Reunion: story

Hey everyone, here is another story for you to enjoy.
It’s a different take on the schoolgirl fantasy, one I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.


It had been five years since Sarah had approached these big wooden doors. They were closed and ringing the doorbell gave her an odd feeling. They used to stand wide open, letting everyone in; unless you were late of course. Then you would’ve had to ring the bell and head to the secretary’s office to explain yourself before going to class. She knew she wasn’t going to receive a scolding or a note for her parents today, but still the feeling persisted as she made her way past the office, through the main hall to auditorium one.
All the chairs and tables were gone, safe for a few that were filled with bowls of snacks and half-empty glasses with drinks. It surprised her how small everything seemed, not as big as she seemed to remember. She recognised many old classmates and friends and wondered why she had never really kept in contact with any of them. In college she had made new friends, friends with whom she had more in common and made her forget her high school friends. Still she tried her best talking to most of them, the conversation the same every time: How have you been, what did you do after school, do you have a boyfriend yet?
Her teachers seemed most interested in her studies and what she was going to do in the future. She was just talking to Mr Stevens at the make-shift bar the school had provided. Unlike the rest, he was just as she remembered him. He had been very young when she was in his class and in five years he had grown even more handsome than before. Sarah had never swooned over her high school teachers like some of her friends – most of them over Mr Stevens – but she did have that secret crush long ago. It felt odd addressing your ex-teachers as if they were equals now, she kept referring to him as Mr Stevens, even though she knew his first name was Michael. Bored of the repetitive discussion of the future, they were chatting about their past. “I’m glad you choose to study architecture Sarah.” He said. “I remember you were always one of my best students.”
It was true, Sarah always got good grades in mathematics. “Well, I can remember you standing in front of class, tapping that short wooden ruler in the palm of your hand when you were angry. That was usually when someone did something very stupid.” Sarah replied, she had never been very comfortable with receiving compliments. “I always thought some day, you were going to spank someone with that and it wasn’t going to be me…” She blushed deeply as she realised what she said. The words had come out without thinking, as a joke. But in fact it was a fantasy she had kept secret and almost forgot during her years with ugly college professors.
Luckily Mr Stevens only laughed at her joke. “Wish I could Sarah, sometimes I think some of you make those mistakes on purpose, just to torture me.”
Sarah smiled, she wanted to steer this conversation back to a more normal discussion. But that naughty part of her that had been awoken by the memory was curious. “So you do imagine more imaginative punishments for your students than that extra homework that you used to hang out?”
Mr Stevens smiled back at her. “No Sarah, I think that would be quite inappropriate. First of, all of my students are under-age and secondly, it would be a gross abuse of my power as a teacher to do, or think about doing something like that.” Sarah blushed, she shouldn’t have gone past the joke and now he must think she was weird. After a short silence he continued: “You seem disappointed.” Sarah laughed and immediately felt better, knowing he could still joke about it too. Time to talk about something else she decided, but she wasn’t given time. “You know, you’re no longer a student of mine and not under-age either.” Mr Stevens said with a grin. Sarah blushed scarlet. “Oh relax.” He said. “I’m only teasing you…”
Sarah smiled and with courage she didn’t know she possessed she looked up at him and said four words: “Well, now I’m disappointed.”

