Red bottoms

In today’s drawing lessons we’re focussing on the red bottom. A red bottom is probably the most recognized factor of a spanking, you can cry, stand in a corner, even sit uncomfortably, but is your bottom red, then you’ve definitely been spanked. Seeing it in the mirror reminds you of it, small swimwear at the beach betray your embarrassment to anyone nearby and most spankers find the red glow cute and sexy.

Using a red bottom in a drawing that is otherwise pale in color will draw attention to it. Just like this young lady got her employer’s attention, in the wrong way and now he’s paying her bottom quite a lot of attention. A good red bottom will very likely improve her work.

We catch this young lady right before she pulls her panties back on, but this red glow those white panties probably won’t even completely hide the fact that she’s been a naughty girl.

In our last picture, the artist didn’t even bother with other colors than the red for her bottom. The baggy jeans and report card tell us that this is a young girl that still goes to school, yet didn’t study very hard. The sexy panties she’s wearing – for her boyfriend, with whom she’d go out instead of studying – didn’t protect her bottom at all from the spanking she deserved.

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