A new start

Hello everyone, I want to start this post by thanking everyone that kept coming back to my blog, kept believing I would come back after being away for such a long time. Secondly I want to apologize for that prolonged absence. I’m sure many of you imagine I need a good sound spanking for just disappearing without any word of explanation. But although it sounds as a very interesting idea to bend over a table with my bottom bare, with all my faithful readers lined up to give me some smacks to punish me… that’s more something we all are just going to have to fantasise about.

As to the reason for my absence. The blog and everything around it – searching for pictures and stories, answering people’s questions and answering messages – was just taking too much of my time. I had some very important exams in February, so I put my blog on hold last year to study for them. I stopped thinking about it completely and focussed on those exams. In all honesty, my friends urged me to do so and forbade me to go online until I finished my last exam and got my grades in march, they had set a rule and my return here depended on those grades.
Even though I passed for all my exams, in four of them my result didn’t meet the standard they had set. That meant four more weeks of no blogging, from March 17th till yesterday. And every Saturday in those four weeks I was to be given a good sound spanking. My bottom is still slightly sore from yesterday. But all in all I’m glad to be back and posting again.

To make sure the blogging doesn’t take up as much of my time as before, I’ve planned out a new schedule. No longer will I be posting everyday, but only twice a week. To make up for this, I will add more than just one image per post, I am planning on grouping them a bit on subject. This way you will no longer get a lot of posts in a row that are almost the same.

The new schedule is:
– Sunday’s drawing lessons
– Wednesday’s photoshoot

Sunday’s posts will thus contain drawings, paintings or cartoons, where Wednesday’s posts will contain photos or film-stills. I have had to reorganize my collection, so it is possible that you might see some pictures again that I have shared before, but I’m hoping to keep reposts to a minimum.

Other than that I will of course right new stories, those will just get posted when I finish them, without a schedule and without interfering with the schedule.

About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- spanko.net: emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: spankingfantasies@mail.com / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

3 responses to “A new start

  • Enzo

    Welcome back Emma.
    Send me a private email to my email address as I have suggestion you may be interested in regarding your blog.

  • emma

    Hey Enzo,
    I’d love to hear your idea, but I’m afraid I don’t have your email address?

  • Enzo

    Hi Emma,
    You should have my email when my comments come through WordPress. Better yet why don’t you visit my blog post a comment there and then I will be able to see your email and will respond from there. I’ll be waiting for you – with arms crossed. 😉

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