Back to school

Hey everyone, this sundays drawing lesson is all about a spanking fantasy tht is a favourite for many spanko’s. It’s naughty schoolgirls, spanked at school. Fortunately I’m too youg to have experienced anything like it when I went to school; and I say fortunate because I’m sure it was not as fun as it is in our fantasies.

I’m going to roughly divide these spankings into three settings:
Firstly there is the spanking by your teacher after class. You’re told you have to stay behind for detention, but when everyone has left, the teacher can give you your real spanking punishment in privacy. This schoolgirl must’ve been very naughty, she’s been made to write on the blackboard in between spankings because she flinched away from her smacks; plus her bottom is very red.

The second is my personal favourite, it is the spanking in front of the class, the added embarrassment of witnesses, and not just any, but your friends and classmates, makes this a real turn on for me. We see this in a little cartoon of which I have about a dozen, about Sammy Simpkins, a naughty gilr that loves being spanked and thus gets in trouble a lot too. She is spanked with her bare bottom facing the class. Also I like the cheeky boys taking a peek at the other girl’s panties.

And thirdly there is the spanking by the headmaster. When you’ve been told to see him, you know you’ll be in trouble. It might be less embarrassing than being spanked in fron tof class – though your clasmates probably know what will be happening there – but the added anticipation of waiting till school is ove and waiting outside his door makes this a very interesting scenario as well.

You see the headmaster up there ready with his cane, but a good headmaster knows multiple ways to discipline a naughty girl. Not only bending over his desk should be enough, this young girl is right on top of it, her legs up in the air in a very embarrassing and revealing position. A paddle is ready and a strap in his drawer, but the girl is laying waiting in anticipation as he is answering the phone in the middle of her punishment; or is he perhaps calling her parents, telling them why she will be home late?

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7 responses to “Back to school

  • Mr J

    Great post Emma.

    I’m like most ‘red blooded male spankers’ and love the naughty schoolgirl spanking scenario. It’s a great fantasy scenario to play with the ‘naughty girls’ I look after. I know it’s not everyone’s favourite, of course, but I think it’s great fun. Is it something you enjoy as a spanking scenario with your BF Emma?

    My favourite is the third picture. I can take this picture further on in my imagination ……… what will the girl be ready to offer the headmaster to avoid being caned? ………… Has she been in this position before – so she and the headmaster both know what she’ll do so she doesn’t get caned? … and they’re both playing out the scenario. Will there be a ‘suspicious swelling’ in the headmaster’s trousers when he turns round? I’m pretty sure there will be – 🙂

    I really like the Sammy Simkins drawings by David Ell too. She is the epitome of the schoolgirl who is naughty because she loves both the idea of being spanked and the spanking too when it happens. Which it does. Very often!!

    Thanks again

  • Ben.

    hoi Emma leuke tekeningen met bij elk een passend scenario; bravo!!!
    groetjes Ben.

  • cynthia blaine

    I also enjoy the spanking of schoolgirls and boys by a strict attractive female teacher. Perhaps this takes me back to the way our teachers dressed when I was in school: tweed skirts, crisp white blouses, and such. We were not spanked but the younger women teachers were quite severe. There were notes home to my mother and failures in conduct on my report cards. It all made me imagine being called up front by one of my teachers as she directed me to lift my skirt and lower my panties to be taken across her skirted lap and spanked in front of the girls and boys in my class.

  • touchtoes

    I can recall many a slipper at school meeting up with my navy blue pe knickers or later in leotard when in older year . But I like to role play naughty schoolgirl with my hubby or sister I still got my old pe knickers and skirt and leotard but now not fit me but there plenty of web sites I can get my adult kit from . Happy days then and now sister enjoy being schoolgirl again and our hubbys certainly love it . Both or one of us over their lap the rest you can guess . Love your site very much and gives us ideas thanks a lot for your effort

  • Tyesha Evans

    I really like these pics but when are we going to be able to see some clips?

  • sixofthebest

    Beautifiul drawings of a headmaster corporal punishing naughty school-girls on the bare bottom, with their knicker’s dangling around their ankles.

  • Larry

    I certainly hope that the headmaster is calling her parents so that she will get another punishment when she gets home. I’m sure that she deserves it.

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