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Hey everyone, I have a short update on my mentoring situation and a question for you all.

Yesterday, Mike and I talked about my progress on the blog so far, the new rules are still fresh and might need some tweeking after all. We quickly came to the conclusion that the rules were a bit too strict. Not too strict as in: too hard to follow; but too strict as in: hampering me in my blogging.
Mike had decided that any post in a week I had already posted before only counted for one point. This was to ensure I didn’t just post a lot in the last week of the month, to save myself from a spanking. But now I realised, if I had a good idea for a post, I would save it for the next week if I had already posted something before. While the idea had been that I would be more free to post, I was in fact holding myself back. So we adjusted the rules, so that in the first full week of the month I can get full points for up to three posts and in the second full week for up to two posts. To compensate these new rules I now have to reach at least thirty points by the end of the month.
We’ll keep you updated on any more changes.

We also came up with something new, a way to have more interraction with my readers. The first thing we’re going to try is using a poll. I’ll be writing a new story in februari and you can decide which one by voting in the poll.
There are three options with each very different stories behind them:

1: The hotelroom
This is an erotic story. A young lady is trapped at the airport because of a snowstorm. It appears she will have to sleep in the terminal, but is then rescued by a knight in shining armour. He offers to share his hotelroom with her for a night so she might sleep in a bed. She doesn’t yet know this knight weilds a paddle instead of a sword…
Vote for this if you want a hot and steamy spanking story.

2: The building site
This is a disciplinary story. Every saturday, early in the morning, it is still dark and the building site is empty, except for a young woman, a man and the sounds of a spanking. Why she returns to this building site for her weekly dose of discipline will be discovered in this story.
Vote for this if you want a hot but strict spanking story.

3: Her little sister
This story is about discipline and age regression. A young lady who has not been spanked in many years, finds herself in trouble so deep that she gets the same treatment as her little sister. Spanking is not the only thing that embarrasses little girls she finds out as her mum and dad teach her how it feels to be a little girl again.
Vote for this if you like a good parental spanking and want to discover a new, secret fantasy I have never written about before.

Also, don’t be afraid to post a comment. 😉

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3 responses to “Reader’s choice + news

  • Mr J

    I’m afraid I voted for all three stories Emma. Sorry – but i’d like to read them all! (I used to be indecisive …. but now I’m not so sure) 😉

    If I have to vote for just one my vote would go to the third, age regression, story. Just because it sounds to me the most fascinating and it is a new area for you.

    I think you and Mike are very sensible to be more flexible with the rules. That’s one of the keys to a succesful mentoring arrangement rules have to be flexible and changed after discussion and agreement so that they work in the best way for you.

  • emma

    Well, for those few that read the comments, I will share a little secret: The poll is not as straight forward as ‘the winning story will be written and the others forgotten’ 😉

  • Jeejee

    I have to I would like to read them all. Then decide which one to tell my bf about. 😉

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