Red bottoms

Hey everyone, hope you didn’t miss me too much the last week but I’m back for some more posts. We all know I get spanked now and again and this morning was no different. The reason? I missed three posts on this blog. Now I’m not sharing a picture of my red bottom with you, but lately most I have shared are pictures that inspiring spanking rather than pictures that are about spanking. That’s why this weeks I am sharing pictures about spanking, more specifically about such a red bottom.

The woman in our first picture has been bent over the kitchen table (see the kitchen in the background). I think I will soon do a picture set all about the kitchen, but for now lets just focus on her red bottom. The color is spread nice and wide and her stockings make her that much sexier. It’s just a little pink though, so I suspect this is an inbetween shot, her spanker now looking through the kitchen drawers for a good implement to spank her with. Poor girl, I’m sure she’ll behave better from now on.

Our next picture shows to girls that both got spanked together. I can imagine a lot of scenario’s here. Are they sisters that both got daddy’s attention, or are they best friends and was one staying over? Maybe they were just doing naughty stuff to eachother when one of their boyfriends caught them, or they are eachothers’ girlfriend and got spanked by a friend helping them in their spanking fantasy needs… In any way, their bottom got a decent amount of attention, they must have been very naughty because it looks like it wasn’t just a hand that turned their bottom this red. Ouchy.

The next girl laying on the couch has a nice bog bottom perfect for spanking. She has been made to undress, leaving only her underwear on and most of that pulled down as well. This seems to me most likely a disciplinary spanking, she doesn’t seem to have enjoyed much of it, perhaps dreading the rest as she is laying their waiting for a possible continuation with an implement. Because of the undress I would say her boyfriend and not a parent is teaching her a lesson, hope she learns because her bottom will be redder as the evening progresses.

Facedown on the bed, looking over her shoulder, this young lady is inspecting her red bottom just as we are. It seems nice and red so she must’ve had a good spanking. Naked below the waist, but with a dark pink t-shirt I think those are part of her nightwear. A good spanking before bedtime always helps me sleep too.

Now laying on the bed or the couch might be fun, but this spanker knows a spanked little girl deserves to stand in the corner and think about her behaviour afterwards. Allthough he seems to have stopped spanking her a bit too early. Her bottom is barely pink, her panties are still on and she doesn’t look sorry at all. I’m sure she’ll end up back over his knee for a second round. This one however seems to enjoy it, well who doesn’t enjoy a good erotic spanking?

The last one today is also my favourite. This girl laying on the bed, her bottom glowing pink, a bit of her private parts showing telling us her awkward state of undress, also with those panties around her knees and then the sad look on her face, she knows she is in trouble, it hurts, she is sorry and yet there is more to come. Almost makes me jealous … almost.

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

4 responses to “Red bottoms

  • Ray

    Sure is nice to see that these women know they desire to be spanked and have allowed us to share in their desire to have balance in their life’s.

  • cheri duncan

    just wanted to say how much i have enjoyed your site since finding it.  me discovering your blog inspired me to be extra naughty and my friend gave my bottom extra attention because of it. he sent me a pic of the results  this am that i would love to share with you but was unsure of an address to send it to


  • Mr J

    You’re always missed Emma. I’m pleased you got spanked for missing three blog posts. Somehow I think you’re pleased too. Could that be the reason you didn’t post ……. knowing you would get a nicely spanked bottom for it? It’s always good to have a reason for a spanking. I never seem to have any problem with that. There’s ALWAYS a good reason to spank a ‘naughty’ girl’s bottom – even if the reason is ‘just because’!

    My favourite picture is the fourth one. I’m sure there’s more spanking to come for her and she knows it too. Over her boyfriend’s knee, until her bottom is nicely red and hot. A good spanking is a lovely relaxing thing before bedtime but although she’s nearly ready for bed I think she and her boyfriend will have some other ideas apart from sleeping when he has finished spanking her bottom. They will both be sleeping, later, she very well spanked and she and her boyfriend both very well sexually satisfied too!

    Many thanks for another excellent post Emma.

  • emma

    Hey Cheri, lovely to hear that my blog has inspired you. You would be the first to send me a picture of any results though haha. You could send it to or add me on facebook as Emma Timor. I would definitely like to see and of course keep your picture private.

    MR J I guess I have to admit I sometimes do things just because I know it will get me spanked haha. ‘Just because’ can be fun but we usually prefer a reason.

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