Amanda’s toy: story

Hey everyone, I’ve finished another story.

Now this one might be a bit dirtier/kinkier than what you’re used to from me, it starts with a father-daughter spanking that some of you might think is taking things too far. In the second spanking there’s also some anal play, which is something I’ve been experimenting with myself only recently as well. I hope you’ll all like it though.

“What is this young lady?” Amanda heard her father’s voice booming from her room. She rushed upstairs to see what he had found. She was mortified when she saw him holding the silver vibrator she had just recently bought in the sex-shop. “Well, what is this doing in my house?” He asked her.
She blushed furiously as she said “only a toy daddy.”
“Don’t think I don’t know what this is young lady. I don’t want these things in my house.” Her dad threw the vibrator on her bed and crossed his arms. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”
Amanda blushed and looked at the floor, not sure what to say. “It’s just something for fun.” She said. “Nothing more.”

But her dad was obviously not satisfied with her explanation and took two steps forward and grabbed her arm. “I haven’t had to do this in a long time, but I can’t allow you bringing things like that in my house.” He said and pulled his grown daughter toward the bed before pulling her over his knee. More embarrassed than she’d been in years Amanda realised her dad was planning on spanking her and she struggled to get free as he first lifted her skirt and then pulled her panties down to bare her bottom. She felt as vulnerable as when she was a little girl when she couldn’t escape her father’s grip, remembering how she could never escape then, he was still as strong now. His hand came down on her bottom immediately after her panties were down, barely giving her time to think about her situation or how to stop him. “No daddy please, I’m too old for this.” She tried, but her father didn’t respond and his hand smacked her bottom repeatedly. He spanked hard and fast and all she could do was moan and squeal as each smack made increased the stinging sensation in her bottom. She kicked her feet but when her dad warned her that “the more you struggle the longer this is going to take” she tried to keep still. When she did the spanking became more regular, slower paced but just as hard. It now felt as something inevitable and her bottom was getting really sore. She winced at each smack as her father silently turned her bottom bright red, Amanda herself was far from silent moaning and squealing at the hardest smacks.
When she felt the taste of salt on her lips she realised she was crying. This was so unfair, she was a grown woman and entitled to have sex and any toys if she wanted. But she knew that telling her father that wouldn’t help, it would only make things worse. As embarrassing as this spanking was, she knew to get away she’d have to embarrass herself even further and beg her father’s forgiveness for something she felt wasn’t wrong. But as the spanking progressed and her father set her bottom on fire, none of that seemed to matter, all that mattered was getting away, so she begged and pleaded. “I’m sorry daddy, I won’t do it again. I won’t buy anything like that ever again. I promise daddy, I’m sorry.”
Finally her dad stopped and her face blushed almost as much as her bottom from the embarrassment of being spanked like a child and begging forgiveness, let alone the semi-naked position she was in, in front of her dad.

Amanda felt something cold touch her bottom and when she looked back saw her father caressing her cheeks with the vibrator. She blushed furiously, but didn’t say a word afraid that he’d start spanking again. “I have an idea,” he said suddenly. And the vibrator sprang to life, buzzing loudly. I’ll make sure that you will never be able to look at something like this again, without remembering this spanking and then hopefully you will never buy or use something this disgusting again.” And then she felt the cold vibrator slide between her legs. She quickly clenched them together, but her dad’s hand pushed further and she felt it buzzing inside her. “Daddy no!” She cried, more humiliated than she ever felt before. But again her father didn’t respond as he took up spanking her bottom again.
The vibrator inside her felt good, so good that it only embarrassed her more, but the spanking hurt, they were two opposites and all she could do was moan and whimper, not sure if they were moans of pain or pleasure. What she did know was that she’d never been this embarrassed and that she could never use that vibrator on herself again. When she realised she was no longer crying, the vibrator enhanced her pleasure and even the spanking seemed to fuel her desire. She was about to cum on her daddy’s lap and as he felt that, he stopped spanking her. “No, I will not make you go that far.” He said, and pulled the vibrator from her. “But tomorrow you’re bringing this back to the store and if I find it again, I will spank you until that thing makes you cum, do you understand?”
“Yes daddy.” Amanda said. She blushed deeply as her body wished for him to continue while her mind wished for this all to be over. Her dad finally let her go and she quickly pulled up her panties.
“By the way, I came to your room to tell you that John is coming over. He called before you got home. He should be here any moment. I trust you will not be showing him that thing whilst your mother and I are out, or he won’t be coming over again, understood?”
“Yes daddy.” Amanda said again and blushed deeply at her father’s instructions. She had actually bought it specifically to play with John today, she had even texted him about it…

