Daddy: story

Keeping the stories coming…
This one I just came up with in the shower.

NaNoWriMo deficit: 8140/9514
NaNoWriMo weekly: 0/12.500
NaNoWriMo month: 11.126/50.000

< I’m going to shower now, guess what I’ll be doing and who I’m going to be thinking of? ttyl xxx > Charlotte sent the text message to her boyfriend and removed her received messages before dropping her phone on her night stand, it wouldn’t do for anyone to read the spicy messages they had shared. She was already mostly undressed – at her boyfriend’s request – and only had to take off her socks and underwear in the bathroom while she let the water run. Once the hot water was running she quickly washed herself, getting clean wasn’t exactly the goal of this shower. She thought of her boyfriend and the promises he had made, when she was hot and ready she took hold of the shower head and aimed the stream of water between her legs. She leaned back against the cool tiles of the bathroom letting the stream of water caress her, arouse her. Suddenly she was interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening. Quickly she pulled the shower head up, aiming it at her breasts, trying to cover herself. “Dad!” She yelled recognizing him as he strolled into the bathroom.
He seemed surprised to see her, she had forgot to lock the door, but didn’t turn away. “I’m sorry honey, I just need the shaving cream, then I’m gone.” Emma blushed embarrassed, her dad hadn’t seen her naked since she was a child, she tried her best to cover herself up.
“Dad just please go.” She said, but instead he approached the shower. The shaving cream was on the rack behind her she realised and when her dad reached past her, his arm almost touching her, it became too much for her. “Dad!” She cried, aiming the shower head at him now. The water sprayed all over him, leaving him soaking wet as he stepped back.
“Charlotte! What is wrong with you.” He yelled. She blushed, not knowing what had come over her. Her dad was wearing his suit for work, but was now drenched. He reached in the shower again, not for the shaving cream, but for her. He grabbed her arm and in one swift move pulled her towards him while sitting down on the edge of the bathtub. He pulled her across his lap, her wet body drenching his pants even further. Before she could yell his hand smacked her wet bottom hard, making her squeal. About a dozen sharp stinging smacks landed across her bottom rapidly and she had no time to do anything but kick and scream. When her father let her go she jumped up, grabbed her towel and ran to her bedroom.

After drying herself with her towel she examined her bottom in her mirror. It had turned red quickly from those few smacks, the water helping with some added sting. Still, it wasn’t the pain that was too bad, more the embarrassment for her father walking in on her in the shower and spanking her, something that hadn’t happened since she was a little girl. Her phone was buzzing she noticed and she picked it up to read a message from her boyfriend. She blushed as she read it, reminded of what she had been doing when her father barged in. Luckily he hadn’t seen that she thought. Carefully she sat down on the bed, the cool sheets actually felt nice against her hot bottom and she started to write an answer. To her surprise her excitement wasn’t far off and she slid one hand between her legs while exchanging messages with her boyfriend once more.
“What are you doing?” Her father’s voice sounded angry, she hadn’t heard her door. Laying on the bed with her red bottom up in the air and her fingers between her lips, he could hardly mistake what she was doing this time.
“Dad!” She cried out, trying to pull the bedsheets around her. She blushed deeply, this was the second time that he walked in on her today.
“I was coming to apologise for spanking you, I thought I had overreacted.” He said. “But it seems I was wrong.” He walked up to her and pulled the sheets off the bed, leaving her naked for him to see.
“Dad please…”
“I’m a modern man young lady, I know masturbation is something everyone does and it’s quite natural.” Charlotte blushed deeply, she didn’t need this speech from her father, not at her age. “But doing it just after I spanked you is wrong. You should not enjoy your punishment and definitely not like this.”
“It’s not like that dad, I wasn’t…” But she couldn’t say it, she was too embarrassed to explain to her dad she had been ‘sexting’ with her boyfriend, even when he sat next to her on the bed and pulled her over his lap again.
Naked over her dad’s lap again for the second time in such a short while Charlotte blushed deeply. “I’m going to make sure this time that you’re not enjoying yourself.” Her father said, grabbing her hairbrush from the night stand. The small wooden brush landed hard across her bottom and Charlotte cried out. She yelped with each hit her father landed, but still the embarrassment was more severe than the pain. Playing with herself just moments before had made her soaking wet and somehow this embarrassing spanking did nothing to subdue that feeling. Actually it only made matters worse, the rocking motion of her body, swinging back and forth over her father’s lap with each smack resembled a more sexual motion and somehow it turned her on being this embarrassed. The building pain in her bottom was pushing her to the edge, in the same way she would push herself when masturbating and she felt her insides cramp together. She blushed deeply as she moaned and squirmed over her daddy’s lap crying and kicking while the hairbrush turned her bottom bright red. And then, when she couldn’t take it any more she felt something inside her clench and she was coming, shaking and shivering on her daddy’s lap as he smacked her ass even harder. She couldn’t hide anywhere, naked and vulnerable on his lap he could witness her orgasm, knowing what had happened and he smacked her hard for it, she was not supposed to enjoy this. “Please daddy, please stop, I won’t do it again, I promise.” And to her surprise her dad did stop.
“I’m sorry Charlotte.” He said to her surprise. “Maybe this wasn’t the best time right after what you were doing.” His hand was stroking her bottom, unaware of how that made her feel right now. “We will have to continue this some other time.”
Charlotte blushed. “No please, it won’t happen again, I’m sorry.”
But her dad smacked her sore butt again. “Don’t talk back to me. It will happen again, you just enjoyed this way too much, I am going to have to spank you again when you are not this excited. Tonight before you go to bed I will come back and see to that. I suggest you wear your pyjamas.” Her dad stood up and left the room, leaving her alone with her stinging red bottom and glistening wet thighs. Her phone buzzed again. < So are you done playing already? Are you coming over tonight? Miss you. Xxx > Charlotte blushed, yes she was done playing and no she wasn’t going to come over, her dad was going to spank her again tonight. She blushed deeply, this was terrible, so why was she looking forward to it?

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5 responses to “Daddy: story

  • touchtoes

    Tell daddy I will be in shower at 6am if he wants his shower foam . I never lock door in case I slip and need help.( I wish)

  • Mr J

    Thanks Emma. Another very nice story. Seems Charlotte has had an awakening. Lucky for her boyfriend and for her too – I’m sure they’re going to have some great spanking fun together. And lucky for her father too. She’s going to be getting plenty of spankings over his knee from now on I’m sure. And I’m sure he’s going to enjoy every minute of that ……….. maybe Charlotte will too!

    Well done – and you’re getting closer to clearing your words deficit. But still a lot more to do if you’re going to avoind another spanking this week!

  • donandy52

    thats a great story,and a little shocking that i enjoyed it ;o)

  • Spankologist

    Wonderful and taboo story…….Things “us” spankos think a lot about……the older, over the age of 18, young woman wanting / needing a spanking…..and getting “off” on it… matter if it is her Dad or her boyfriend……but she seems to enjoy it more when her dad finds her in an explicit position… seems to stop her guilt about her sexual needs but also gives her the sexual relief she needs……what a paradox for a young woman………I think this happens more often than we think……and during shower / bath time or dressing for bed or even undressing for bed…….or the father listening to the moaning of his over 18 daughter trying her body out “for sexual response”……all so erotic / taboo / insanely exciting……great story…..please continue on-ward, young lady.

  • emma

    Thanks guys,your responses have made me a lot more confident about these even taboo’er than normal stories 🙂

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