A series of unfortunate events: story

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy week and I have been writing stories. I even missed last sunday’s drawing lesson, but I am running out of drawings. I have a lot more photo’s than drawings, so Im going to skip a drawing lesson every now and then so that they can even out a bit more.

As some of you might have expected, I didn’t reach my goal last week, with only 2.986 out of 12.500 words. As agreed my friend spanked me for it. Missing so many words (it’s not a small deficit) she even decided to use a slipper on my bare bottom. Unlucky for me she did reach her goal, so I wasn’t able to return the favor.
But the next deadline is tomorrow, so lets hope I can reach my goal this week. (don’t worry, I have some stories done, I don’t haveto write them all in a day…

NaNoWriMo deficit: 2743/9514
NaNoWriMo weekly: 0/12.500
NaNoWriMo month: 5.729/50.000

This story is actually based/inspired on a great drawing that I will share at the end of the story.

A series of unfortunate events

1. A sleeping start
Light was shining through her curtains when May woke up. Confused she looked at her alarm clock, the little red dot was not alight and with a yelp she jumped up. It was five past nine, she should have been in class five minutes ago. Muttering curses under her breath she pulled on her underwear, socks, skirt and blouse. She must’ve forgotten to set her alarm the day before. In a hurry she ran down the stairs. Her mother was in the living room, staring at her in surprise. “Don’t you have school today?” She asked.
“Yes, mum.” May answered as she ran to the door, pulling on her shoes and jacket on the way. But her mother blocked her path.
“Do you remember what I told you yesterday?” She asked her.
May blinked, she did remember. She had warned her that if she stayed up late she would oversleep. Her mother grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the couch. She also remembered the threat she had made. “No!” She cried. “Please mum, I’m already late.”
But her mother pulled her across her lap. May gasped, she knew her mum did not consider her too old to be spanked, but very rarely did she take it further than just a warning or a single swat. This time however she blushed deeply as her mother pulled up her skirt. Thankfully her little brother was not at home to see her like this, across her mother’s lap, her fingers peeling down her panties. “Oh please mum, not on my bare bottom.” She begged. But her mother ignored her. Her hand smacked her bottom mercilessly and without warning. No stroking or patting, but just loud smacks, fast and hard, spread across her naked cheeks. She had forgotten how much this could hurt and she groaned and begged for her mother to stop. “Please mum, I have to get to school.” But she didn’t relent. Her bottom was now on fire and her low groans had turned into squeals as each smack made her bottom bounce and turn a deeper red. All she could do not to cry was press her lips together and breath through her teeth until her mother finally let her go.
Quickly she jumped up, rubbing her bottom with both hands, her face flushed with embarrassment because she had been spanked like a little girl. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Her mother asked. And with a wince she pulled her panties back over her burning bottom, wondering shortly how she would sit through class before she ran for the door and on her way too school.

2. Running late
The halls were deserted, save for her and she ran through them on her way to class. Suddenly she was halted by a voice calling her name. “May!” She turned to look and recognised the senior hall-monitor. ‘Oh, what does she want now!’ She thought as she was made to wait as she walked slowly towards her through the hall. “Can this wait? I’m late for class.” She said when she was within hearing range.
“I don’t care how late you are, there is no running in the halls.” The monitor said with a stern look.
May blushed. “I’m sorry, I’ll walk the rest.”
“Put your hands against the wall.” The monitor said to May’s surprise, not telling her she could go to class.
“You know the rules. A hall-monitor is allowed to hand out punishment when she thinks it’s necessary.” She replies in a flat tone. “You were running and quite disrespectful in my opinion.”
May blushed. She didn’t think she was being disrespectful at all. Why was everyone in such a foul mood today? But she put her hands against the wall, knowing that arguing would only worsen her situation. She blushed deeply as the monitor raised her skirt, luckily there was no-one else in the halls at his hour. “I see your bottom is already red under these panties, did your mummy spank you?” The monitor asked her teasingly and May blushed deeply. Suddenly her hand smacked across her already sore bottom, her panties only giving a little protection. The sound resonated in the large hallway as her bottom was set on fire once again. She tried to keep still, but couldn’t keep her foot from stamping the ground or herself from biting her lips as she tried to deal with the sharp burning smacks on her sore bottom. When the monitor finally stopped she let her skirt drop and told her to quickly go to class. May turned to run, but just in time remembered to walk, slowly to her classroom.

