Second post today, my friend found my bottom was still pink enough, so no refresh before posting this one.

Anyway, most spanko’s think back of school in two ways.
– That handsome attractive teacher that always carried a ruler with him as if he wanted to use it. If only you’d been more open about your needs when he gave you detention.
– That sexy female teacher whose outfits might’ve been a bit too provocative for school-teaching. Staring at her legs when she tiptoed to wipe the top of the blackboard, if only you could discipline her instead of the other way around, you knew much more interesting forms of punishment.

This picture today shows how we all would wish our math-teacher had looked. All you spankers would’ve had much better grades, us spankees would’ve gotten detention a bit too often though…

sexy school teacher

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5 responses to “School-teacher

  • Six of the best

    I am sure a mature headmaster, at sometime or another, when a female teacher erred in her work, would demand with pleasure to take her knicker’s down, and cane that tender bare derriere of hers. With a wink and fervant pleasure.

  • John Scott

    I am sure that one of the calculations on the blackboard is completely wrong. How humiliating for her when this is pointed out by one of the pupils. Even more humiliating when he bends her over her own desk, pulls down her panties and reddens her buttocks before she is allowed to go on with the lesson.

  • Alex

    when i was in school, i must admit i was a little bit too young and too shy to be a spanker. so my favorite fantasy was that the geography teacher (i thought she was really hot, young, in her late 20s, mean to us because we were such mean kids, and always wearing something that i found hot) was going to make a better use of that stick she was carrying in order to point things on the map. that would have meant leading the class’s cool pretty girls to the desk by their ears, bending them over with their butts towards the class, lowering their panties to their ankles and spank them while everyone is watching, enjoying every second of it.

    ok, it goes on so that everyone else has a chance to give each girl a few strokes, under the teach’s threat that if they don’t do it hard enough, they will have to get through the same treatment 🙂

    the teacher in that pic looks like she could do that and way more

  • emma

    That’s a good start Alex I’m sure many dom’s fantasies started at school like that.

    John I really like your idea. Imagine it as an encouragement to pay attention in class, if you spot a mistake you get to spank the teacher…

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