what you need young lady, it’s what you deserve. Now turn over before the next one is on your bare bottom.”
With a grunt Larissa turned over. Tired as she was, she did remember the spanking her mother had given her the day before; she was in no mood to have he experience repeated at this hour of the day, over her father’s lap.
Her father’s fingers deftly undid the diaper and pulled it from under her. “I thought perhaps I could just take this off and let you sleep as a girl your age for the few hours that are left.” He said as he folded it. “If you had been but a bit more cooperative, I would’ve done just that.”
It was so unfair, how could he expect her to be in a good mood if he woke her this early in the morning for something like this? She blushed as she felt his fingers on her thighs and bottom, applying a thin layer of cream. Having her father do this made her blush twice as much as before. Luckily the room was dark and he wouldn’t be able to see anything. When his fingers got a bit too close to her lips she realised the darkness had a disadvantage too. When he was finally done she was breathing deeply, he hadn’t touched her there, though it had been close; but why had she chosen this moment to remember what she had done before falling asleep? Her father slid a new diaper under her bottom and fastened it snugly around her hips. He bend over to pick something from the floor and pushed the pacifier in her mouth. He smacked her on her diaper. “Don’t lose it again.”
When the door closed behind her father the room was fully dark again. She felt more embarrassed than she had the night before. But somehow comforted and safe. For a moment she wondered if she could masterbate again, embarrassing as it might be. But the warm cozy feeling she had quickly send her back to sleep.

Her mother was less gentle, she pushed the door open and turned on the light. Larissa woke with a shock and blinked against the sudden light. “Do you still have your diaper on?” Her mother asked.
Confused Larissa reached under her blanket, touching it, the diaper her father had put on, she blushed. “Yes.” She said.
Her mother raised an eyebrow and approached the bed. She pulled away the blanket, to check for herself. Larissa blushed, her mother hadn’t trusted her. Because she thought she would be disobedient, or because she expected a girl her age not wanting to sleep in a diaper? She blushed deeper, but her mother just nodded when she saw she still wore her diaper. “Good.” She said. “You can take it off now. Just throw it away, go wash and dress and get ready for school.” She left the room.
Larissa slowly climbed out of the bed. Her pacifier lay on her pillow, she put it on the nightstand. She undid the straps and let the diaper fall to the floor. It felt strange after all this time, as if something was missing. She picked it up and threw it in her bin before taking a towel and heading to the bathroom.
When she got back in her room she felt freshened. The stickiness of the cream on her thighs was gone and despite a shade of pink her bottom felt fine. She quickly chose a set of clothes, a cute top and short skirts. Then she packed her books in her backpack and was ready to leave. First however, she looked at her bin again. At the folded diaper inside. She hesitated, but picked it up. She opened her wardrobe and hid it between her pile of socks. ‘Just for myself.’ She told herself.

Many of her fellow students had wondered what occupied Larissa’s mind that day. She could hardly concentrate, unable to forget the previous evening and night for long. When going home she rushed slightly, thinking of the diaper hidden in her wardrobe. She could put it on, ‘just this once’ she told herself, under her skirt it would be hidden.
But when she got home her mum followed her upstairs, entering her room right behind her, the diaper would have to wait. “Where did you put that diaper this morning?” Her mother asked.
Or not… “I threw it away.” Larissa said. Suddenly she was nervous.
“I collected all the bins today, to throw them out. But yours was empty.” Her mother replied.
Larissa blushed, perhaps hiding her diaper had been a bit of a rash decision. I don’t know.” She said, but her eyes darted to her wardrobe and back.
Her mother had seen of course. She turned and opened the wardrobe, rummaging between her clothes.
“Mum!” Larissa said. “It’s not in there. Why don’t you respect my privacy please.” Scared what she would do if she found it.
Her mother turned around with the diaper in her hand. “Little girls that lie to their mother don’t deserve privacy Larissa.” She said. She walked past her and put the diaper on her nightstand and then pointed to the corner of the room. “Go stand there.” She said. Confused Larissa moved to the corner of the room. What was she going to do? “Turn around and put your hands on your head. And stay there while I call your father.”
Larissa blushed deeply. Her mother was giving her cornertime? She hadn’t thought things could’ve become more embarrassing for her, but as she turned around and placed her hands on her head, she realised they had. Her mother left her room and she could hear her voice, conversing with her father over the phone, though she couldn’t understand what was being said. Would her father want her to spank her again? It was nerve-wracking, standing there.
Finally her mother returned. “Your father will deal with you later.” She said. “You can come out now, go do your homework or something.” Her mother left her alone.
Larissa trembled as she packed her books. Was that it? Some time in the corner, no spanking, no diaper. She felt at the same time releaved and slightly dissapointed. Very confusing. Her father would deal with her later. That didn’t make her feel any better. Would he spank her? She didn’t want to be spanked, and definitely not by her father, that would be almost as embarrassing as it would be painful. But then why was she hoping that he would do it anyway? Her homework progressed very slowly, the diaper not forgotten, but a risk she was no longer willing to take.

