A thief in the night: story

It’s been a while since my last story, but I have finally written a new one.
We meet with the lady Christina and learn of her first contact with a disciplinary spanking that leaves he aroused none-the-less.


Christina giggled nervously as she pulled on the small black thong. A glimpse in the mirror of her bedroom made her see she could just as well be wearing nothing at all. But the small triangle of black satin, held together by some string made her feel more dressed, more comfortable and tonight she could afford no distractions. She had to lay down on the bed to pull up her pants. It felt a bit of silly laying there with her legs in the air pulling up the very tight trousers. But when she stood up and saw how perfectly they followed her figure, hugging her legs, thighs and bottom, they felt perfect. It was not something she’d ever wear in public, but tonight in the dark no-one would see her. They made her feel sexy and dangerous. The knee-high boots she pulled on over them were adjusted by herself, the hard sole replaced by something soft that wouldn’t make a sound in the night. She pulled on her black leather jacket that fitted her body just as tightly and admired the effect in the mirror. She looked perfect, just like in the films, she decided. She picked up the black ski-mask that would hide her identity and grabbed her backpack before leaving through her bedroom window.
In the dark she made her way to an inconspicuous building just a few blocks away. Inside this building was stored the private collection of a wealthy lady in the city. There was only one security guard. She knew because she had hired him herself. She wasn’t really going to steal from anyone – not on her first night anyway – she was breaking into her own property, just to feel the trill, to experience her fantasy.

Nothing could go wrong, she knew the security system, knew where she could enter without being detected and which path to follow so that the guard wouldn’t see her on the camera’s in the surveillance room. Some might say it would be too easy because she knew, that it wouldn’t be a real experience. But that’s not how she felt as she slipped inside through the window, skulking through the hallways, pressing her back against the wall when necessary to avoid a camera.
But suddenly a voiced boomed in the room. ‘Halt! Who is there?’ She froze on the spot. The guard hadn’t been sitting in the surveillance room, but was patrolling the hallways. She started imagining her getaway, already seeing herself dodging the light from his flash-light as she ran through the building. Her heart beat had increased and she checked if her mask was still in place. Suddenly the lights went on. No security-guard stumbling in the dark waving his flash-light about like in the films she realised as the man stared right at her. She hadn’t seen him in his uniform yet and had to admit he looked very intimidating, of course the gun he had pointed at her helped as well. Rubber bullets, she knew, but that didn’t make her any less scared. A good cat-burgler I make. She thought of herself mockingly, caught on my first night out.
‘Well well, what have I caught today.’ The guard said. ‘Looks like a little lady who thinks herself a thief.’ Christine was glad the ski-mask hid her blush. She could tell him who she was, before he’d call the cops, but she felt too embarrassed. Perhaps she could try to escape at some point, to save her dignity. For now she surrendered to him when he told her to turn around so he could put his handcuffs around her wrists. He pulled her along by her elbow to the surveillance room, probably intent on keeping her there until the authorities arrived. She wondered if he would pull off her mask before he made the call, it would solve one problem, but she still hoped he wouldn’t find out who she was.
Arrived in the small room he didn’t make any efforts to do either however, he didn’t call anyone, nor did he take off her mask. He took a chair and placed it in the middle of the room. ‘I have my own way of dealing with thieves.’ He said. ‘Especially with ones as pretty as you.’

The guard sat down on the chair and pulled her closer by her elbow, suddenly she fell forward, across his lap. His arm stopped her just in time before she toppled over. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and thus she lay helplessly across his knees. Her pants were tight across her bottom as he caressed her thighs and cheeks. Inside her mask she bushed furiously. She had to stop him, tell him who she was. But her embarrassment had stopped her before, and the situation had only gotten worse. She couldn’t let him know it was his own boss he was about to spank.
So she swallowed her pride and tried to make the best of it as his hand landed hard across her bottom. The tight pants barely offered her any protection from his hard smacks. Consider it a lesson, she told herself, next time you won’t make such a stupid mistake again. The thought wasn’t very comforting however, with his hand rapidly heating up her bottom, smack after smack until it was stinging hot.
‘Let’s get these out of the way.’ He said and took hold of her pants. With her hands cuffed on her back and her feet dangling in the air she had no way of stopping him as he rolled down the pants, revealing her pink bottom inch by inch, all the way to her knees. ‘Well these aren’t going to do you any good,’ he said mockingly. ‘You could just as well be wearing nothing at all.’ And he pulled down the small black thong as well.
The ski-mask hid her blushes as her bottom was completely bared for him. Her pants around her knees stopped her from kicking, but also kept her legs closed, hopefully hiding most of her private parts she thought. It no longer protected her from his hands however, and when he started spanking her again it was hard and painful. The ski-mask muffled her squeals as he turned her bottom red across his lap. She didn’t mind a smack on her bottom, even fantasised about a sexual spanking with her boyfriend, but this was something different. Her bottom felt on fire and he didn’t give her any pause. The inside of her mask felt wet with tears as she could no longer fight the pain. ‘Stop, please, please stop.’ She cried, hoping he could hear her through the mask.

