The belt

The belt is probably my favorite implement, for as far as a spankee can have a favorite of those. But it’s not about how it feels, or the kind of pain it deliveres (in that category the hand would be my favorite *giggles*). It’s about the idea of the belt. There is something definitely sexy about a man taking off his belt, using something of his own to spank you with. In a way he is undressing himself as well, witch adds a tad of eroticism even if it’s a disciplinary spanking.

The belt is also an implement you’d connect to ‘the father’ spanking his naughty little girl. It’s not the chosen implement of teachers or law enforcers etc… It might very well (embarrassingly) remind you of your childhood, even if daddy never used his belt. I think in the end, it’s just that sound. Laying down on the bed, bottom bared ready for your spanking, and you hear that sound of the belt gliding through the loops as it comes off…

belted on the bed

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