It was a few hours later when she heard her father’s car drive up to the house. She heard every sound he made, the slamming of the car doors, the front door, his footsteps through the hallway. But no steps on the stairs. She waited and waited, but he didn’t come. She was so nervous that she couldn’t concentrate. When she heard her mother call her name she could only feel relief that her wait was finally over. She was dripping with anticipation, but why where they calling her downstairs? He wasn’t going to spank her in the kitchen, was he? Fear and embarrassment took the upper hand as she arrived at the bottom of the stairs. She no longer remembered why she wanted this again.
Relief flooded through her when she opened the kitchen door. Her mother had prepared dinner. How had she missed that smell? She joined her family at the table, unable to look her father in the eye, lest her blushes betrayed her feelings. The meal seemed to last forever, before she could excuse herself and return to her room.
Her homework was finally finished, much later than it would have been had she been able to concentrate. The sun had just set, she blushingly remembered how she had already been asleep for over an hour at this hour the day before. She was reading a book, trying not to think of her father. But as soon as she heard steps on the stairs she put it down. There was a knock at her door and her heart jumped to her troat as she said: “enter”.
Her father entered. “Hi Larissa, I think you were expecting me?”
‘Hours ago!’ She thought. But she only nodded. “Yes, daddy.” She blushed, how long had it been since she called him that? She blushed deeper: yesterday when she was over her mother’s lap…
Her father seated himself on the side of her bed. Larissa suddenly realised she was standing. She didn’t remember when she had gotten up. “Come sit.” Her father said. He patted his knee.
Her blush seemed to be a permanent part of her face. She gingerly sat down on her father’s lap, at least he wasn’t going to spank her as long as she sat there. He probably just wanted to talk then. Why did that make her sad?
“You mother told me you hid the diaper you wore this morning.” Larissa nodded. “Why?”
“I don’t know.” She said. It was hard to imagine having a grown-up discussion while sitting on her father’s knee like this.
“Did you want to wear it again? In secret?”
Larissa had trouble looking her father in the eyes. How did he guess her feelings so easily? “I think so.”
Her father sighed and put his hand on her knee. “Larissa. You’re nineteen, you should be getting in trouble with boys, not with diapers. Are you so jealous of the attention your sister gets, that you rather get spanked and treated like a little girl than enjoy the privileges a girl your age has?”
Larissa blushed. She wasn’t jealous, was she? This had nothing to do with her sister, she wanted this for herself. But how could she tell her father this? She looked him in the eye. Could things actually get more embarrassing than they had been the past day and a half? She spoke her mind: “It’s not about Sarah. I just like how they make me feel, comforted and safe.”
“I understand that baby.” Her father said. “But you can’t be a little girl forever, you have to grow up, get used to having responsibilities.”
Larissa didn’t know what to say, her father was right of course.
“Your mother wanted to spank you when she called me.” Her father said, suddenly changing the subject. “I told her not to.” Larissa looked up at him. “When she spanks Sarah, your sister doesn’t like it. Oh she might feel conforted and protected, like you said. But she also wants to prove her mother that she can be an adult. That’s why I’m going to spank you instead. Hopefully you will feel the same as your sister when you get punished by your father instead of your stepmother.”
Her father took her wrist and helped her stand up. “Wait, you don’t have to spank me, I understand…” She said, scared again at the prospect of a spanking.
Her father pulled her wrist, standing her right against his knee. “Until you get curious again, or jealous, or maybe just bored and get in trouble again.” Her father lifted her skirt, hooking his thumbs behind her panties. “And even if I did believe you didn’t need this lesson, you still deserve it for hiding stuff and lying about it.” He pulled her panties down as he said it. Taking her wrist again he guided her over his lap. Larissa didn’t struggle, but took the embarrassing position with anticipation that almost drowned her fear. With her skirt up, her father’s hand stroked her bare bottom. His fingers felt rough, she remembered how they had felt spreading the cream in the morning. Remembering how that had felt made her blush. Her father would be able to see if she got wet. Luckily the thought of him seeing that part of her was embarrassing enough to keep the arousal at bay. “When we’re done,I’m going to put that diaper on you one last time.” Her father said as his fingers explored her buttocks. The soft touch on her cheeks and the memory of the diaper were too much, her wetness getting apparent. “Not half asleep in the dark, but with a red bottom with the lights on. So you can see and feel just how embarrassing your punishment is.” Her father continued. His hand left her bottom. “Hopefully after such an embarrassing experience you will have learned your lesson.” Smack! His hand landed hard across her bottom. Larissa squirmed, her bottom stung, but her father was spanking her! Smack! Smack! It hurt, her father spanked harder than her mother had. But the stinging sensation was overwhelmed by the realisation that daddy was spanking her. She grunted and moaned; she was excited and embarrassed; tried to hide her excitement, but showing it off at the same time; she struggled because it hurt, but she didn’t want to get away. The smacks landed one after the other, hard, making her squirm as she welcomed them. Again and again, but her father was serious about punishing her. She no longer moaned, just groaned and sometimes yelped. Her bottom was on fire, she remembered now that spankings weren’t fun. She struggled again, kicking her feet, maybe she did want to get away after all. Why wasn’t it over yet? “I’ll be a good girl, daddy.” She pleaded. Her father didn’t relent, the spanking continued and her bottom hurt. “Please daddy, I won’t do it again, I promise, please.” But daddy was making sure she learned her lesson. He slowed down, a little, but he spanked her, again and again. Until she was no longer struggling, until she sobbed, almost crying. No longer able to say more than just: “Please daddy.” Then he finally stopped.

