Sunday’s drawing lessons.
Although I like a surprise, your naughty behaviour suddenly crossing the line and being pulled over for a spanking. Sometimes some anticipation can be very interesting as well. Being told you’ll get a spanking when you get home – yes despite fantasies, sometimes it just is too public – can be very exciting and scary at the same time. Waiting for a spanking can be embarrassing as well, being told to go to your room, but having to wait until he finds the time to deal with you, you’ll get punished but that doesn’t mean you get the attention you secretly wanted right away.

Anticipation for me is almost always arousing, doesn’t matter if it’s an erotic or disciplinary spanking. My nerves in my bottom seem to ready themselves for what is to come, heightening their sensitivity, feeling everything such as the slightest brush of my clothes. I get all warm and my thoughts all jumbled up, not really able to think of anything else but what is coming. Which can be very irritating when you’re in public and need to communicate.

Even more interesting then just being told to wait, is being told to ready yourself. During a normal spanking you can struggle or protest. But if you just readied yourself for it, protesting later seems so silly. Waiting for a spanking is in that way a very submissive act, knowing you are accepting your fate, and him knowing you will listen to him.
Readying yourself could be undressing, baring your bottom or getting into position even. But instead of actually readying for the spanking, it could also be readying for the punishment in whole. For example, standing in the corner, awaiting your punishment with your bottom already bared.

The fist girl in our drawings is waiting in bed, she is keeping her bottom raised for her spanking and the hairbrush is laying in wait.

The second girl today is ready to bend over the table. Her bottom is bared and she offers you the belt, handing it over with her teeth, her hands already positioned on the table.

Our third girl today already had some part of her punishment, but is waiting on the bed, face down, while her spanker is getting a strap for further punishment.

Our last girl today seems uncertain who is about to enter her room for her punishment. Is it the person she was hoping for? Where there more possible spankers? I’m sure there is a story to be told here.

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2 responses to “Anticipation

  • Mr J

    Absolutely right Emma. The anticipation can be a very intense part of a spanking. Both for the girl who is to be spanked and the man who is to carry out the spanking (I can tell you from experience!). And of course, as we know, the most powerful element in a spanking can be in the mind. Imagination, anticipation, reflection …… spanking is wonderful in both fantasy and reality. When fantasy and reality merge – now that is when it becomes fantastic!

  • Ignas

    wow third girl is perfect. So wish to see more of her

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