The hotelroom: story

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Enjoy one of my favourite stories

The hotel room.

Sophie had to pull hard to stop the overly heavy kart with her luggage before it crashed into the group of people that had gathered in the terminal. There she was, with the rest of the stranded travellers, waiting to be assigned a field-bed. Outside it was snowing, heavily, and that meant the airport was closed for the night. All flights had been cancelled and like many others she was going to spend the night here, not how she had hoped to end her holiday.
“Excuse me miss?” She heard a male voice behind her. She turned and a tall man, handsome, only a few years older than herself, smiled at her. “Are you stranded here as well?” He asked.
Sophie nodded. “Yes, I am.” Wondering what he wanted.
“I have a hotel room, booked yesterday when I heard of the expected snowstorm in the news. It has two beds… I would like to offer you one, if that’s okay.”
Sophie giggled. ‘Smooth’ she thought. “I’m not sure.” She answered, “going with a stranger, to his hotel room…”
The man laughed. “Oh, sorry, it’s not like that. I promise, I’m only offering because you were the first person I met that seems to be alone.”
Looking around Sophie thought it might be possible she was the first person he found. And well, even if he had ignored some people in his search until he found an attractive young woman, that didn’t mean he had anything nasty planned. Sophie blushed, why was she being so prude? Her friends always told her she was the opposite of adventurous. She decided to prove them wrong and go with him. And in case she judged him wrong she still had a better bed for the night, win-win.

On the way to his hotel room they had introduced themselves. He was named Matt and was here on business. At the service desk Sophie blushed, but the lady at the reception didn’t look at her at all. Why would she? She didn’t know that she and Matt were strangers. The whole situation made her giddy and excited. She followed Matt to the hotel room, unable not to fantasise about the many possible ploys that he might have in store to get from her what he wanted… He could seduce her, she thought, with music and wine; or he could be more direct, undress in front of her, convince her to join him in his bed; or he might even force her, tear her clothes off and push her onto the bed, holding her down with his strong arms… She was already wet in anticipation of any of those events when they reached the hotel room.
The first thing she noticed in the room was the bed. It was a single two-person bed, with two mattresses. Not two separate beds as Matt had said before. She grinned when he looked around, but he looked taken aback. “I’m sorry.” He said. “A two person room … I had assumed… Don’t worry, I will sleep in the chair.”
‘This was a test.’ Sophie was sure, he had given her the choice: let him sleep in the chair, nothing would happen; let him in her bed, she would be at his mercy. “Oh no, you can’t possibly sleep there. There is room enough for both of us in the bed.” She said with a blush.
He looked at her with a smile. “Okay, but the line between the mattresses is the border; that’s the rule, you stay on your side, I stay on mine. I insist.”
Sophie looked confused. Had she misunderstood his intentions after all, or was he playing hard to get? In truth all these gentlemanly manners and evasive behaviour made her want him even more. Except for inviting her he hadn’t made any moves and yet she had gone from not trusting him, to yearning for him. ‘Well,’ she thought ‘if he wants to play a game, I can do that too.’ And she accepted his rule. But then undressed herself for the night. Not retreating to the small bathroom first, but right there, in front of him. She stripped until she wore nothing more than a small black top with some lace at her cleavage and some black knickers: a string with a wide band of lace over her hips, leaving the lower half of her buttocks bared. She was at the same time nervous and excited when she climbed into the bed. Matt hadn’t looked away. ‘Success’, she thought, the first breach in his gentleman behaviour. Her fingers quickly found the edge between the two mattresses and she crawled as close to it as possible. Since she had undressed here, Matt was without an excuse to undress in the bathroom, thus she enjoyed watching him strip in turn. His body was muscular, with a few patches of black hair. He stripped all the way until he wore nothing but a pair of tight black boxers. Either he was very well endowed, or her striptease had had it’s effect on him. Seeing that bulge in his boxers set her insides aflame and she looked at him longingly as he strolled through the room, turning off the light.