He helped her stand. Her skirt fell down, hanging over her sore bottom and daddy pulled her close. She was sitting on his lap again, her bottom sore on his firm knee. But he hugged her, making her feel safe and loved. “It’s almost over baby.” Daddy said. Larissa almost thought he was going to spank her more. No wait, just the diaper. She blushed, the most embarrassing part was yet to come. But also the part she had looked forward to. Daddy laid her on the bed, with her legs in the air; her skirt slid down and the cool air soothed her bare bottom. Daddy opened the pot of cream, Larissa already imagined his creamy fingers across her bottom again. She had to fight her own body not to get excited. He would definitely see now, with the light on, in the position she was laying. But as his fingers touched her sore bottom, spreading the lovely cold and soothing cream, she couldn’t stop it. It just felt so nice, he rubbed the pain away. He wasn’t gentle, rubbing the cream in, almost massaging her sore cheeks, definitely more than was necessary. She couldn’t stop the warmth spreading between her legs, her lips opening, wet and ready. But his fingers didn’t reach them. Oh he got close, excruciatingly close, closer even than he had come in the dark, spreading the white cream over her inner thighs. She was blushing deeply, her face as red as her bottom. Finally he stopped, taking the diaper. He pushed it under her bottom, folding it between her legs, pulling the straps snugly over her hips. Then he placed his hands on her diaper, the thick layer of cotton and plastic seperating him from her throbbing sex. He left his hand there as he grabbed her pacifier from the nightstand. Putting it in her mouth he looked at her strictly. “I hoped you learned something today little girl.” He said. Then let her go, leaving her room after turning off the light.
Larissa blushed, yes she had learned something today. This was exactly how she wanted daddy to punish her. But how could she convince him that she wanted and needed this?

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