A bus-ride: story


Things I fantasize about on the bus…

With her handbag in one hand and her book in the other, her finger holding her page, still reading, Anna gets on the bus. She doesn’t take her eyes off the text as she finds an empty place to sit, using her bag as a book-support. She normally isn’t interested much in this type of book, but after all the media-attention it’s got she had to find out what all the fuss was about. Now she started reading it, she can’t seem to put it down, the story caught her and she will probably finish the book in one go. Still she is kind of embarrassed reading this in public, many consider it just a written form of porn and the dark grey cover is very recognisable. The fact that she is turned on by the story – something she had not expected when she started reading it – makes it even worse, her panties feel moist under her short skirt and she is sure everyone can see the blush on her cheeks.
Luckily she didn’t have to go very far and after not long she gets up again when the bus approaches her stop. Suddenly a deep male voice startles her: “Ticket please.” She looks up and sees a man in uniform looking at her. It’s someone from the bus-company, performing one of those sporadic checks to find those who would travel without a ticket. Blushing she fumbles in her jacket-pocket for her ticket, but with an even deeper blush realises: She was so caught up in her book getting on the bus that she forgot to buy one. “I ehh forgot.” She mumbles. “I’m so sorry I’ll buy one right away.”
“Too late for that young lady.” The man looks at her, he seems annoyed that he actually caught someone, instead of having an uneventful routine check-up. “Rules are rules, I will have to give you a fine.”

Meanwhile the bus stops at her stop. “I have to get off here.” Anna says, but the man just follows her out of the bus, onto the pavement. They stand in the small glass bus stop. “I’m really sorry, I was reading my book, that’s why I forgot to buy a ticket.” She shows the book to the man, not thinking whether he might recognise it.
The man looks up at her from whatever he had been writing in his notebook. He looks annoyed, about to tell her that he can’t accept any excuse, when suddenly a small smile creeps across his face. “Fifty shades of grey, huh?” He says with a big grin. “So you know how Christian Grey would handle this situation?”
Anna blushes as she realises he recognised the book, and she blushes even deeper a second later when her brain catches the rest of his remark. Christian Grey, the male protagonist of the book was very much into punishment, she was just past the part where he had given the female protagonist a spanking for just rolling her eyes at him.
“Do you think I should just give you a spanking too?” The man says as Anna is unable to respond through her blushes. “Or would you rather have a fine?”
“No!” Anna exclaims, not sure to which question she was answering. But the man decides for her as he grabs her arm, pulling her into the bus-stop, onto the little bench inside. Anna struggles as he pulls her over his knee. ‘Wait’ she wants to yell, ‘that’s not what I meant’. She didn’t want a fine, but that definitely does not mean she wants a spanking instead. But she doesn’t say those things, her body remembers the excitement she felt reading about that spanking and her panties grow even more moist as she is heaved over this man’s knee, the glass walls of the bus-stop not offering any privacy for passing cars and pedestrians.

One of his hands rests in her lower back, holding her down over his knee; the other is moving across her bottom, fondling her, touching, squeezing; she blushes deeply. His hand reaches down and pulls up her skirt by the hem. “Hey wait!” Anna cries, but she is unable to stop the man, his hand now stroking her panties. The girl in the book was spanked on her bare bottom and the man now hooks her fingers inside her panties. She blushes deeply as he pulls them down, unable to stop him she struggles in his grip. But she is unable to get away and her bottom is now completely bared for everyone to see. When his first smack lands she thinks maybe she should have just paid the fine.
The sound of the smacks resound against the glass walls, her spanking must be heard in the whole street and on top of that they will hear her squeals and moans. This is not some sexy spanking, it’s a punishment for trying to ride for free and he really intends to teach her a lesson she realises. This is not what she wanted, she realises; it hurts! His hand smacking her bottom hard and fast and she kicks and squeals, not caring who might hear and see. She begs him to stop, but the spanking continues. Continues until she stops kicking and struggling, but is sobbing and begging him to stop, promising that she will never ever do it again.
When he finally stops and releases her she quickly gets up. Her dress falls down, chafing against her sore bottom. He still has that big grin across his face as she wipes a few tears from her cheeks and then quickly reaches back to sooth her stinging bottom. Her panties still dangle around her knees, but she is afraid to pull them up, to have the tight fabric against her sensitive bottom. She looks around, but no-one in the street is looking in their general direction. No-one came to save her she thought, it made her angry, but at the same time relieved that she didn’t have that extra embarrassment.
“Pull up your panties young lady, then you can go. I hope I never catch you again.” The look on his face betrayed his lie to her, oh he would love to do this again, she realised. He enjoyed it, it turned her on she thought embarrassed, just like the man in the books. When she pulled up her panties they didn’t only feel painfully tight around her cheeks, but also wet between her legs. She blushed even deeper, like the girl in the book, she had enjoyed it too. “Thank you sir.” She said, and right before leaving: “Do you check this bus-route often?”

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