Usually when I fantasize about spanking, it’s being spanked by a man. Even when thinking of parental spankings I usually imagine a daddy spanking his naughty little girl. But a mther daughter spanking can be very interesting as well. It steers away from the erotic feelings and is more concentrated on discipline and the embarrassment of mummy punishing you just like when you were a real little girl.

I’m not thinking about the sexy dominatrixes or female dommes with short skirts, stockings and high heels. They can be interesting as well, but today I’m talking about the cute image of a big girl spanked by her mother just like when she was little. It falls in that category of age-regression which I have talked about before.

So todays picture shows a naughty girl over mummys knee on the bed, she’s getting a bedtime spanking in hr pj’s on her bared bottom.
I particularly like the family resemblance between mother and daughter.

bare bottom bedtime spanking

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

9 responses to “Mum

  • Iker

    She could be her mother or she could be her elder sister. I wonder what did the girl do to deserve a spanking at such an old age.

  • John Scott

    Mummy is barefoot and wearing a nice short skirt. I hope that the family resemblance continues when daddy gives mummy a bottom just as red as daughter’s

  • emma

    Iker she probably behaved like a girl not her age, so she got a fitting punishment. *giggles*

    John is thinking the same as me again…

  • John Scott

    We usually do think the same. That is why it would be such a pleasure to take you over my knee.

  • Alex

    there are so many right things in this picture. the level to which she lowered her pj pants, the way she’s holding her hand to keep her from getting in the way, the way the spankee raised her legs a little from the sting. and judging by their faces, they both seem to enjoy it somehow. i think i know what will happen when mum leaves 🙂

  • YrComeuppance

    Looking at the picture and reading your words I finally achieved relief. Thank you emma.

  • alan

    How nice at last to see the hand being used to spank the daughter.I am not in favour of other methods used. The skin contact is so much more erotic. I notice in the list of implements poll that the hand was not included.
    Hence me not casting a vote. Sorry, but the hand reigns supreme for me.
    I am talking about being on the receiving end by the way!!

  • RICK

    I too have achieved relief at this drawing

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