Her stomach was making somersaults as she followed Mr Stevens through the empty hallways. He led her to their old classroom, it looked perfect like Sarah remembered: the tables and chairs, the big teacher’s desk and the small blackboard. She was almost inclined to go to her seat in the left front row, but instead stood in the middle of the room as Mr Stevens locked the door. She looked at him as he proceeded to his desk and picked up that small wooden ruler, the same one as he used to carry around five years ago. “You have grown up into a fine and beautiful young lady Sarah.” He said, making her blush. “But right now I want to discuss some of your behaviour from back when you were still of my students. Come to the front of the class please.” Sarah blushed and moved to stand next to the desk. She wasn’t sure where he was going with this, she had always been a good student she remembered. “You always had good grades Sarah, the sort of grades a girl gets when she is naturally good at something.” Making her blush again. “But sometimes being good at something makes a girl lazy. Many times I was sure you could have gotten even better grades if you had actually studied.” Sarah blushed deeper, it was true, she rarely did study because she would pass her tests anyway. “This laziness was even reflected by not doing your homework as I asked you.” Sarah looked up in surprise. That wasn’t true, she always did her homework, except maybe once … or twice. “At the time all I could do was give you an extra task. But since you’ve come to me here today I think we both know a better way to deal with such behaviour, don’t we?”
Sarah felt that he wanted a response, so she nodded. “Yes, Mr Stevens.”
“Good, I want you to stand over there and put your hands on my desk.” He stood up as Sarah moved in front of the desk, her back facing the classroom. Mr Stevens dropped the ruler on the desk and moved beside her. Her placed his hands on her shoulders and urged her forwards, bending over his desk. “You’re lucky I waited all this time to do this Sarah. Imagine I had done this five years ago, in front of all your friends and classmates.” Sarah blushed again, suddenly imagining all the tables behind her being occupied by her classmates. The thought increased her rising embarrassment as well as her excitement. Mr Stevens hand slowly slid down from her shoulders, over her back to her bottom. The touch of his hand, encompassing her left cheek through her thin dress made her feel how turned on she was, her panties already moist with excitement. With only two of his fingers he pulled up her dress, inch by inch it crawled up. The hem of her dress passed her thighs, her bottom, the edge of her panties, until her bottom was completely bared, her dress in a pile on her lower back. Mr Stevens hand stroked her bottom now, his fingers tracing the edge of her panties and she moaned softly. “These are very cute, Sarah.” He said to make her blush. “But they have to come down too.” Turning her blush into a gasp of excitement. His fingers reached behind her panties and pulled them down, just as slowly until they were stuck between her knees. There she stood, bent over her teachers desk, her bared bottom facing the – fortunately empty – classroom and Mr Stevens’ hand caressing her pale cheeks, her thighs and then sliding up between her legs. “Are you enjoying this Sarah?” He asked as he felt how wet she was.
Sarah no longer cared how embarrassing it was having him touch her there, being at his mercy, all she wanted was that he didn’t stop. “Yes, Mr Stevens.”
But as she said it, he pulled his hand away, leaving her wet and wanting. “Well, maybe we can do something about that later, it’s not really a punishment if you enjoy it, is it?” And his hand smacked her bottom once, hard. The sound echoed in the classroom and Sarah gasped. It didn’t really hurt, just an enjoyable sting that spread through her cheek. She was more afraid of the echoing sound. They were far away from the rest of the school, but it was so loud! Another smack landed on her other cheek and she moaned appreciatively, sticking her bottom up high in the air, begging for more. Mr Stevens moved beside her, pressing his hip against hers, using one hand to hold her against him. “Seems you are still enjoying this Sarah.” And his hand landed again even harder. Sarah moaned and the spanking now really began. Smacks landing fast, one after the other and the sting in her bottom started to built. It did hurt, but not more than she could take. She squirmed and moaned as the hard smacks turned her bottom red, but Mr Stevens held her firmly in place. Embarrassment and excitement fought inside her; it hurt and she wanted him to stop, but at the same time she really wanted this. The smacks kept coming and she felt tension rising inside her, she was wet even between her thighs now and for a moment she was afraid she was going to come, driven over the edge by nothing more than a spanking. But then she could not take it any more. “Please Mr Stevens.” She begged as the pain in her bottom rose even higher. “I’ll be good, I’m sorry I didn’t do my homework and that I didn’t study.” She said. Another smack landed, and another, but not as fast, not as hard.
He had heard her pleas. “I’m glad to hear that Sarah.” He said, his hand now caressing her bottom once more, slowly making the pain subside. “Are you going to be a good girl and do as you’re told now?” He asked.
“Yes.” She answered immediately, she would do anything he asked of her.
“Good. Stay as you are.” Mr Stevens let go of her and walked around her. “If you really are a good girl that does as she’s told, there is no reason for me to hold you down.” Sarah stayed bent over his desk, her bare red bottom high in the air, ready for him. But Mr Stevens picked up the wooden ruler from his desk. “Now I think you had a specific fantasy about my ruler, didn’t you?” He said.
Sarah blushed, she had totally forgotten about that thing. She didn’t want him to spank her more, especially not with that thing. She wanted something else. But at the same time that excited feeling came over her again. She wasn’t supposed to get what she wanted, she was supposed to be punished and knowing that she would be somehow turned her on even though she didn’t want to be. “Yes Mr Stevens.” She said obediently.
“Good girl.” He said as he moved back behind her. “Ten strokes should do.” He said as her placed the cold wooden ruler on her hot backside. Sarah lifted her bottom, welcoming the smack even though she feared it as well. When it landed the sting spread across her bottom rapidly and she yelped. “One.” Said Mr Stevens and he lifted the ruler again. ‘No wait, no’ she definitely did not want this she suddenly thought, but the ruler already landed again. “Two.” And while her mind and bottom yelled no, she still lifted her bottom up high for every smack. “Three.” Feeling as the naughty and embarrassed yet sexy excited schoolgirl. “Four.” She was dripping between her legs she realised as her bottom was set on fire. “Five. Six.” She was proud that she didn’t move away, that she kept her position for her punishment bravely. “Seven.” Even when a smack landed across the red line of a previous one. “Eight.” She no longer cared if anyone could hear her outside, but she yelped loudly at each stinging smack. “Nine.” Only one more, she told herself, panting. She lifted her bottom for it once more. “Ten.” It landed hard and sharp, making her squeal loudly. But finally it was over. Suddenly she felt embarrassed, she was a naughty, punished girl, with her bare bottom in front of the classroom, spanked by her teacher. But the embarrassment only fuelled her excitement. Mr Stevens took her by her arm and lifted her from the desk. She followed him willingly, not sure what he was planning, until he placed her in the corner of the classroom. “Hands on your head young lady.” She blushed deeply as she realised he added corner time to her punishment. Behind her he rolled up her dress so that her bottom stayed bare, her panties had slid down all the way to her ankles.

