As a spankee you can like spankings, enjoy them, know you need them. But still a disciplinary spanking is not somethng you want or aim to get. I like the fact that I get disciplinary spankings, I don’t enjoy the spankings themselves though. If you were to enjoy a disciplinary spanking you should ask yourself, does it still work as discipline?
A good disciplinary spanking teaches you a lesson, it hurts and you want t make sure you don’t earn another one for quite some time. At first te embarrassment and sting should be enough t teach you that lesson. But if youre into spanking, if you get spanked often, not only for discipline, but for fun as well, then a disciplinary spanking should be more severe to make sure it is still discipline.

I don’t cry for fun or erotic spankings. When I got my first disciplinary spankings I didn’t cry either, my eyes would tear up becaue I felt bad, the emotions almost pouring out. Now that my bottom is used to more and the spankings more severe to compensate I can no longer always keep the tears in. It feels better than it used to really, really letting the emotions out. It is a difficult subject, crying, some spankees fear it, would never want that, but if you desire discipline, then there’s nothing better than some tears to let it all out. The first time I cried my spanker immediately stopped, he thought he had gone too far. Now he almost never stops before he sees me crying, he knows I need it, that I will thank him for it, later.

So if someone asks me if I cry when I get spanked for discipline, I say yes. Not because it hurts so much, but becauoe all the emotions, shame, embarrasment, humiliation want to come out all at once. My spanker should comfort me when it’s all over. Some spanker refuse sex after a disciplinary spanking, to make a difference between discipline and fun. But for me the difference is the emotions and severuty of the spanking. Sex is a good way to comfort you, to make you feel better, to show your spankee how much you love her even after she did something wrong and you had to punish her. After your punishment all should be forgivven, so why not comfort her in the bedroom…

crying girl

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11 responses to “Crying

  • Six of the best

    For disciplinary spankings, the pain of the cane usually makes a naughty lady cry. So the punishment should be meted out upon her bare bottom, to achieve such results as for her to weep tears.

  • John Scott

    That girl has not been spanked so hard or she would not be able to sit comfortably on that hard cold stone.

  • Mark

    A disciplinary spanking should always be followed by at the very least a long cuddle…. Anything further is dependent on the circumstances, but certainly not to be ruled out.

  • Enzo

    Wow – all well said. A well explained post about discipline spankings.

    My only question; is that You in the picture?

  • emma

    @John: perhaps the cold stone cools her down just enough t compensate it being so hard.

    @Enzo: It’s not me, the only picture Ive posted of myself thus far is my avatar, the others are all found on the internet

  • Marshall Larson

    There, there, Emma. I would be happy to provide the discipline and the comforting.

  • karel

    I guess that is why some people say that disciplinary spankings really begin after the first tears have started to flow. It is the moment when the spankee has completely surrendered to the punishment.

  • John Scott

    If she wants the stone to cool her burning bottom she should lift her skirt and let her buttocks have the full advantage of the cold.

  • emma

    I know you would Marshall šŸ˜‰
    You’re auite right karel.

    I don’t know John, her skirt is pushed back a bit, she might be sitting on the stone with her burning bottom

  • John Scott

    She should tuck the skirt up to her waist to give her the full benefit of the coldness – and to give us the benefit of looking at her rosy red bottom.

  • Morgan Green

    What a fabulous post on the subject of true disciplinary spankings. Of course the subject fascinates me (always has) and I love to think and talk about spankings as well, but when it is a true disciplinary spanking, I want it to hurt enough, and be embarrassing enough, that it really will make me want to change my behavior. Yes, even a spanko can get disciplinary spankings that work as a punishment, and as a way to modify future behavior. Tears are simply a way I can express my emotions, and emotional involvement is part of wanting to really change my behavior. When someone asks me if I cry from a (disciplinary, or punishment type) spanking, my answer always is, “If I don’t, they didn’t do it right.”

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