What’s taking so long?

Busy busy busy, I’m actually sitting here at my desk, my red bottom pressed against a hard wooden kitchen chair instead of my normal comfy desk chair and I’m not allowed to leave until I finished a blog post. One of my friends visited today. He had noticed I hadn’t updated since two days again, while I promised daily updates. And a broken promise is a reddened bottom he said.

So that explains the title, or doesn’t it? In today’s picture we see an attractive young actress or dancer or whatever, waiting in her dressing-room before the start of the show. But she is taking too long and when the show is about to start, the director peeks in to see ‘what’s taking so long’ and finds her patiently waiting for him, her bottom bared and holding his crop ready.

The deliberateness of the action and the smile on her face suggests she would surely enjoy a good spanking by her boss and I’m sure he’ll comply. Hopefully there is still some time left for it before the show starts, what could be more interesting than hiding a red bottom under a flimsy dress, on stage in front of hundreds of spectators?

offering her bare bottom for the crop

Come back later today for two more posts (hopefully I can write those with a less sore bottom, but my friend seems to be in a spanking mood, might have to endure a spanking for each post until I’m back on schedule).

About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- spanko.net: emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: spankingfantasies@mail.com / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

2 responses to “What’s taking so long?

  • Six of the best

    The titled gentlemen in formal dress, has an eye on this naughty beauty. And means to do something about it. With a glance at the whips location, he removes it, from this sexual place of honour, and swishes it with fervant gusto, across her naked rear end, with delight.

  • John Scott

    His delight to whip her and her delight to offer her buttocks to the whip. And then after the whipping a champagne supper and if she is a very lucky girl another application of the riding crop.

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