Sports and tanlines

We’ve had tennis, pool, volleyball and lots of girls in swimwear. But swimming isn’t only fun, there are a lot of professional swimmers out there and to get the least water-resistance they can come in odd little swimming outfits.

If it wasn’t for the professional swimming goggles and sport-event background I wouldn’t even be sure if todays picture realy was about a sporter. Her swimsuit is not what you’re used to see on professional swimmers. But what we care about of course is her bottom. And a great view it is, the swimsuit leaves it almostcompletely bare to appreciate, and it shows her tanlines from when she was wearing a more normal swimming outfit. For me tanlines say one thing: “you’re seeing something I normally keep covered up” it gives the whole image a higher level of ‘nudity’ and accentuates that her bottom could as well be bared for as much as the swimsuit covers her. Enjoy:

bare bottom swimwear

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4 responses to “Sports and tanlines

  • John Scott

    Thanks for another beautiful picture, Emma. If the photographer had waited a few seconds he would have got an even better picture as she bent over ready to dive into the water.
    But she is not exposing what is normally covered up. Quite the opposite. There are no tanlines from wearing a bra and the white skin is such a small patch that she must normally wear nothing but a thong. That would be a picture worth seeing. Her lovely firm bare athlete’s bottom would be delightful to spank.

  • emma

    The girl in this picture doesn’t seem to bother with covering no, but I was talking about tanlines in general. 🙂

  • John Scott

    It is a delightful picture but if you wanted one that illustrated your point better you should have found one which exposed a lovely creamy white bottom, contrasting with a sun tanned torso and thighs. The spankers task is to do the same job as the sun and turn the white bits bright red.

  • sometimes spanked

    Omg, yessss!! 🙂

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