I’m back

Hey everyone, first of all I want to apologize for my absence the last month. This blog was taking too much of my time and it was showing in my work and householding. My friends intervened, I had to take a months break from posting and then re-evaluate how much time I would spend blogging. Not to mention the good long spanking that was accompanied by this conversation.

Anyway, we decided that I shouldn’t post more than once a week, but that they should be good long posts to compensate.

I’m quite sad I missed the last month, I didn’t get the opportunity to post some nice halloween-pictures and I couldn’t tell you about my birthday spanking where you all voted for. I’m sure you still want to hear it, so I’ll tell you about it this week.

Almost everyone in my spanking group of friends came, just one person couldn’t make it because he was out of the country. That means seven guys and four girls (including me) all into spanking. I had a nice chocolate birthday cake with twenty five candles on top. But first a hat was passed with blank pieces of paper and one with my name on it. All the guys and two of the girls took a note, but Peter got the one with my name on it. A chair was provided for him and I was bent over his lap.
I was wearing a short dress with a nice pair of stockings because it was still too warm for a sweater but too cold to go bare-legged. Peter lifted my dress to reveal my cute silken panties. He pulled those down to my knees and rubbed my bottom with his cold fingers in preparation of my warmup spanking. When everyone had gathered around he started smacking my bottom, not hard or fast, but firm and slow warming up my bottom (and his hand) until it was nice and pink and I was squirming over his lap with an uncomfortably stinging bottom.
When he decided the warmup was over he let me stand, my dress falling down hiding my pink bottom and my panties falling to my ankles. I left them there on the floor when I moved to the table. As I bent over Peter lifted my dress again and one of the girls lighted the candles on m cake. They all knew I was going to chose the hairbrush for my birthday spanking, because that is what you voted for in my blog.
The smacks with the hairbrush were harder than the warmup spanking, but also slower because all my friends were gathered around me to count. One, two, three… all the way until we reached fifty, because I would get twenty five smacks, on each cheek. Of course it’s still a fun spanking, so Peter made sure to place some softer smacks in there and pauze to rub my bottom a bit (not sure if that’s to help or just to touch my bum). But by the end I was still out of breath from moaning and yelping, so much ittook me three tries to blow out all the candles.
I left my panties off the rest of the evening, to spare my bottom, luckily one of my presents was a lovely lucking pillow I could put between me and the chair I was sitting on, another birthday tradition of ours.

happy birthday

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