The room was pitch black, she couldn’t see anything. Matt was there somewhere, she knew. Would he finally do what she hoped, now that he had the protection of darkness? She felt the mattress drop as he sat down on his side of the bed. “Goodnight.” He wished her and after a final pull on the blankets it was all quiet. Sophie eased her way to the edge of her mattress. Perhaps she had misjudged him, or perhaps she had given the wrong signals. She didn’t have any experience with this kind of thing. But after all this, she was unable to go to sleep. She edged her feet over the assigned border, invading his territory. He grumbled when her feet stroked his legs. She pulled back quickly, realising they were ice-cold. That wouldn’t work, she thought. She would have to be more bold. she turned over, putting her back to him and arched her back, pushing her bottom over the mattress-edge. Slowly she kept going, until she felt her bottom bump into him. Suddenly she blushed, was he facing her, or was she just brushing her butt against his back?
“Sophie!” He exclaimed. “Remember the rules.”
“Sorry!” She blushed and pulled back. But she didn’t give up that easily, she counted to ten and then pushed back again. Matt had moved, she now bumped against his hip, he seemed to be laying on his back.
“Your side of the bed Sophie, don’t make me remind you again.” He said.
Sophie smiled and pulled back again, not apologizing this time. This was turning out to be quite a fun game. She counted to ten again and then pushed out, bumping into his hip once more, the soft sudden brush felt so exciting. Suddenly he smacked her butt with his hand, hard; and she quickly pulled back. “Ow!”
“I warned you.” He said.
Sophie blushed and felt hurt. ‘How dare he hit her!’ Her bottom tingled with the smack, she could feel where his hand hand landed. She wouldn’t be surprised to see a palm-print right there, her panties didn’t offer any protection in the area he had smacked her. She was confused, was he this serious about his rule? Or was this part of the game? She blushed when she hoped it was the latter. His apparent dominant behaviour made her even more excited than she had been before. He was testing her still, she thought. Finding out how far she would go while trying to seduce him, making up arbitrary rules she would have to break, to convince him that she wanted him without any doubt. She realised she had stayed on her side of the bed for a long time and pushed her bottom back again. slowly, until she bumped against his hip.
“Smack!” His hand landed across her bottom and she pulled back. Not crying out, but softly moaning this time. Her bottom tingled, somehow the soft sting felt as exciting as any soft caress could have.
He hadn’t said anything this time, but when she moaned, he turned over a little. “Sophie. If I knew you were such a naughty girl, I might have had to invite somebody else to my bedroom.” He said.
Sophie blushed, realising how little they knew of each-other. Her friends would have a laughing fit if they heard anyone describe her as ‘naughty’. She couldn’t imagine herself as a naughty girl, but tonight, with Matt, she could be somebody else, some stranger. So she pushed her bottom over the border again. “Why, you don’t like naughty girls?” She asked, surprised at the sexiness of her own simpering voice.
She bumped against his hip again and Matt didn’t smack her again. His hand rested on her bottom, softly stroking her, his fingers playing with the edge of her panties. Sophie’s insides were melting. “Oh, I do like naughty girls, Sophie.” He said. “I like them a lot. They just don’t like me.” He said. And his hand smacked her bottom suddenly and Sophie pulled back with a moan and a grunt. “Final warning.” He said.
Sophie breathed deeply. “Why don’t they like you?” She asked him. She was so curious, so longing… She stayed on her side of the bed, unsure of what he meant with ‘final warning’.
“They don’t like my rules.” He said. “Don’t like the consequences of breaking them. You might learn why, should you decide to break my rule again. You better stay on your side of the bed.”
Sophie groaned. How was she supposed to be able to not break it now? Now that he had got her so worked up? What were the consequences? A smack on her butt? Those had just been warnings, but delicious warnings they had been. The final consequence might be just as delicious. Maybe he would finally take from her what she wanted him to have so badly. ‘Screw his rules’, she thought. And she pushed her bottom over the line again, pushing it against his hip…

