Not all spankings are like those ritualised scenes. Some people like their spankings to be in the spur of the moment, grabbed by their arm, pulled over the knee for a quick short or a good long spanking. But in the spur of the moment you can forget about things. For example: the windows, during these hot summer days the windows at my place are almost constantly wide open to let in the fresh air. If I were to get a spur of the moment spanking, anyone walking past that happens to look in the right direction might see, and if they will definitely hear anyway.

But it’s not just in the summer now, how many of you spankers think of closing the windows when your blood is boiling and you’re about to deliver a good tanning? If you don’t remember then there is definitely that possibility of peeping toms, as we spankee’s aren’t really in the position to quickly close those curtains.

Of course some people might like that extra excitement, it would certainly be extra embarrassing for the naughty young lady and add on to her punishment. While you’re at it, you could just as well spank her in front of the window; if she were to look outside she would be able to see everyone that witnesses her punishment and they would see the look on her face during her punishment. Or if not that, how about cornertime in front of the window? So people can see the naughty young girl with her hands on her head.

The first girl in this wednesday’s photoshoot has forgotten something important. When it’s dark outside and light inside, you can’t see anything, but people from outside can easily see inside. So those flimsy  shades will project some interesting shadows when the person for whom she has lowered her pants finds her waiting.

The second girl is getting her spanking by day, it’s dark inside and bright out, so no easy peeking. But she forgot to close the shades, so anyone close enough can still see her get her punishment when it is time.

When your spanker discovers you like the excitement/embarrassment of potential onlookers you might be lucky when your window is high up, chances are low someone will look up and see.

But with the window open and you leaning outside so everyone can hear you squealing; you will certainly get enough attention anyway.

Still, it could be worse, you could be on the ground floor and everyone passing your home can see your agonized face in the window.

Or worst of all, a bit of corner-time without any clothes on before the spanking even starts is sure to gather a crowd before things have even started.

About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

7 responses to “Windows

  • Moon

    Hello,very beautiful your artistic pictures.
    Thanks,so pretty
    Have Nice day
    Best regards


  • Mr J

    Excellent blog post and very nice pictures too Emma.

    Reminds me of one time (and this actually happened – although it would certainly make a good fantasy) I was upstairs in a hotel bedroom giving a long hard over the knee bare bottom spanking to ‘naughty girl’ (always remember the ‘good girl paradox’ lol). I had remembered to close the windows for sound reduction purposes but being upstairs on the second floor there was no need to close the curtains on such a nice sunny day.

    Midway through the spanking – ‘naughty girl’ with an already nicely red bottom and her panties down at her knees and about to be taken off – I heard a sort of squeaking noise at the window and looked up to see the window cleaner staring in wide-eyed. The squeaking was his window cloth on the glass, not him! ‘Naughty girl’s’ red bare bottom was facing the window so she didn’t know and anyway her mind was on other things (her sore bottom in particular!).

    I didn’t stop the spanking, of course, and proceeded to take her panties off, reposition her, and carried on. The window cleaner took much longer than usual to clean that particular window!

    When the spanking was over, by which time he was gone of course, I put ‘naughty girl’ in the corner with her well spanked and sore bottom on display – and then I told her about the unexpected voyeur at the window.

    She was very embarrassed – but actually very excited by the thought of her having been spied on in that way as I found out later in our after spanking love making.

  • Enzo Man

    Emma –
    So which of these window scenarios have you experienced “first-hand?”

    Great story as well Mr J.

  • emma

    Hey Enzo,
    I’ve been spanked in front of the window and even with the windows open, but most of my readers probably know I’m a bit of an exhibitionist as a spankee haha…

    And thanks for the great story mr J. now I start my day all horny and wishing for something similar haha.

    • Mr J

      Not sure if I should apologise for making you ‘all horny’ or not Emma. lol

      I think probably not!

      And I hope you get what you wish for today. 🙂

  • crankyspanker

    Hi Emma

    To be spanked in public or even with the possibility of being overheard seems way more embarrassing. but I guess you already knew that.


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