The mattress felt soft against her sore bottom. She had quickly rubbed herself with cream, rubbing away most of the soreness and lightened to colour to a soft pink while she waited for John. Now he was here and her parents were gone. He had already found the vibrator in her night-stand and was playing around with it. “I see you couldn’t wait for me.” He said. “It’s already wet.” Amanda blushed deeply and she could only think of her father’s spanking. “I thought you had bought this for me.” John continued. “So I could play with you, but now I see you’ve already used it yourself you naughty girl.” It used to really turn her on when John called her naughty, they had their little spanking escapades, but never when she so clearly remembered her dad’s spankings, definitely not after he had just given her one. And when he offered to spank her before trying out their new toy she hesitated, John spanked hard and her bottom as already sore. But John took her hesitation as roleplay and pulled her across his knee on the bed.
“No!” She said, but John bared her bottom, almost exactly as her father had and she blushed deeply at the idea.
John was still for a very long time while rubbing her bottom. “Did you spank yourself while playing?” He asked her hesitantly.
Without thinking Amanda answered. “No.”
“Then why is your butt red and shiny?” John asked her with a smile.
Blushing deeply Amanda realised that a self-spanking would’ve been less embarrassing to admit, but it was too late for that now. “My dad found the vibrator.” She said.
John was very still, but in his lap she felt his excitement pressing against her. It embarrassed her that a spanking from her dad would excite him, but she knew, that just like her father, John was strong, and she wouldn’t get out of his grip. “Ok, a different kind of punishment then.” He said. “I will still spank you too, but not very hard. “Is that ok.”
Amanda wanted to say that she wasn’t in the mood for spanking, but her whole body was tingling, for some reason feeling his excitement had turned hers on fully again. “Yes, that’s fine.”
John took the cream she had used from her night-stand and she suddenly felt him applying it to her bottom’s most private area. The vibrator sprang to life again. “John wait I don’t like it there.” She quickly said.
He held the buzzing device against her bottom entrance and it felt unbelievable good, as long as he didn’t go inside. Slowly he pushed however and he said. “I don’t care what you like. This was supposed to be a gift for me, so it is for me to decide where we use it. Now if you hadn’t been naughty and played with it yourself I might’ve put it somewhere nicer, but now you’ll just have to take your punishment.”
Amanda blushed deeply as the vibrator buzzed uncomfortably inside her bottom and John softly started spanking her bottom. It started to hurt immediately, but not as much as before. The smacking sound reminded her of her earlier spanking and the embarrassment was almost as uncomfortable as the vibrator in her bottom. But as always she could only be embarrassed so much before it excited her and the cumming she had almost reached over her father’s lap was quickly coming closer again. The buzzing inside her bottom started to feel nice, her boyfriend’s hand was firm and exciting, and without him touching her anywhere between her legs she came whilst he softly spanked her.
“I think someone likes it in her bottom more than she wants to admit.” John said and Amanda blushed furiously. “Well let that be a lesson for you young lady.” He said, as he turned her over. He bent over to kiss her and she reached to pull out the vibrator, but he stopped her. “No, let’s keep that in there. Now you’ll feel how it is to have both your holes filled up.” Amanda blushed deeply, but let her be guided by her boyfriend who she realised was kinkier than she had ever realised before.

“Can you take the vibrator with you?” She asked John when he was about to leave several hours later. “My dad wants me to return it to the store.
John smiled at her. “Just hide it from him.”
“But if he finds it he will spank me again.” Amanda said with a blush.
“Well you are a naughty girl after all, you deserve it, don’t you.”
Amanda blushed and turned to hide the vibrator as best she could, fearing the threat her father had made before he had left.

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