“That’s it!” Matt said and suddenly his hand reached over her hips and pulled her even closer to him, pulling her over his body until she was laying across his hips. Her legs on one side of him, her upper-body on the other side, barely remaining in her side of the bed. He pulled the blankets away, letting the cold bedroom air touch her skin. She felt him underneath her, he was just as excited as she was. She looked over her shoulder, but couldn’t see more in the dark than her own bottom arched up in the air, over Matt’s lap. Suddenly his hand smacked her bottom again. Harder this time, now that he had more room to swing it. “Ow!” She yelled. He aimed for the bottom of her cheeks, were her panties offered no protection and smacked her again. “Ow!” She groaned again. His other hand held her close, she was no longer able to escape to the safety of her side of the bed. Finally she was in his control. Was this what he had been wanting to do to her this whole time? She wondered. Spank her like a little girl? She blushed, she was no little girl, but the spanking had something sexy about it. She was not little, but she was naughty, she had broken his rules and no she was completely at his mercy. “I warned you not to break the rules.” Matt said. “Now you will learn how I deal with naughty young ladies.” His hand smacked her, again and again. It stinged and burned. But above all it made her wriggle and moan, she was being spanked like a little girl, but she felt as only a grown woman could.
Her bottom had to be quite pink when he stopped. They were both breathing heavily. But Matt wasn’t ready. His fingers suddenly hooked behind her panties and pulled them down in one swift motion. Sophie blushed. He wouldn’t be able to see anything in this light, but still she suddenly felt twice as exposed. “Hey!” She said.
“What?” Matt asked. “A good spanking is given on the bare bottom … besides, I think it was your goal to get these off in the end anyway.” He said.
Sophie blushed again, it was true, but in her fantasy she wasn’t going to receive a bare bottom spanking when he pulled her panties off. He smacked her again. Now spanking her bare bottom. Sophie moaned and wriggled. The smacks really started to hurt and she tried to pull free. He held her strongly however and her bottom started to burn. ‘Was this ever going to end?’ She wondered. “Please, I won’t do it again.” She said. He smacked her again. “Please, I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” A sound smack made her squeal. “I’ll stay on my side of the bed, I promise!”
He placed his hand on her backside, rubbing it softly. She was immediately wet again. ‘No, don’t stop.’ She thought. Surprised at her own controversy. Her bottom burned, but she was so excited, she didn’t want him to stop until she screamed for mercy. She giggled and blushed at her own thoughts.
“It’s a bit too late for promises, isn’t it Sophie? Why did you break my rule in the first place?”
Sophie hesitated. What answer could she give that would make him spank her again? “It was a stupid rule.” She tried.
Matt’s hand stopped stroking her, squeezing her softly in one place, it made her moan. “Are you saying I make stupid rules?” He asked.
His hand on that one spot felt as a threat, the wrong, no, the right answer and he would smack her again. ‘Yes’ she thought, ‘yes yes yes’ “Yes!” She said.
His hand disappeared. “Get up.” He said. Sophie pushed herself up, sitting on her knees next to him, no longer feeling his body against hers. “Go turn on the light, I want to see you when I talk to you.”
Sophie blushed, her panties were dangling around her ankles, kicked all the way down as she had been struggling across his lap. But the authority in his voice and the burning sensation in her bottom made her get up and walk around the bed. She turned on the light and stared at him. He was still on his side of the bed, the blanket down to his knees, his boxer stretched till bursting. She could see the creases in the mattress where she had lain. He was smiling and urged her to come back. She took a quick look at the wardrobe mirror, just a small black top and naked waist down, she had lost her panties on the way. Her bottom wasn’t pink, it was red! She blushed, not realising how hard he had spanked her. But she did as he wished and climbed onto the bed, kneeling next to him once more. “So, I will ask you again. Do you think I make stupid rules?”
Sophie blushed. It was her turn, she was going to have to play the naughty girl again. She blushed, but looked him in the face. “Yes.” She said.
“So, you also think I am stupid?” Matt said.
Sophie blinked. “What? No, of course not!”
Matt smiled. “If you find my rules stupid, you find me stupid as well Sophie, you can’t have both.”
Sophie hesitated. “If I say your rule isn’t stupid, what will happen?” She asked.
“If you think the rule isn’t stupid, then you should obey it and go sleep on your side of the bed.” He said.
Sophie blushed. “And what if I don’t want to sleep on my side of the bed?”
Matt smiled. “Well in that case I will have to teach you a lesson on proper behaviour. It’s not very nice to call people stupid.”
Sophie blushed deeply. “Well, in that case… I guess, I’m in dire need of a good lesson.” She said.
Matt grinned broadly. “That’s what I thought.” He said. “Move over there!” He said. Pointing to the wall at the head of the bed. Sophie crawled up and positioned herself with her face to the wall, sitting on her knees. “Sit up, hands on your head.” Matt said, so Sophie placed her hands on her had and sat up, exposing her red bottom. She could already feel the moisture of her excitement sticking between her thighs, she was almost dripping. Matt moved behind her and she felt something cool and smooth against her bottom. She looked over her shoulder and saw that he was stroking her with a small wooden hairbrush. ‘Oh no.’ She thought, but it was too late as Matt swung it, smacking her bottom hard. Sophie squealed. She had thought her bottom had been red before, her left cheek now was twice as red as her right. Then he smacked her again, evening out the two colours. Sophie breathed in deeply, these smacks hurt so much more. Luckily he seemed to give her some breathing time in between those smacks. “Open your legs a bit.” Matt said. Sophie blushed, but did as she was told. With the lights on he would be able to see everything now, her red bottom and her more private area between her legs, dripping wet as she spread her legs for him. His spare hand, the one that wasn’t holding the hairbrush suddenly touched her belly. It moved upwards slowly, reaching under her top, squeezing her breast and making her moan; before sliding down quickly and disappearing between her legs. His finger slid between her wet lips, stroking her clit, and just as she moaned he smacked her with the hairbrush, making her yelp.
His hand moved up again, leaving a wet trail across her belly, reaching up under her top, playing with her breasts. He put the hairbrush down on her legs and his other hand took hold of her top as well, together pulling it up and over her head. She was completely naked now and his one hand had free play with her breasts as he picked the hairbrush up again. As he pinched her nipple he smacked her bottom with it, Sophie could no longer think, only moan and grunt as he played with her breasts and tormented her bottom. “Do you still think I’m stupid?” Matt asked.
Sophie moaned, her bottom was on fire, she could not take any more. “No Sir.” She said, adding the title without thinking.
His hand slid down from her breasts, over her belly and disappearing between her legs. She moaned loudly as he fingered her. Two fingers were buried inside her and his thumb pressed against her clit. She was almost going to explode. The hairbrush smacked her bottom again. She yelped. “Please Sir, no more.” But he was unmerciful, he smacked her again as he fingered her faster. She yelped and he smacked her again, bringing pleasure with one hand, pain with the other. The smacks were not hard any more, just quick swats, matching the rhythm of his fingers, until she came, shuddering and moaning from his touch.