He let her stand there for several minutes and as the pain in her bottom cooled down, the excitement between her legs only grew. She started imagining what else he would do to her, how he was going to fuck her after this and slowly the feeling of an embarrassed schoolgirl subsided and was replaced by horniness and wanting. When he finally came back, standing behind her, his hands caressing her sore bottom, her knees were weak and her breathing ragged. He took her back to the desk, bending her over in the same position as before. From all the positions she had imagined this was what she had hoped for. The same position as she had been punished in. She could barely take the anticipation as he unzipped his pants, no longer touching her as he fished a condom out of his wallet – how schoolboy of him she almost joked. But his hands grabbed her bottom, squeezing the sensitive flesh tightly as he slid inside her. They didn’t say a word as he pushed inside her, quickly building a steady rhythm. He fucked her hard and fast, his hips slapping against her red bottom and all the excitement and anticipation of the afternoon built inside her. She held on to the desk hard as she moaned loudly, her body shaking as she quickly came under him and as she felt him shake and stop she knew he had been just as excited, reaching his orgasm just as fast as she had.
She blushed as she pulled her panties back on after finding them left behind in the corner. Mr Stevens was sitting in his chair, watching her. The soft fabric was cool but chafing against her sore bottom and she blushed as he smiled. “Time to get back to the reunion, I think.” He said as she let her dress drop, covering up the evidence of their play.
She followed him back through the hallways as an idea formed in her head. She gathered the courage she had found earlier in the day and looked up at him once more.”You know … I’m thinking of getting my masters degree, but I could really use some tutoring for mathematics.” She managed without a blush.
Mr Stevens looked down at her with a smile, his hand quickly reaching down and stroking her bottom. “I would love to help you, Sarah.”

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