The look on her face

Hey everyone, I’m glad I’m back and able to share some more fantasies with you.
This sunday’s drawing lesson is about a very particular situation. Imagine you’re witness to a spanking, but you can’t actually see it, all you see is the look on the girl’s face and of course the sounds you hear.

Imagine you’re up late on christmas eve and you here the bells of santa’s sled. You go outside and see his sled parked on top of your neightbour’s building. The light is on and inside you see the young girl nextdoor facing the window, a big man in a red suit behind her. Through the sound of christmas carols down the street you hear the sounds of a spanking coming from her house. This girl was definitely on santa’s naughty list. When it is all over she waves him goodbye and then finally sees you. Wave back at her, she’ll blush.

Now not everyone believes in santa, so that might be hard to imagine. So lets make things easier, the young girl next door still lives with her parents? Well one day maybe her mother will give her the spanking she deserves. Perhaps because she didn’t clean the house and the result is there is nothing to bend her over, nothing except the window sill of the open window.

Enough imagining, lets get to our third girl this week. She was taking part in a marathon. But the naughty misses choose to take a short cut. She got caught however by the owner who’s terrain she was tresspassing. He gives her a good slippering with his shoe while in the distance the other runners that took the correct route will see the cries on her face and the sound of her red bottom being smacked.

Our last girl is in a most embarrassing situation. She was in her backyard, just chatting a bit with her neighbour, flirting even. When her husband came home he found she had done none of her chores and he definetely didn’t approve of the flirting. He decided to pull down her pants and spank her right there. The fence protected her modesty a bit, but she couldn’t hide the cries on her face from her neighbour she had only just chatted with and the sound of smacks on her bottom were definately a turn on for both men.

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9 responses to “The look on her face

  • Mr J

    Great to have you back here with some more spanking fantasies Emma. A very good drawing lesson.

    My favourite is the second – although I like to imagine that as the neighbour I would be called over to spank this naughty daughter while her Mum watches to make sure a thorough job was done. I think a good hand spanking followed by 12 with my leather slipper would be just about right.

    The naughty girl is clearly used to getting into the proper position for her bottom to be spanked. Up on her tiptoes which presents her bottom perfectly.

    Thank you very much Emma. I hope you will keep your spanking fantasy postings going. They are terrific.

  • Oliver Conant

    The stylized strand in the third drawing is sexy, I wonder you didn’t allude to it in your your latest ekphrastic exercise, which is otherwise yummy as ever…

  • emma

    Now that could be an interesting story Mr J. Dad’s not hime, so mum calls in the neighbour to help with her naughty daughter.

    Oliver, ehh what? Could you repeat that in “English for the non-native-English-speakers”?

    • Oliver Conant

      (Raising an eyebrow at Emma) By “stylized strand” I mean…oh come now, do I really need to explain? That shining bit of effluvia the Hentai artist has descending between the legs of the young lady behind the fence.

      As for “ekphrasis”: it’s a term in classical rhetoric, meaning a composition based on a picture, often a work of visual art. Homer’s elaborate description of Achilles’ shield in the Iliad is an early example. So are your descriptions of spanking pictures.

      Your very good descriptions, that have given me much pleasure since I first subscribed to 1001 Spanking Fantasies.

      • Mr J

        Thanks for that explanation of what was all Greek to me Oliver.

        After all who could forget that cracking story describing Achilles’ shield. I recall Homer telling it at Moe’s after a long night and a lot of Duff which no doubt added to his usual eloquence.

        I understood ‘yummy’ of course and the ‘stylised strand’ rarely escapes my attention but I have always thought that a gentleman should not draw attention to these things.

        Now all is clear to me.

      • emma

        Thanks for the explanation Oliver. It does make sense to me now. haha

      • Oliver Conant

        You’re welcome, emma. But you know it’s occurred to me since posting it that my observation doesn’t fully apply, as the fantasy you evoke so well in “The Look on Her Face” is that of PARTIAL witness to a spanking, seeing only the face, hearing the sounds, etc.

  • Oliver Conant

    I meant it has occurred not it’s occurred…

  • Larry

    And too her further embarrasment, the neighbour on the other side got full view of everything! And I!m sure his wife will soon receive similar treatment for recent misdemeanours! Great artwork, by the way.

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