Soft elements

Hello everyone, this wednesday’s photoshoot I’m actually going to talk about making photo’s haha. More precisely about adding soft elements to your photo’s. And by soft elements I don’t mean a girls bare bottom, but things like pillows, blankets, clothing etc. Somehow seeing those things in combination with a naughty littlge girls makes her seem that much more vulnerable/cute/sexy. And of course these elements can make your naughty girl more comfortable, you want her to be squirming from the spanking you’re giving, not from the uncomfort of her position. Some examples:

In our first photo we see a girl enjoying the after-effects of a well spanked bottom. The soft green couch supporting her naked body gives us the impression that she is comfortable and calm. Telling us that she enjoyed her spanking, but daring her spankee to wake her from her comfortable slumber for more of the same, or a different kind of fun bent over the back of the couch.

On top of a pile of pillows and blankets this young lady looks more vulnerable than she might be. Her bottom is still pale, but the pout almost hidden by her hat tells us there is a spanking yet to come. What is cuter than a naked girl on her bed, about to be spanked?

This next lady seems a bit older already. But instead of the (also sexy) usual stockings and sexy lingerie she has opted to pose nude, laying on a soft couch covered in a blanket, making her look that much younger. Instead of a sexy grown up lady she is now  naughty little girl and that smile tells us she definitely wants that spanking you offered.

As if a slim little girl with long hair, laying naked on her bed isn’t cute and sexy enough; this naughty girl kept her thick knee-high socks on making her look that much more vulnerable and sexy at the same time.

Often after a spanking a spanker likes to make the naughty girl sit on a hard wooden stool. This is usually seen as extra punishment as sitting on a freshly spanked bottom isn’t fun at all. But add a layer of padding on that stool to make it slightly more comfortable and you will get the picture of a naughty little girl trying to sooth her poor bottom. Add some woolen stockings and small top but leave her bottom bared to get these very sexy photo’s:

For our last photo we not only have our girl back on the bed wearing some cute pink panties. But she is hugging her blanket, already sorry for the spanking she is about to have. This pose in paricular where she is holding on with all her might to her blanket that holds no protection, only comfort, makes this one of my favourite pre-spanking pictures.

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