Matt had put the hairbrush away, she was still kneeling in her place. “Are you going to obey my rules now?” He asked.
“Yes, Sir.” Sophie replied.
“Very good girl. And I’m very glad you know and use the proper honorific without me asking you. Now, get to your place.” Matt was smiling. Sophie crawled to her side of the bed, still kneeling; after the excitement of before, her bottom now felt on fire. The sheets were bunched up at the back of the bed, she didn’t reach for them yet. Matt had stepped out of the bed. “I want to test your resolve.” He said. “See if you really can be a good girl.” He pulled down his boxers as he said it; freeing his erection for her to see. The fire inside Sophie suddenly roared again, she was ready for more. Matt climbed on the bed, on his knees, he got closer, but stopped at the edge of his mattress. “Come closer.” He said. And Sophie stepped toward him. ‘Oh right, the border’ she remembered and stopped right before him.
“On your hands and knees, young lady.” Matt said. Sophie blushed, but did as she was told. His erection was now right in front of her face. “Are you going to thank me for teaching you a valuable lesson?” He asked.
Sophie blushed but felt extremely sexy at the same time. Leaning on her hands she leaned forward, kissing the tip of his erection. For the first time she heard Matt moan. Strengthened she leaned further, taking the tip between her lips. A sudden pain blossomed in her bottom. She moaned and pulled back. Matt was holding the hairbrush. “Stay on your side.” He said.
Sophie moaned. Oh, this was sexy. She leaned forward again, licking the tip, kissing him. He pushed forward and she could take him in her mouth again. But when he pulled back she leaned over the border and the hairbrush smacked her bottom again. She pulled back, now only just able to kiss him without crossing the border. He pushed forward, letting her play, but then pulled back, luring her over and smacking her. Sophie breathed deeply, her bottom was burning, this was so unfair. He was toying with her. She took a deep breath and leaned forward again, not caring about the border and took him in her mouth. The hairbrush smacked her bottom hard and she moaned with him in her. She didn’t pull back however, but sucked him hard. He smacked her again, but she didn’t let go. He set her bottom in fire with more smacks, but she was sure she could take it, at least long enough to thank him for her lesson. So she sucked and kissed and licked while he chastised her bottom; until finally he dropped the hairbrush, shaking at her lips he came, letting her lick up and swallow his juices. She pulled back then, back to her side of the bed.

“While I’m not sure you learned your lesson, I think you’ve had enough for tonight.” Matt said when he stood up and turned off the light. He grabbed the bedsheets and pulled them over them both. Sophie laid on her belly, the sheets felt cool against her hot and sore bottom. Suddenly Matt broke his own rule by reaching into her side of the bed and pulling her towards him. He pulled her to the edge of the border, with her back against the edge. He lay on the other side, his chest against her back, his hips against her sore bottom. Naked, with a stranger in bed, a stranger who had just spanked her, Sophie thought she had done something more adventurous than any of her friends ever imagined. She felt Matt against her back, she wriggled her bottom against him and was rewarded with a new growing erection. “Do you have condoms?” She asked. He was suddenly completely erect between her buttocks.
Matt bend backwards, reaching for his bag next to the bed, but making sure his hips stayed pressed against her bottom. “I do, but remember the rule.”
Sophie moaned as Matt pushed inside her just a little later. Pressed against her back he was in her, his hands around her, playing with her breasts, breaking his own rules. She stayed on her side, it felt naughty, forbidden, letting this man she had just met do this to her, while all she could do was stay in her side of the bed. But it felt oh so good…

A small note was left on the chair in the morning:
“Thank you for a lovely night.
My number is on the back, should you feel the need to continue my lessons.
xxx Sophie”

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