He didn’t stop right away, but kept landing those smacks on her bottom making her squeal until he was satisfied by the result. But finally she felt his hand stroking her hot sore flesh as the spanking was over. Her legs were still pressed together, but he managed to push two fingers between her thighs. She blushed furiously as she felt them on her lips. ‘Feels wet, seems like this bad kitty has enjoyed her punishment.’ Again she was thankful for the ski-mask hiding her blush. She couldn’t possibly be wet she thought, not after he had made her cry. But when he told her to stand up and she shifted her position she could feel she was, it had even spread between her thighs.
‘Pull up those pants.’ He said, and after pulling up her thong, she slowly rolled up the pants. The fabric felt sticky against the moisture on her thighs, and then came her bottom. She had to force the pants to fit around her swollen red cheeks. It stung and burned, and when she finally had them on the feeling didn’t go away. The pants hugged her bottom tight, pressing against her, making her feel every smack she had just received. The smile on the security-guard’s face told her he was aware of her discomfort.
He stood up in front of her, very close. ‘I don’t want to see you here again, ever, do you hear.’ She nodded embarrassed. But his hand reached out and smacked her sore bottom again. ‘Answer me.’
‘Yes sir.’ She said, the ski-mask didn’t seem to distort her voice at all, he must have just been ignoring her pleas.
‘Good.’ He looked at her threateningly. ‘Should I catch you trying to break in again, next time I won’t be so lenient.’ She reached around and grabbed her sore bottom, wondering how this could be considered lenient. ‘Next time, that outfit of yours will be coming off completely, I’ll just let you keep that mask, and then when I have you naked I’ll bend you over that table over there and let you feel my belt. Do you understand?’
She nodded again and then quickly added ‘yes sir’ before he could spank her again.
He gave her the smack anyway. ‘Now get out of my sight.’

The next day she woke up early. She had run straight home after her misadventure, straight for her bed. A look in the mirror told her her bottom was almost still as red as the night before. She winced and picked a dress with a very loose skirt to wear today. She normally didn’t wear a thong under something that was this susceptible to the wind, but today she wanted nothing to touch her bottom more than necessary.
When she checked her voice-mail she got a message from the security-guard she’d only seen a couple of hours ago. She was afraid to face him, but told herself he couldn’t know it had been her. She wondered why he wanted to talk to her. He hadn’t really done his job last night she realised, he should have called the cops. Of course she couldn’t berate him on that without betraying how she knew.
When she arrived at the compound he waited for her in the surveillance room. His guards uniform and the room around them reminded her vividly of last night as her dress brushed against her bottom. He offered her a chair she declined and a strange smile crossed his face. It almost looked as if he knew, knew why she didn’t want to sit down today or why she was wearing this dress in particular.
‘There was a burglar last night.’ He said.
She wondered how she should react, why was he telling her? ‘Really, I didn’t get any message, didn’t you call the cops?’
He smiled at her. ‘No, I took care of it my own way.’
She didn’t know how to react to his smugness. ‘Are you sure that was wise, won’t they just come back?’
He looked at the chair she had declined and said: ‘Oh I’m sure it was very effective.’
She blushed, he knew, she was sure of it. Had he recognized her voice? It seemed the most plausible answer. But he had chosen not to tell her he knew, just like he had chosen not to take off her mask. She felt strangely aroused by the thought that he was letting her keep her secret, in exchange for her ignoring he hadn’t done as he should. She felt very well trapped. ‘Well I’m sure you’re more experienced in these things than I am.’ She said. She thought about last night again, she hadn’t fallen asleep immediately after going to bed. She imagined being hit by his belt, completely naked and bent over the table she was now leaning against. Her pants would no longer stop him from spreading her legs, offering him full access to her, and not just with his fingers this time. ‘If you think your methods are efficient, I permit you to use them should this burglar return.’ The smile on his face told her he understood, including the hidden meaning of her words. She felt herself blushing as she left.

Now the question was, would she do her best to succeed in her attempt next time, or was making a mistake not that bad after all?

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7 responses to “A thief in the night: story

  • Mr J

    Excellent Emma. I’m quite sure that lady Christina will be trying again – and somehow I think she’ll make sure she’s caught again. Wearing something that won’t prevent her fantasies of what should follow the spanking happening!

  • Enzo

    Great Story Emma. Can’t wait for the continuation. Particularly like the subtle and quick reference to the skirt that was susceptible to the wind. I just hope you include a short bit about the wind catching her dress and showing off Christina’s well spanked bottom next time.

  • emma

    Hey Enzo 🙂 I wasn’t really planning on a sequel, like usual I just like to add some elements to tingle the imagination of the readers so they can continue the story in their fantasies

  • franzcoughka

    Then you are very good at what you do. I’m going to imagine in detail that one spanking hasn’t taught Christina her lesson.

  • Paul V

    Wonderful story Christina ! If you don’t give us a sequel I will have to turn your story into reality…just joking.You definitely have talent, well done.

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