An often overlooked implement

The bathbrush is often an overlooked implement, to be honest I don’t have a bathbrush at my home, I guess that might be why few people think of it when they list spanking implements.

Though it is an interesting one, it can pack the same punch as a hairbrush, but with a longer handle. Ans not to forget, it is a bathroom-implement, a spanking on a wet bottom hurts so much more, an implement for the really naughty ones amoungs us.

In the picture I’m charing they re using it in the livingroom though, fair enough, perhaps he made her go fetch it.
Het skirt is rolled all the way up and her panties are just missing completely, was she wearing any?
I love the shade of red, the surprised look on her face and the “I’m enjoying this” look on his face.

a red bottom with a hairbrush

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9 responses to “An often overlooked implement

  • John Scott

    I am sure he is spanking her because she is not wearing panties. The bath brush he is using is a good size for otk spanking but if he handle was longer he should make her bend over and hold her ankles – or bend her over the side of the bath and keep her bottom wet while he spanks.

  • Paula

    I agree I got toilet brush a few weeks ago and it got a good sting it leaves lovely red spots on me

  • Marshall Larson

    A bathbrush’s longer handle actually allows more torque, thus making it worse than a hairbrush.

  • Laurie

    I love, love, love your blog. More please.

  • dan

    i can tell u gilr – this is one wicked implement, it bruises really easy,,,

  • Oliver Clothesoff

    What is the hold up? I used to check this website every day and now there hasn’t been a new post in a while… I’m still hoping you’re going to give me all 1001 spanking fantasies like the website suggests. Please get back into the habit of posting! Thanks!

  • Victor

    Another way to get wet skin discipline is to uea plastic cutting board with 8 inch handle. Best used in the shower after drenching. The thundrous clap of the paddle on wet buttocks adds to teh sensation

  • crankyspanker

    Hi Emma

    Just found your blog in a random kind of way. I like it and will have to add a link to my own


  • emma

    @oliver: I apologize for the holdup, but I will explain in a new post later today and start updating regularly once again šŸ™‚

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