3. Embarrassing consequences
Blushing she told her teacher she was late because she overslept. She was told to stand next to her desk until she had time for her. May blushed as she looked at her classmates, very aware of her red bottom, but relieved that she didn’t have to sit down yet.
“You missed our trip to the library.” Her teacher said as she finished her lecture. The other students were now busy with the exercises she had provided. She stood up and pulled her chair from behind her desk and placed it next to it, in full view of the class. May whitened, she only did this for one reason. She had seen it happen before, but only a few times. She never thought it would happen to her, she was not a bad student. “You are almost two hours late!” Her teacher said and May blushed deeply. That was because everyone seemed to want to punish her today, she wouldn’t have been that late otherwise. “And it is not the first time this month May, I’m disappointed!” She sat down on the chair and took May by the hand. The students were no longer interested in their work, but were watching with interest. May closed her eyes and let her teacher pull her across her lap. She blushed a deep red as she pulled up her skirt, revealing her bottom to her classmates. She heard some gasps and then the noise of chairs moving. The boys, trying to get a better view, she thought, making her blush even more. Her teacher didn’t say anything as she pulled down her panties, revealing her already red bottom, not commenting on it’s colour, the embarrassment of being bare in front of her friends and classmates was bad enough. When her hand landed on May’s bottom she cried out on the first slap. Her bottom was sore and sensitive. She squealed and moaned at every smack, squirming over her teachers lap. She no longer heard the sounds of her classmates over her own frantic breathing as she bit her lips to hold back her tears. Perhaps it was because her bottom was already red or perhaps her squeals convinced her teacher that she was learning her lesson, but the spanking was over rather quickly. Relieved May stood up, quickly covering her bottom, afraid to look towards the class. She was almost glad when she was sent to stand in the corner so she didn’t have to look anyone in the eye for a little while longer. But that relief was short-lived when her teacher moved up behind her, quickly lifting her skirt and pulling her panties down once again so she would stand with her bottom bared as a reminder on what happens to naughty girls.

4. In a hurry
May made her way to the school library in a hurry. It was in the early afternoon and her bottom had been able to cool down during lunch-period. She still didn’t favour sitting down, but at least she could bear the touch of her own skirt again. She had to contain herself not to run in the halls again as she was in a hurry. She had been sent to the school library on her own, to find one of the books in the reading list. Because she had missed the trip earlier in the day, her teacher had sent her now and told her to be quick about it.
Once inside the library she was safe from the eyes of the hall monitors and she ran towards the literature section. She was just busy rummaging through a series of books, trying to find one from her list when one of the librarians approached her from behind: “What are you doing young lady?” She was asked.
May turned to look around: “Just looking for a book miss.”
The librarian stood in an authoritative matter with both hands on her hips: “And why does that have to make so much noise? I came here because I could here you from the other side of the library.”
May blushed, she had been dropping the books on a pile beside her, not caring about the sound, just wanting to be done with it quickly. “Sorry miss, I was just in a hurry.”
“I don’t care if you’re in a hurry, you will be quiet in my library.” The librarian took her by her arm and pulled her along. May thought she would kick her out, but instead she was taken to the stockroom where piles upon piles of spare books were kept. The librarian pulled a chair from under a table and May realised… ‘not again’.
The librarian pulled her across her knee in one swift motion and quickly pulled up her skirt. Her panties could no longer hide that she had been spanked before, the uncovered skin pink as well. As the librarian pulled down her panties anyway, she said: “Your red bottom tells me you have been misbehaving all day. I will have to inform the headmaster so he can have a good chat with you.” And before May could react the librarian smacked her bottom hard. May clenched her teeth, but the smacks kept coming not sparing her already sore bottom. She cried out and squealed as her bottom was turned bright red again, kicking and squirming over the librarians knee. When she was finally allowed to stand up again her face was as red as her bottom and her cheeks stained with tears. Quickly she wiped them off as the librarian let her go. The first book she found on her list she took, heading back to class before her teacher could start to wonder what was keeping her.

