Wet bottoms

Hey everyone, it’s time for another wednesday’s photoshoot, I hope you will enjoy today’s subject and the pictures I have for you.

Today it’s all about wet bottoms, they make spankings more interesting for several reasons: a spanking on a wet bottom stings a lot more and gives a good lesson to a naughty young lady; usually when you get your bottom wet, you first get out of your clothes, a spanking after you just showered means you’re naked, extra embarrassing; and just for the spankers out there a wet bottom glistens very nicely and is a nice sight to behold.

Lets start with a place where everyone’s bottom is wet, at the beach. This young lady seems to be getting surfing lessons, or well she is getting lessons, not sure if they are about surfing. Her wet suit will probably barely protect her bottom from those smacks, and out on the water she is in full view of any watching eyes… poor girl.

Imagine you’re out with friends and they want to go swimming. They all agreed to wear their bathing suits under their clothes, but forgot to inform you. “just keep on your panties” they might say, afterall don’t your panties cover as much as any bikini? Well that might be true, but once wet they are much more revealing then normal swimwear. And what might daddy say when ou come home all wet?

The same problem goes for our third girl, water makes your thin white clothing as good as see-through, and when you’re not wearing any panties, well you could just as well be naked, with your bottom out for everyone to see.

Talking about naked, this girl doesn’t seem to mind you staring at her naked bottom. Personally I like swimming in the nude as well, but offering my bottom up like this? That would be asking for a good couple of swats.

On the subject of naked swimming, you could do it at a spa/sauna where everyone is naked. But it’s a lot more fun outdoors and skinny-dipping isn’t only exciting, it’s also naughty, guaranteeing your bottom a good tanning when you get caught.

Now I’m sure you all enjoyed these lovely bottoms, but where are the spankings you might ask? Well I saved the best for last. Like I said the best place for an embarrassing wet and naked spanking is the bathroom, just after a bath. Just imagine your bf/spanker/daddy coming in telling you you are going to get spanked whilst you’re already naked and embarrassed in front of them. And on top of that, the spanking will hurt a lot more because you are wet.

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5 responses to “Wet bottoms

  • Ralph

    Wish were neighbors((H)) horseman9620@gmail

  • Andreas

    I always use gel or lube when spanking a girls bottom as it lulls her into a false sense of security. Cooling and soothing when applied then increasing the effect of the sting during her ordeal.

  • Richard

    I’m not 100% sure but it looks to me like “naked in the pool girl” is standing in front of either a spa or filter outlet. Which seems to be directed in the general direction of her tender bits. Which may explain the interesting smirk she’s exhibiting…and of course is grounds for a nice long spanking.

  • touchtoes

    What a great story and fantastic pictures thanks for your time and effort you put into this site

  • Mr J

    Very good pictures Emma. Thank you.

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