Naked and waiting

Today in this wednesday’s photoshoot we take ‘ready and waiting’ one step further. Anticipation can be a very powerful tool in spanking, be it disciplinary or erotic, and what says “you’ve been a naughty girl and are going to get a spanking” better than being sent to your room and told to get ready for your punishment.

When prepare for your punishment is not getting in position and just baring your bottom, but undressing completely, not only is it that more embarrassing, you feel so much more vulnerable without your clothes too. I love a naked spanking myself and not only when it is erotic, so naked and waiting seemed like a good photoshoot idea. Enjoy.

The first girl in our photoshoot is bend over a desk, awaiting her punishment, the look on her face says she’s not sure she’s embarrassed, excited or scared, or possible all three at once.

Our second girl is looking forward to a very good spanking. First of did she forget to take of her socks and secondly, she might be on the bed, but probably not in the position her spanker needed her. She is of course only making things worse for herself and her soon to be red bottom.

Our third girl looks a bit bored, perhaps she’s been waiting for a long time, but I’m sure once those cheeks get turned red she’ll look a lot more lively.

Lets take it a step further even for our fourth girl’s embarrassment. Not only naked for her spanking, but with the window opened she’ll be bending over the windowsil for her spanking. With her breasts hanging outside and her cries heard by the whole neighbourhood, this will be a spanking she won’t soon forget.

Our last girl seems not just a naughty, but a dirty one. At least, that’s why I think her spanking takes place in the bathroom. Perhaps daddy (or her bf) needed to wash her before giving her her spanking, her wet bottom will make sure she’ll learn from her spanking. She already did learn one thing, how to properly present her bottom for a spanking.

A quick last photo of our last girl, this dirty picture proves she deserved the spanking she’s gonna get.

About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

7 responses to “Naked and waiting

  • Moon

    Very beautiful pictures.
    Not Hard,and your models so pretty.

  • John

    Wow brings back good mems

  • Mr J

    Very nice pictures Emma. Thank you. I think the second girl knows her Daddy (or b/f) likes her to keep her short socks on – but nothing else! Personally I like the position the she is in – but, of course, she should be facing the other way around so that her bottom is easily available for a good spanking. Toes pointed, knees well spread apart and back dipped – that position presents her bottom perfectly and maybe quite embarrassingly. Perhaps she is facing the way she is because she is embarrassed at what her Daddy (or b/f) will see – but if she doesn’t want to be embarrassed she shouldn’t do things that result in a spanked bottom should she?

  • emma

    Now that you mention it, it indeed looks like an embarrassing position and could explain why she is facing the wrong direction. 🙂

  • Jenny

    Thank you for those nice pictures

  • Martin Tandberg

    I randomly found this site on google, i love the pics. they are great 😀

  • fbian1890

    A stunning selection which I would love to steal with your permission and instruct my little to “assume ” and record in pictures … providing me with our own collection of inspirational future experiences !!

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