Like her little sister: story

Hello everyone, I’ve finished another story.
With 59 votes (little over 44%) most of you wanted to read the story about Larissa and her little sister.
Now I wasn’t planning on just writing one of the three stories, I’m actually writing all three of them. But as the theme was ‘reader’s choice’, the winner of the poll will actually consist of three or four stories. After each story there will be a poll, giving several options on how the story should continue. The option with the most votes will be my starting point for the next installment of the story.

The building site and The hotelroom (with 38 and 37 votes) will be posted in just one story later this month. But for now, enjoy the first installment of Like her little sister and don’t forget to vote for the poll in the end for how you wish the story to continue.

“What are you doing?” Larissa’s father asked as he saw her in the hallway. She could hear her little sister crying behind the door she was standing by and the sound of smacks echoed in the hallway.
“Nothing, I was just passing by.” She had been listening; Sarah was actually only her half-sister and twelve years younger than her, she had stolen some candy from the kitchen and being only seven meant she still got her punishments over the knee.
“Go to your room, you don’t have to be listening in on your little sister. I don’t think you would’ve liked someone standing outside your door when you were her age.” Her father sent her away.
Larissa slowly made her way to her room. She didn’t know why she enjoyed hearing Sarah get spanked. She didn’t wish her sister to suffer, but imagining her over her mother’s – Larissa’s stepmother – knee made her feel warm and excited. Her father mentioning her own childhood spankings made it even worse and back in the privacy of her own bedroom she massaged away the built-up tension between her legs, keeping as quiet as possible, trying to hear those smacks echoing in the hallway still.

Silently Larissa entered her little sister’s bedroom. She was home early, Sarah was still in school and her mother was shopping. She opened the small wardrobe and peeked inside, putting down the small muffin she had taken from the kitchen. Sarah had occasionally trouble with bed-wetting and there was a box of size large diapers for toddlers and small children. Larissa ran to the door and peeked in the hallway, then back inside and snatched one from the box. She blushed, embarrassed that she liked to play with these, but she just couldn’t stop herself. She took off her panties from under her skirt and replaced it with the diaper. It was a tight fit on her, snug and hidden under her skirt. She put her own panties in the tiny pocket of her blouse.
“What are you doing here?”
Larissa spun around, quickly turning white. How had she missed her mother arriving home? Her stepmum was only about fifteen years older than her, but her father had insisted she called her mum and showed her the respect any parent was due. “Oh nothing, I was just looking for something.”
Her mother entered the room and looked into her sister’s wardrobe, she looked displeased. “In your sister’s room? To me it seems more likely you were hiding something.”
Oh no, the muffin. “What? No, I was just looking for some clean underwear and I thought maybe some had accidentally gotten in her laundry rather than mine.” Larissa lied quickly.
“Yesterday, your sister insisted she didn’t steal any candy and today I find you in her room, with a muffin in her wardrobe that wasn’t there this morning. Add to that the fact your father caught you spying on her in the hallway yesterday. I can’t believe you would get your sister in trouble on purpose, but what is your excuse? You think she might have gotten some of your underwear? Your sister wears small pink panties with unicorns or teddy bears, you were … this.” Her mother grabbed her skirt and pulled it up to make her point about her panties. Revealing not the sexy black lace thongs she probably expected, but the diaper she had pulled on before.
Larissa blushed red in embarrassment, pulling down her skirt. “Mum!” She hadn’t gotten Sarah in trouble on purpose, she had thought about it, but so far she’d managed to constrain herself.
Her mother appeared just as surprised as she was. “What are you wearing?”
Larissa blushed, unable to answer.
“Is that one of your sister’s diapers? Your father was right, you are jealous of your sister, listening in, getting her spanked.”
Her father had said that? Larissa thought.
“Well, if you’re that curious, I have the perfect solution for this situation.” Her mother sat down on the bed. “Come here.”
Larissa hesitated. What did she mean? Was she going to spank her? No, she was way too old for that. Slowly she stepped forward however, the look in her mother’s eyes and the curiosity inside he urging her forwards. Suddenly she was grabbed by her arm and she fell forward, onto her mother’s lap, on her little sister’s bed. Her skirt was raised once again, her mother quickly undid the diaper’s straps and pulled it aside, bearing her bottom. At the same time Larissa suddenly felt scared and excited. Oh god, she was going to get spanked.

