How daddy met mummy: story

I wanted to try out something very different this time. An adult spanking, seen through the eyes of a little girl. I’ve tried to use grammar and syntax like a little girl would tell her story, so I hope it worked out fine. Enjoy.

Ashley blushed as she started telling her story, the beginning was kind of embarrassing, but it was important to the tale. “It happened late in the evening, not so long ago.” She began.

“Daddy and I were walking home through the park. Daddy had bought me a bag of liquorice, but I don’t like that so I cried and threw it on the floor.” Ashley blushed deeply during this part of her story, but continued bravely. “Daddy grabbed me by my arm and smacked my bottom really hard because I was ‘ungrate-something’. Right at that moment a lady passed us. There was no-one else in the park, so of course she saw daddy hit me and for some reason she was angry at daddy. ‘How dare you hit that poor girl’ she said and ‘only bad parents hit their children’ and she said much more too. Daddy took my hand and pulled me along as we walked away from the lady, but she followed us, cursing at daddy. Suddenly the lady hit daddy on his shoulder and asked him if he liked to get hit and then daddy turned around.

There was a bench in the park and daddy took the lady’s arm and pulled her across his lap while sitting down. The lady was now yelling and trying to get free, but daddy is really strong. The lady was very naughty, because daddy only takes you over his knee when you’ve been very very bad. Daddy pulled up the lady’s skirts and smacked her bottom, I could see his hand-print on her cheek because her red panties barely covered her bottom. The lady screamed and struggled, but daddy said: ‘I wouldn’t make so much noise if I were you, unless you want more people to witness your bare bottom getting spanked like a little girl.’ Daddy pulled down the lady’s panties and I could see her bare bottom. The lady stopped screaming now, but told daddy how she would report him and go to the police, but daddy said: ‘well, guess I’ll have to make sure it was worth it then.’ and started spanking the naughty lady. She stopped complaining then, and tried to be very quiet, pretending it didn’t hurt a lot. But I heard her grunt and softly moan so I knew it hurt. Daddy was very angry at the lady, because he kept spanking long and hard until her bottom was red and the lady was crying. I felt sorry for the lady when she was crying and she said she was sorry and would leave us alone, so I asked daddy to stop and he stopped. The lady quickly pulled up her panties when daddy let her go and she apologised to daddy, then daddy took my hand and we walked away.

The lady followed us again, but not to bother us, she just had to go in the same direction. She started talking again, daddy says she needed to talk because of the ‘uncomfort silence’. She said she wouldn’t talk to the police, I think that was smart of her, because she was a naughty lady and the police send naughty ladies to jail. She told daddy that she used to be spanked as a little girl and that’s why she wanted to protect me. Daddy said: ‘well hope you’ve just learned or remembered that a good spanking now and then can be very effective.’ and the lady blushed deeply.
‘I’m Natalie, by the way.’ The lady said, so daddy told her our names. When we got home daddy sent me inside to my bedroom to get ready for bed while he talked with Natalie at the door. But I stayed on the staircase to listen. I didn’t hear what daddy said, but the lady then said: ‘Perhaps I need to be reminded more often.’ I don’t know what she needed to be reminded of, but daddy heard me on the stairs so told me to go to bed, so I didn’t hear the rest of what they said.

A few days later I saw Natalie again, she and daddy were friends now and she was no longer a naughty lady. Daddy and Natalie went out together a lot while I stayed home with grandma. Natalie became daddy’s new girlfriend and that’s how daddy met my new mummy.”
She should’ve told the story of how her parents had met, but she never new her real mum and Natalie was her new mummy now. Her classmates applauded her story and the teacher said: ‘Thank you Ashley, that was an … interesting story.’ To Ashley’s surprise the teacher was blushing deeply. ‘So … who wants to be next up in front?’ A lot of fingers pointed at the ceiling while Ashley went back to her seat, she hoped none of the boys would tease her because she had told them how daddy had smacked her bottom.

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