to rub or not to rub

Hey everyone, this wednesday’s photoshoot we have some sexy girls rubbing their bottom, to ease the soreness, or in anticipation of what is to come. Some doms dont want their sibs to rub their bottom, others enjoy seeing her rub and dance, and yet other prefer to do the rubbing themselves. Myself, I prefer being rubbed over doing it myself too haha. Enjoy.

With her skirt up and both hands on her bottom, our first girl is very sexily rubbing in anticipation, probably just after she has been told to pull up that skirt.

Our second girls seems to have been spanked earlier. Her bottom is already covered up again, but she can still feel the soreness under her shorts. Now that she is finally allowed to rub she gives herself a good squeeze.

Our third girl has been stripped below the waist, ready for her spanking she reaches back one last time in a vain attempt to protect her bottom; or perhaps in a way saying goodbye to her calm pale cheeks which will be replaced by a red hot bottom very soon.

Our fourth girl sems slightly pink under her very see-through panties. But not pink enough that she should be rubbing. Maybe this tight grasp is actually an attempt to protect her panties from being pulled down. Now that’s not how good girls take their spankings, is it?

This girl’s rubbing seems to be more seducing. I imagine her telling her boyfriend about her secret fantasies, sitting on the bed in her underwear, telling him about her childhood spankings and rubbing her bottom toshow him what she wants and needs.

And let’s finish with not one, but three girls rubbing. You might not allow a girl to rub, but this is the perfect occassion to let her. Because what is more embarrassing than a girl with her bottom bared in front of the class? A girl with her bottom bard and rubbing it because she was spanked as a naughty little girl.

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

4 responses to “to rub or not to rub

  • Mr J

    I like these photos Emma. I never allow a naughty girl to rub her bottom until after her spanking and corner time. But I do rub her bottom myself during the spanking and after it too.

    The girl in the fifth picture definitely needs a good spanking – if only because those fishnet stockings are in a very bad state. I know fishnets are designed with holes in them but these have holes in the holes!

    And the girl in the third picture – I think she has been told to spread her bottom cheeks before bending over for her punishment – probably the cane. It’s a very embarrassing thing for a naughty girl to have to do so she is hesitating before obeying. I’m sure she will get a good spanking before her caning for not doing as she was told straight away.

  • Mr J

    I’ve just noticed that the girl in the fourth picture has a thong under her see thru panties. That will result in a very hard spanking. It would do if it was me spanking her anyway!

  • wordsmith

    Lovely pics…I can never resist shorts!

  • Larry

    I agree, letting a girl rub her bottom is okay. However, I think the middle young lady might be out of uniform. Are pink panties allowed in her school? I suspect she is in for another spanking!

    I know I’m replying to a post from a long time ago but hopefully you’re reading this, Emma. Thanks so much for a fantastically good fantasy site.

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