Her mother’s hand landed hard across her bottom, it was already pink and sore. She didn’t know how long she had been across her lap, it seemed like ages. At first the spanking by hand hadn’t seemed that bad, but now her bottom was throbbing and red. Her mother’s arm didn’t seem to tire at all and Larissa wriggled and moaned across her lap. She wanted to beg her mother to stop, but the pride that came with her age stopped her. So she kicked and squealed, trying to urge her bottom out of the way.
“What’s going on here?” Larissa wished she could disappear. Her father had come home and of course heard her being spanked. That meant Sarah had to be down stairs as well.
“Help, daddy.” She said. But her mother held her firmly across her lap. She told her father everything, about the muffin in the wardrobe, the diaper that was still stuck between her legs and her mother’s knee and her red spanked bottom. Larissa looked up at her father, she realised she was almost crying, but as long as he was here at least she wasn’t being spanked.
“Well, in that case, I’m sorry I wasn’t home earlier to do it myself. Continue, I have an errand to run anyway.”
Larissa blushed. Her father just left her there! “No, please, I’ll be a good girl, I’ll never do it again.” And with that the dam burst, she was crying and begging for her mother to stop as her hand hit her bottom again and again. No matter that she hadn’t actually done all the things she was being spanked for. All she wanted now was for the spanking to be over.
Luckily it seemed this had been what her mother had been waiting for. After a few more smacks she stopped. “I’m glad you’ve finally learned your lesson young lady. My hand was getting quite sore. If you hadn’t been this stubborn your father wouldn’t have had to know about this.
Larissa blushed as her mother let her get up. Her skirt brushed her sore bottom as her diaper fell to the floor. She hurried to her room when her mother told her too. Luckily Sarah was nowhere to be seen.

Her mother had followed her to her room. “Change into your pyjamas, you’re going to bed now.” Larissa blushed, it was only six in the afternoon, but she was not in the mood to argue. Quickly she changed into a soft pair of cotton pj’s, choosing something decent now that her mother was there, she was taking away all her electronics, to make sure she wouldn’t just enjoy herself when she left.
Larissa had crawled under her blanket, but her mother pulled it aside. “Turn over.” She said.
Confused Larissa turned on her back, her sore bottom against the mattress. Was she going to tuck her in? Only then did she see her mother had brought along her sister’s diaper bag. “Oh no.” She cried, grabbing the blankets.
But her mother pulled them aside again. “Oh yes, young lady. I think putting these on you myself will at once fullfill your curiosity and embarrass you enough that you will never steal them again. Now lay still or I will get your father to help me.”
Larissa blushed deeply and put her hands over her eyes. Her mother pulled down her pj bottoms and lifted her legs up in the air. She thought that she would die of shame, being revealed and embarrassed like this. But nothing happened, not even when her mother slowly spread a thin layer of white cream across her thighs and sore bottom. If anything, the gentle caress and embarrassing situation turned her on, just like she was turned on when listening to her sister getting spanked. Her mother placed the diaper she had stolen underneath her and then secured the straps around her hips. It was snug and at the same time sore and comforting against her bottom. When she finally opened her eyes again her mother was folding her pj pants. “You won’t need these tonight.” She said. Then finally pulled the blanket over her and wished her goodnight.

Her father entered as soon as her mother left. He didn’t look angry, just … amused. “I bought something for my little girl.” He said. Larissa blushed deeply as her father showed her a pink pacifier.
“I don’t…” She said.
But her father put it in her mouth stopping her. “It’s not about what you want or need young lady. It’s about what you deserve. See it as part of your punishment.” She blushed, so he was angry after all. “Now get some sleep, I’m going to wake you up early tomorrow before I go to work, since I now have two baby girls that need changing.”
Larissa blushed deeply. It was true that her father always checked on Sarah’s diaper in the morning, but that surely wasn’t necessary for her… With a blush she tried to speak, but the pacifier made her words sound like gibberish.
“Good night.” Her father said. Leaving her room and leaving her alone, wide awake with a sore red bottom, snug diaper, embarrassed, ashamed, anticipating the night wearing a diaper and what ever might follow in the morning. But most of all, excited and turned on despite it all…

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