Spanking fantasy

This sunday’s drawing lesson isn’t just about a spanking fantasy, but about spanking in the fantasy genre (as inbooks and movies like the lord of the rings or game of thrones).
As most of you (that pay attention) know, I’m writing a fantasy novel myself (for those that didn’t, check the little black dress link at the top of this page). Unlike popular fantasy however I will have a lot more sexual interaction and spankings in the story than a normal novel. And I found some pictures in my collection that go very well with this announcement. 🙂

First of we have princess Ardala (to be quite honest I have no idea who she is, but she’s supposed to be a known character in some work of fiction). More a sci-fi character (there seems to be a spaceship) than a fantasy character, but who cares, as long as she got a good hard spanking on her bare bottom.

Our second drawing features a more anime-type batgirl, I’m not sure what genre batgirls fall into (perhaps furry eventhough bats have no fur), but again a nice red spanked bottom, so no-one – except perhaps the girl herself – is complaining.

Our third girl is a real fantasy character, the pointy ears make her an elf and th toys filling up both her holes suggest that she is being taught the modern human way of pleasure. It appears the naughty elf wasn’t very cooperative at first though, she had to be tied up and spanked with a large paddle first.

And lastly, in fantasy not even the gods get away with their misbehaviour, well not when you’re a female god of course. This seems to be a female Loki over her brother Thor’s knee for a really godlike spanking… poor goddess.

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2 responses to “Spanking fantasy

  • YrComeuppance

    Wonderful if kitschy images! Arabella’s tears, and even more deliciously that silvery strand with a tiny seed pearl at its tip…well! Tell me more about your novel?

  • Mr J

    Thanks Emma. I rather think that ‘silvery strand’ dripping from Ardala’s pussy shows the spanking that gave her such a red hot bottom had other effects too – despite her tears. I love Game of Thrones – let’s hope there’s a good spanking (or many good spankings) in that soon.

    Now I’m going to check out that ‘little black dress’ 🙂

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