The bedroom

Wednesday’s photoshoot. (on friday … sigh … somebody spank me!)
The bedroom is where you sleep. At least that’s what I first thought it was, when I was just a little girl. When I grew up – just a bit – and we moved to a bigger house, with a bigger bedroom, it also became the place where I played. When I grew up just a bit more playing in my bedroom started to have a different meaning than it used to have.
Now the bedroom is a place for many things, for sleeping, for erotic adventures and for naughty girls’ punishments. I might enjoy sex and spanking in many different places indoors our outdoors, but it all started in the privacy of my bedroom. It’s the place where you can try new things in private before having making those adventures even more adventurous by having them somewhere else.

Even now the bedroom is still one of the most important places for spankings. Being sent to your room, is like being told to stand in the corner waiting for your spanking, but worse. Getting spanked in the bedroom usually means you are to be put to bed right after, sent to bed early like a naughty child with a burning bottom. Unless it happened to be a morning-spanking, which means you hadn’t even had time to do anything wrong, some maintenance perhaps? Anyway, you’ll spend the rest of the day sitting down carefully.
There are of course also the erotic spankings. Sex in the bedroom is great, when you just woke up, or before falling a sleep; and sex with spanking is even better. The bed can help a lot, it’s soft, comfortable and offers enough room for whatever you want to do. Especially cuddle when you’re done.

So today’s photoshoot is to celebrate our beloved bedroom and our bed.

You might be tempted to use the bed’s pillows to protect you from a spanking, but this girl is protecting the wrong part of her body anyway.

Those same pillows can even be used against you, lifting your bottom up to a good target. See how much easier the bed makes these things.

Another pillow helping along here, but what I like is that cute teddy hiding in the bed. These items in the bedroom can show when you’re still just a little girl at heart.

Chilling out naked in the bedroom is fun. But the magazine in the bottom left shows this girl might have been planning more than just to relax. I think a spanking is in order.

Hands and knees might not be the most comfortable spanking position on the bed, but it is great for a photoshoot with your boyfriend. Just make sure he doesn’t show those pictures to his friends, unless that turns you on of course.

ps: Coming this weekend:
The story behind my choice on Everyday spankings‘ “truth or dare”-challenge.

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6 responses to “The bedroom

  • Don

    great post, nice pics also

  • Mr J

    Very nice pictures again Emma. But so late ….. definitely a spanking overdue for you.

    My particular favourite here is the third (the one with the teddy hiding in the bed). Those four sheets of paper on the bed next to the girl. What are they I wonder? A note, perhaps, to explain why she deserves a spanking and why she is waiting ready with her panties some of the way down – but for sure they will be taken right down or off I expect before her spanking is finished? Or a note explaining why she shouldn’t be spanked – although she has been sent to her bedroom to get ready and wait for him to come? Which do you think? Or something else altogether maybe?

    Thanks again Emma.

  • emma

    Oh I love the idea of notes explaining “why she shouldn’t be spanked”. As if she’s been told: “Go to your room, I’m giving you ten minutes to write down an explanation for your behaviour and why I shouldn’t just give you a spanking.”

    She has been told that if her explanation is good enough, her bottom will be spared. There is of course no possible way that her explanation is good enough, but she did do her very best at writing the embarrassing note anyway.

  • franzcoughka

    I love these pics and your thoughts on a girl’s bedroom. When I was a very young boy, and having the chance to thumb through men’s magazines to discover what girls really looked like, the pose or position I wished to find was a female prone, her bottom upturned and bare behind her. And I would inevitably imagine girls in trouble sent to their rooms to wait on their beds for their daddies to come to punish them. It appears my predilections haven’t changed. [g]

  • Howard

    Emma, I’d like to spank you

  • emma

    well… I do need a good spanking about now, for not keeping you guys informed of my blogging-absence

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