This sunday’s drawing lesson I have some spanking pictures that bring back memories. In these pictures it’s not the spanking that brings back memories, but something else. Somehow this is imagining a spanking in a situation you remember, eventhough there wasn’t a spanking in the real memory. O well, you’ll see what I mean.

The first picture reminds me of when I was a little girl and it was summer. It’s the chair used for the naughty girl to bend over. Almost everyone must’ve had that type of chair. I’m sure we did. It reminds me of family parties in the backyard, never was I spanked during one of those, but imagine if I had? The embarrassment and excitement that would’ve come with that. I’m sure me and my cousins would’ve earned a good spanking with a switch from the backyard at at least some of those occasions.

Our second picture reminds me of schooldays. Like any school we had “runs”. I’m not sure how to call them in English, but a large group of kids running a couple of laps around a thicket of trees. There would always be those that hid behind the trees and just sit there as the rest of us finished their laps. They would join us again in the last lap without having done anything at all. I’m sure those cheaters would’ve learned something had they been treated like the girl in this picture.

Our third picture brings me back even further. Back to when I played with dolls, I remember fondly that my barbie earned spankings regularly, just like the one in this picture. Perhaps I already knew back then what type of girl I was. No-one ever found out about those games with my dolls, I imagine would that have earned me a spanking, or not?

Our last picture is more of the now, everyday I take the train to work and I used travel by train to school as well. The long ride was always boring and a place to fantasise. Often enough I got home with my panties wet because I had sexual fantasies the whole ride home. Often I fantasised about being spanked, by the conductor, for not having a proper ticket, or by someone else for other reasons. But unlike the girl in this picture, I’m still waiting for my public transport spanking.

Hope you liked today’s post. If you like stories, I also added a couple of pages to ‘a little black dress’ today.

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

5 responses to “Memories

  • tony chatfield

    i always loved seeing girls i was at school with get a spanking from their mum. the sight of their bare bum , the sounds of howling and screaming with each whack

    • Larry

      We never got to the girls at my school get their spankings but we could hear them and I agree entirely, the sounds of the slaps and the girl’s cries were delightful.

  • Mr J

    Another nice ‘drawing lesson’ post Emma. I hope you get your very first ‘public transport spanking’ very soon!

    We had ‘runs’ at school too – and that’s exactly what we called them. It looks a bit more like Sports Day at that school than just a normal weekly run. The Chairman of the school Governors may be the man sitting in the front row with a lovely close up view of the girl being slippered (for cheating presumably). The girl wearing number 7 looks like she is next and it may be a caning for her with those tight shorts taken down of course – much to the pleasure of the smiling girl who is probably the winner waiting to be awarded the trophy – after all the cheaters have been properly dealt with! I’m sure the Chairman of Governors insists on properly spanked and caned bottoms. Perhaps administering the cane is always his job. If so there will be a long queue of people wanting to be Chairman of Governors ………………. including me!

  • wordsmith

    Nice post – can’t decide if number 7 is rubbing her rear in anticipation or to get relief from the afterglow!

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