Self-shot girls

Wednesday’s photo-shoot has been delayed by a day. But I’m sure none of you will mind when today’s pictures get mixed with your spanking fantasies.

For today’s photo-shoot we had a couple of naughty girls over – they were probably late, explaining the delay. These girls wanted some naughty pictures for their social network profiles. I’m sure you know the kind of girls. How many friends do you have on facebook that make you think: ‘you should be spanked for taking such a picture of yourself, young lady’?

They”re the kind of girls that love attention – kinda like me, my own profile picture isn’t that bad either haha – and attention to their bottom is attention as well, right? I’m sure all of you have at some point fantasised at spanking one of those self-picture girls.

The first girl we start of wants to show of her breasts, though I’m sure you all notice that short skirt down there, easy to lift.

This second girl is showing of her new lingerie, looks a bit like a too sexy maid, spank her, then make her clean he room.

Just some stockings here, but not less naughty.

Two naughty girls, twice the fun, that means two bottoms to spank (or three, who is taking the picture).

And the last girl is really doing her best, three pictures and wearing nothing at all in the last one. Guess that means she will be wearing nothing at all for her third spanking.

About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

4 responses to “Self-shot girls

  • Mr J

    Very nice pictures Emma and worth the wait. Every one of these naughty girls is in need of a good spanking.

  • franzcoughka

    I’m thinking about those last three photos, posted on facebook by a young woman named “Emma”. She loves getting attention from the boys. However, when her admirers came back the next day to see more photos, instead they found that each picture had been replaced by a message: “Image removed by father. Emma received a spanking and is grounded from the Internet for two weeks.” Not revealed, and to Emma’s relief, is that the nude photo earned her a naked punishment from her Daddy.

  • crankyspanker

    Hi Emma

    Glad that you are back I was thinking you were gone. I found your blog while you were otherwise occupied and had to re-post CC’s “Three Times a Lady”, I have enjoyed her work a lot and this series was brand new to me. I have linked to your blog and if it is not too much to ask I would like it if you would add a link to mine.

    Thank you

  • Ralph

    Beautiful pics! Now where can I find some beautiful “to Spankee’s?

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