Spanked maid

A maid spanked by her employer is a favorite of many and fantasy of even more, and why wouldn’t it. It has got so many fantasies all rolled into one:

– A sexy uniform
– Spanked by your employer
– coerced into the spanking, it’s that or lose your job
– Both erotic and disciplinary spankings are possible
– Public spankings in front of guests
– Scheduled spankings such as maintenance or job reviews

So many scenario’s are possible in the maid fantasy, and this Sunday’s picture combines some of my favorites. Today’s naughty maid spilled the tea/coffee she was serving on one of the lady’s dresses. So she gets
– a bare bottom disciplinary spanking,
– in her sexy uniform,
– by her employer,
– in front of his guests.

I wish some families would still hire maids like in the old days, spending all day with the family, serving them. And spanking them when they didn’t perform well enough. I’d certainly apply for a job.

clumsy maid belted in front of guests

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

10 responses to “Spanked maid

  • Six of the best

    A beautiful drawing of bygone days, when the head of the household, each evening would corporal punish those females, who had erred that particular day. These corporal punishments, were given to both ‘upstairs’, and ‘downstairs’ female members. And all punishments, for added humlliation was given in front of the household. Be they a wife, daughter, governess, maid, female cook, be they naughty, up would go their dress, down would come their bloomer’s, and on their naked bottoms, a cane, birchrod, or whip would painfully be applied to that part of their anatomy.

  • Garrett Workman

    If you were hired as a maid for a family and the price for your lackluster performance toward your duties landed you in a well deserved position squirming over the knee of your employer, would your bottom also be on the line with younger members of the family? Sure they usually and rightfully witness your punishments so as to add to your humiliation, but what better way to ensure you’ve learned your lesson than to be pulled over the lap of a gentlemen, maybe twice your junior, who also pulls your panties down and spanks you to the approving nods of the household?

  • emma

    I’m not sure someone twice my junior (would be a 12-year-old) would leave much of an impression on my bottom *giggles*

    But a junior member of the family, just a few years younger than me, in his late teens, would surely be an embarrassing situation.

    • Garrett Workman

      The added fun of this and maybe any domestic situation is the lack of formality to the discipline. For a school infraction there are a certain number of swats and they are to be administered in a very specific way with a professional, tactical, and almost machine-like manner.

      In this scenario the younger (probably not 12 lol) boy or girl who administers your discipline has the indignant freedom of not only how many swats and the presence or absence of your panties, but subtle ways to tease you further: not pulling your panties down, rather pulling them up in a wedgie-like effect or killing you with the anticipation of when the next stroke will occur; all the while laughing and having a ball at your discomfort.

  • John Scott

    Hmm, need a maid, to do the cleaning and to allow me to exercise my right hand. Are you in need of a job?

  • Six of the best

    Yes, in those ‘good olde day’s’, I am sure many a governess of mature age, would have her dress raised high, bloomer’s taken down, and spanked by an up and coming master of the house.. Yes, most humiliatingly on her bare bottom, and rightly sol.

  • susan garland

    My favorite spanking fantasy of all. i would love to discuss this with discerning gentlemen and ladies. Is it permissible to post one’s email for the purpose of fantasy exchange? sg

  • susan garland

    Excuse my rudeness, Emma, i was so excited about the subject (the spanked maid) that i completely forgot to say how well-written this blog is. So delicate and yet sensual, and the artwork so thoughtfully chosen. i wish the authoress much happiness, many words, and a nice hot bottom! susan

  • emma

    Hey Susan, thanks for the comments,
    if you want you can post your email to get in contact with some of my commentors, but it’s your own responsibility 😛 some might spank you haha

  • Susan Garland

    Thank you, Miss! i would love to correspond (email only, no meetings) with anyone who thinks a naughty maid’s bottom should never grow cold.
    do please email me at Thank you again!

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