Maid in a fantasy

Sunday’s drawing lesson.
This weekend we are looking at a very specific spanking fantasy, namely the boss-employer relationship of a maid and her master. This relationship is easily imagined as an erotic one; a young attractive maid at a man’s house, the wife away. The privacy such a relationship would require is already there because a maid works at your home, not at some office. The relationship is professional, but at the same time personal, there isn’t office policy, higher up bosses, just the maid and the person she works for. He can make the rules, and if you don’t like them, find another job, or take the spanking you deserve.
What I really like about this fantasy is how easy it would be, how possible. Unlike many other fantasies there aren’t really any difficulties; the privacy is there, the dominant-submissive relationship that comes with the role of a servant, even the sexy costume is part of it.

My favourite maid-fantasy is that of performance reviews. Once a month the maid has to listen to a review on her work-habits and is then of course spanked because they can still improve. This doesn’t mean of course that she is only spanked once a month. Every time her boss finds that she is slacking or not cleaning properly, he should give her a good spanking.
I like the ‘servant’ status of the maid. This could mean she has to serve her master in other ways as well. And if she is a good servant, perhaps she can be paid with more than just money in return.

In this first drawing the naughty maid needed reminding who was her master. Maybe this is something that needs to be done regularly as well, besides the normal spankings for her behaviour.

This naughty maid is getting a very thorough spanking with a belt. This is probably one of those performance reviews, and she hasn’t lived up to his standards.

This naughty maid (with big purple eyes, manga can be nice sometimes) is getting a nice otk spanking. She is enjoying it too much though, her master is definitely someone who desires other services from her as well.

Another naughty manga maid in a precarious position. The pinkness of her bottom suggests they have only just started, and those panties definitely need to come down.

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