5. Three wrongs make a spanking
The afternoon had been a pain, sitting on her hard chair all the time with her bottom on fire hadn’t done anything to improve the soreness. She hadn’t talked to her friends all day, there was an unspoken agreement never to talk about someone’s spanking – it could happen to you after all – but it was just too embarrassing for May. Short before school was out a message came from the headmaster’s office, the librarian must have indeed contacted him, because May had to see him after hours. She got some weird looks from his assistant when she waited outside of his door, not taking one of the chairs; not only because she didn’t want to sit on her bum, but because she was nervous as hell.
When he finally let her in, she tried to look as sorrowful as she could. The chairs in his office where luckily padded, so she was able to sit down carefully. “Miss May…” He said, leaving a long silence. “It’s not uncommon that I get reports of misbehaviour. I get reports from hall monitors … teachers … and other staff., like the librarians.” May flinched each the the headmaster paused, so all three of her spankings had been reported, she realised. “But very rarely are these all about the same girl.” He leaned over his desk, looking her into her eyes. “Do you have something to say for yourself young lady?”
May blushed. “No Sir, I’m sorry, it all just got a little out of hand.”
“It got out of hand indeed May.” The headmaster responded and he walked around his desk. “And now I’m going to make sure to get things back in hand. Put your hands on my desk.”
May blushed, she didn’t think she could take another spanking. The headmaster would probably use his dreaded paddle. Her bottom was already on fire. “Please sir.” She said.
“Put your hands on the desk young lady, or would you rather I spank you over my knee like a little girl?” May blushed, she moved to put her hands on the desk, but then stopped. She looked up blushing at the headmaster, pointedly not putting her hands on the desk. The headmaster look surprised, but then pulled aside the chair May had been sitting on. “Very well.” He said and took May’s hand, guiding her over his lap. As he lifted her skirt and lowered her panties he smiled. “Well I can understand now why you’d prefer this kind of spanking young lady. It seems my staff has taken matters into their own hands.” May blushed as the headmaster’s fingers explored her red naked bottom. She suddenly realised how intimate this position was now that she was over a man’s lap and how naked she was. “I think we can leave the paddle today, but don’t think I’m going easy on you.” He said and just like that his hand landed hard across her stinging bottom, scolding her as each smack landed: “Late for school!” Smack. “Running in the halls!” Smack! “Disturbing the library!” Smack. May squealed and moaned, certain that anyone outside that door could hear what was happening in here. Luckily no-one except the assistant knew it was her that was getting her bottom smacked yet again. She could hardly believe how unfair all this was, all because she overslept a little this morning. The headmaster didn’t give her much time to think about that however as his hand rained down on her bottom making her kick and squirm.

6. Rules are rules
On her way home May was standing in the bus yet again. When no-one was watching she reached back to rub her bottom, trying to ease some of the pain. She longed to get home, to get to her bedroom and find some of that cool cream that could soothe her bottom. She did not however anticipate her mother, awaiting her angrily in the living room. “I just got a phone call from your headmaster.” She said. “Wasn’t your spanking this morning enough to keep you out of trouble in school today?”
May blushed. “I’m sorry mum, it wasn’t my fault.”
“Not your fault? You misbehaved and got spanked, whose fault can it be? And I had to talk to your headmaster on the phone about your misbehaviour, do you realise how embarrassing that is?” She replied. May blushed deeper. ‘Not as embarrassing as getting your bare butt smacked by him’ she wanted to say, though she wisely kept her mouth. “Get over here.” Her mother said. “You know the rules.”
May whitened. “No mum, please, not another spanking.”
“You know the rules little girl. A spanking at school means one at home too.” Her mother said as she sat down on the sofa.
“But mum, I got spanked because I was late, you already spanked me for that too.”
“The headmaster told me it was a lot more than being late young lady, if you’re going to lie to me I might have to use my slipper!.” May blushed deeply and quickly knelt on the sofa next to her mother. She didn’t think she could take a round from the slipper, not after everything that had happened today. Her mother pulled her over her lap, back where she was as the day had started. She heard her mother take a deep breath as her bottom was bared, seeing how red it already was. Some mothers might have taken pity after seeing this, but May’s only strengthened her resolve to give her errant daughter a good tanning. “I think we are going to be here a while!”

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3 responses to “A series of unfortunate events: story

  • touchtoes

    Great story may was a lucky young lady to have so much attention to her bottom in one day . I love your stories and often like to put them into real with my hubby and sister . Thank you for pleasure you give to so many

  • Mr J

    Well done Emma, a really good story and very well based around that picture at the end. And it was a lot of words too – so that might help save your bottom from being spanked at the end of this week. Still a lot of words to get done though.

    Thank you very much for the story. I enjoyed it a lot. and I didn’t feel at all sorry for May. She deserved every single spanking. I’m sure the headmaster preferred to have the naughty girl over his knees for a spanking instead of bending over his desk for the paddle. An over the knee hand spanking with a naughty girl’s panties down around her knees is so much more intimate and enjoyable for us male spankers I think – and it is for the naughty girl too I’m sure. 🙂

  • bahamagirl1996

    Great stories , she is unfortunate for true 😉 ouch

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