A windy day part 2

Wednesday’s photoshoot.
Three weeks ago I wrote a post about the effects of a strong gust of wind on a lady’s short flowy skirt. Ten days later Sir Enzo posted his first truth or dare challenge on his blog, and surprise surprise, it was about those windy days. The challenge was this:

Dare – Go out dressed in a short flowy skirt/dress with some especially contrasting (be them bright, sheer or super cutesy) panties underneath and send me a detailed report on your adventure; additional points for a picture of you in said outfit. Extra credit points for a wind-caught picture! I am especially looking at you Emma and Veronica to complete this challenge!

Truth – Tell me about a time in particular when the wind has not been your best-friend (or perhaps it has as you have enjoyed the show it helped you give to others) by making a sail of your outfit and a flag of your panties.

He gave us a deadline of a week, which I have blatantly ignored (so spank me); because I wanted to do the dare, not the truth and the weather here wasn’t worthy of short skirts and bare legs at all. But just now a week ago, we finally had a sunny day, so I decided to go out. I picked my shortest white summer’s dress and when on a bicycle ride. I decided to wear some bright red panties underneath, I thought the bright red would be more noticeable under the white dress.
I love riding my bike where I live, there are so many parks and protected nature areas in and around my city, with decent bicycle-roads. Now that summer is finally coming I can go outdoors again (good for my figure too), I even broke my personal record of distance travelled on a single day that day. Here’s a picture of where I went:

Now don’t think I spent my time doing the dare in a place where nobody would see me. We are a country of cyclists and I met tons of people enjoying the weather on their bikes. I live in a very flat country and my city is almost surrounded by lakes, so there is a constant wind and I had to constantly pull my dress back down to keep myself covered.
At one point a man in an electronic wheelchair passed and his head turned slowly while passing me, keeping his stare on my legs. I am sure many more so the red panties of a girl on her bike that day.
When I was tired of riding I went to the city centre for some shopping and the big buildings funnelled the wind, making my dress very lively. No pictures (that I know of), but I’m sure I passed the dare challenge admirably.

No pictures of myself, but I have some more to share to make up for that lack. The first one is special because it is a girl on her bike. I tried this myself, letting my skirt flow behind me instead of sitting on it, but then pulling down my dress in the front would just work for a second before going up baring my legs and panties all the way. There is a difference between a glimpse from the wind and just going out skirt/pant-less, so I only tried that for a short time.

The girl in the second picture has a very nice (bare?) bottom, glimpsed through a see-through part of her skirt, but I am sure her bottom and her friend with an equally short skirt’s bottom were exposed quite often that day.

The beach-like setting of this picture might mean we’re just glimpsing a bikini here, but the lady’s efforts to pull don her dress suggest they might be panties anyway. And in the end, it doesn’t matter if they are a bikini or panties, but that we are seeing something she didn’t want to show.

Not much of a bottom view, but this shows that a girl sitting down should always care how her skirt is distributed. The wind gives us a nice view of her leg and thigh. Perhaps the photographer )and other bystanders) glimpsed more but wasn’t able to get it on camera.

This girl probably didn’t expect to fall victim to the wind. Her dress doesn’t seem that flowy, but is rather small. The wind though otherwise though, and just decided to lift the whole thing to her elbows instead of flipping up loose ends, giving us a full view of bottom and nice pink panties.

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