Fun with friends

My friends and I often have some fun at sleepovers/parties. Coming across the following two pictures immediately made me think about such evenings. Which fun party would you enjoy the most? And don’t go cheating by saying ‘one followed by the other’.

The sexy strip poker evening with friends. Now I know all your imagination runs wild, the naughty girls getting caught by a man (or multiple men) and each of them getting their naughty bottom spanked in their current state of undress. But spanking is in the second picture just some sexy fun for this one.


Or the sexy spanking evening. Just wondering, does everyone get a turn? Or is this an intervention amoungst friends to teach one specifically naughty girl a lesson?


About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

8 responses to “Fun with friends

  • Sean

    Has to be strip poker! Can’t resist a game of strip poker!!

  • carta1001

    So exciting! Who’s next?

  • Don

    Has to be strip poker! but with me present ;o)

  • emma

    Present, or participating? 😛

  • Mr J

    Yes – strip poker for me too. Present AND participating of course!

    In the second picture – I’m sure all 3 naughty girls are going to be spanked by their rather severe Auntie – or Mother. The girl is holding the nasty big hairbrush because that’s what she’s going to be spanked with. The girl using her smart phone hasn’r been spanked yet either- because her panties are still on of course! – and she’s using her smart phone to tell her boyfriend what’s about to happen to her. she knows it will turn him on so although she’ll have a sore red bottom (very sore if that wooden paddle with holes is going to be used on her) she will get some ‘good loving’ when she meets him later.

  • Lea

    It looks like the one spanking is older, I think the one getting spanked was ratted out by older sisters and they are enjoying watching her get punished.

  • Jeejee

    I would want to play strip poker.

  • Mike

    Those hairstyles in the spanko pic SCREAM 1987…

    I really enjoy the site, so thanks for that…I think I’m ready to show ‘1001’ and one or two other select sites to my sweet GGG wifey…

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